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4th of July: The Sales

July 3, 2015


Sale! Sale! Sale! The fourth of July brings great sales! We have an exclusive on some of the trendiest sales!

1. Click Link Source For Full Article:


PicsArt_1435891218179 PicsArt_1435891178069

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Big Sales at IKEA!

1. Link to Sale:

Kids Attire

2. Shop Link Sale:

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That was one of the best Dayton fireworks. Ever. #july4 #fireworks #bestever #awesome

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Early #fireworks #4thofjuly #fireworkshow #merica #america #slowmotion #slowmo

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Note: Links to sales  that aren’t click able can be pasted and opened in a new tab in your “Web Address” designated space.

Macys 4th of July Fireworks New York City 2015:

The 2015 Macy’s fireworks show on the NYC Manhattan bay wrapped up about 10:00 PM 7/4/15. This show of fireworks is awesome! New shapes, sparkles, and an overall coordination of extraordinary showmenship!

We vote IN-N-Out come to NYC! Code Hamptons & Manhattan Island!


The Savings! Click the Link to the Secret Sale Info!





Shop Hot Looks for the Summer Event Season!









Art Deco Two Pieces: Only $15.00+ tax.



PicsArt_1435968755922PicsArt_1435968224650 PicsArt_1435968115600

PicsArt_1435968085037PicsArt_1435968199238 PicsArt_1435968171307 PicsArt_1435968144002


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Men’s Fashion: Stay Cool: Staying Cool in Humid Summer Days!

June 24, 2015

Staying Cool In This Weather!

The Summer time humidity is a tricky one to dress for, and staying cool? You can almost forget about it! Although it may seem difficult, there are many ways to keep cool. If you’re not able to be next to a pool this Summer, don’t worry mother nature is keeping this 2015 Summer wet and humid!

This season especially on the Eastern Coast, the weather is a bit unpredictable, one would love to wear next to nothing in such a sticky heat, but of course we don’t promote indecent exposure; so here are some tips on keeping cool in Summer humidity!


Stay Cool!

1. Damping the Mood: Cool

Taking your clothes out of the dryer a little early, and wearing them slightly damp in hot humidity, keeps your skin cool; you also get a bonus cool as the wind blows and the breeze adds an extra cool element. You might want an entire damp outfit; however, we recommend just one damp item. Try some thing light! A blouse, shirt or some leggings! The key is not to look wet.

2. Pool Side Fine: Attire

Mixing your water clothes for heated days is a perfect way to stay cool! Swim tops and Siamese Shorts is a winning Summer look!


Men’s Fashion


Some of the season’s hottest men’s wear comes from Parker Dusseau! Dusseau puts a new innovative twist on their clothing by using modern muti-purpose fabrics. One of their hottest fabrics is the Water resilient linen shirts for men!


As seen in the above photo, the water resistant fabric is at work! Not only are they nifty; they’re also fashionable! A hot trend is the Linen Blazer! So summer fresh! It comes in bright colors and perfect when matched with cool classic colors.

Linen Blazer’s: 




Girbaud: Jimbo’s: Jabo’s

Rather you call them by their rightful name Girbaud’s or by their 90’s slang Jabo’s or Jimbo’s these 90’s classics are a hit in men’s street wear denim. Love the look!


Vintage. 90’s

Men’s Health


Take care of your health! Do activities that keep your blood pumping, cardio, and build lean muscle. Go out doors, play ball games regularly, and do activities that bring you one with yourself! Look into long term health precautions such as life insurance and long term health care.


Great Summer Activity: Camping!

If your an out door’s men this might be a perfect summer time to go out doors! Visit your favorite lake, pond and pitch a tent, hop in the RV, or visit your favorite Lodge! Explore the out doors, mountains, and Netherlands. Tell a story, BBQ, rent a boat, some jet skis, bring a group of friends or keep in family intimate with just the loved ones.


Westchester 40 under 40 Winners Honored 2015

Great articles on Westchester’s top 40 honorables and their individual journeys of success.



Brooklyn Street Art: A Meeting With A Young Inspiration.


Walking along the streets of Brooklyn there are a bunch of murals along the building fronts! This one in particular had a you’d inspiration! Meet Nasir Malave, of the SyrupKids! They’re a local Brooklyn Child dance crew,  filled with great Spirit! Nasir accompanied by Jess and Spirit Malave form these daring NYC dancers! 

Their father says “I’m a very happy father, they’re awesome!” as little Nasir proudly ran to pose for his photo (below) this Fathers day weekend.



Game Time: Recent Stock Development’s


A view into the Stock Markets history of origin! Just click the link:


Hot On The Stock:

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Current Events 2015: Going Green: Strong Changes in America: Growth: Meanwhile… Voss!

April 7, 2015


Business Going Green and How To?

Going green is the refreshing modern industry of our generation. We’re focused on preserving the earth in today’s business industry. A new fleet of CEO’s are incorporating the green idea into their business foundational principles to save revenue on a short to long-term basis.

Green Business: The Inside: Anatomy of a Green Business!

Click link for top San Francisco green business hide aways:

How To?

  • Energy monitoring system that keeps tracking and modifying energy use information.
  • A rainwater harvesting system to irrigate landscaping.
  • Insulated concrete form walls.
  • Super low-flow fixtures in bathrooms and the kitchen.
  • Electronic car charging station.
  • Sufficient heating and cooling and refrigeration system.
  • Reusing and recycling

Dunkin Donuts can attest to such green advances! They opened their first three Green or LEED-Certified locations in 2014 in St Petersburg Florida and Edgewater. They reused and recycled by turning used coffee grounds into compost and developed a reusable mug program!

Expand in 2016: Hot Green Industries!

Car Washes: Marr’s Car Washing, Fleet Clean; CEO Scott Marr

Representing Green Cleaning! Car washes are a great green business! The majority of your expenses will likely stem from water usage, cleaning solution, lights and laundry. If you’re savvy, you’ll find cool cost effective ways to reduce your carbon foot print, and save money on bills. Putting green techniques into the foundation of your company creates a solid standing in your companies structure.


Restaurants are a booming green industry! Cutting back on water, energy, using old fashion techniques, and finding any area of your business which you see an opportunity to commence.


Restaurants save big in energy by using battery efficient lights and candles.

Women of Monetary Value:

Women have a plot to change the future face of money; going forward with a feminine touch! Reports say that the $20 bill would be the perfect! Changing President Jackson who has held the spot for over 90 years! There has been talks of replacing him with several historic women figures including Harriet Tubman and Eleanor Roosevelt!

More Choices:

It might be a great idea to turn the women into dollar value coins! New coins worth $5, $20, $50, $75, etc. Even up to $1,000.


Susan B. Anthony’s Story:

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2 Find out President Andrew Jackson’s monetary bill might have gotten chosen to be changed.

History: Click Link:


Best Vacation Vacation: Athens


Athens is a lovely place to vacation and get a dose of ancient Greece’s history! Athens is just off the cost of Greece;  just across the Aegean sea to Turkey and across the Mediterranean sea to Crete.


Teeth Whitening Gets a Facelift!

Top Wasteful Industries of American Culture:

  • The Oil Industry
  • Rubber and Plastic Industries
  • Ethanol Production
  • Food Production (Including Travel Expenses)

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3. 22 Ways to Fight Raising Food Prices: Click Link:



  1. 1.
    an authorization granted by a government or company to an individual or group enabling them to carry out specified commercial activities, e.g., providing a broadcasting service or acting as an agent for a company’s products.
    synonyms: warrantcharterlicensepermitauthorizationpermissionsanction,privilege

    “the company lost its TV franchise”
  2. 2.
    the right to vote.
  1. 1.
    grant a franchise to (an individual or group).

The Bay Area Raises Minimum Wage.

The bay area’s Oakland CA has raised its minimum wage to $12.25! Oakland, San Fransisco, Silicone Valley and Los Angeles has some of the priciest real estate in the United Stated. San Francisco leads the US with the highest living wages in the US!

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2. New


Seattle Washington Raises its Minimum Wage!

Seattle Washington raises its minimum wage to 15.00! Leading the United States with a record high!


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Twitter Releases New App


Twitter launched a new video streaming app, Periscope! Twitter bought this company in January 2015. Periscope allows users to save and replay saved videos; unlike its competition Meerkat.

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Twitter shares recently closed at $49.92 per share making up 1% percent on the NYC Stock Exchange Thursday, March 26th 2015. Source: “AM New York” Thurs. March 27th-29th 2015. 

The Winklevosses: Voss: Bitcoin

While most know of the Winklevoss twins Cameron and Tyler from portrayals in Social Media  the twins are still making moves in 2015. They recently launched Bitcoin a fully regulated currency exchange company. Its believed that this company will help legitimize online payment systems, which has a volatile reputation. The Vosses have made a name for themselves as investors! Meanwhile investing in over 40 different companies.

“Bitcoin is the greatest financial innovation of the past 500 years!” – Tyler Winklevoss

Wen: Sued?

Popular hair product Wen sued for making women’s hair fall out! Should this product still be allowed to be sold to consumers? This should be investigated for the credibility of the company and the safety of women’s hair!

Meanwhile in Fashion…

Nail Neutral

The Chanel Manicure:

PicsArt_1427926307340PicsArt_1427926236442 PicsArt_1427927352659

The Chanel Metallic:


Sac Town Nails: Sacramento, CA.


Tiny’s Nail Bar- Atlanta.

Wood Grain:

PicsArt_1427921990328 PicsArt_1427921880782

Neutral Nails:

PicsArt_1427921930899 PicsArt_1427923740268

Hologram Hologram: 


Earthy Aztec:


Swim Whiskers: 


Strut your swim whiskers at your favorite beach or pool!

PicsArt_1427924709297 PicsArt_1427924488305 PicsArt_1427924632824

PicsArt_1428396918335 PicsArt_1428396793046 PicsArt_1428396724952

The Body

From Boho to disco shagadellic; the romper is so perfect! A slip on and go, easy and fresh piece of wardrobe.


PicsArt_1427923359939 PicsArt_1427923322789

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Hot Plus Sized Fashions: Where are the Full Figures??? Voluptuous!!!

January 25, 2015


More than ever; especially in America we can see a trend of beautiful full figures!

With all those curves and no sign to stop, you want to be able to work it in the best way! Fabric selections are huge to the full-figured person! Comfort, style, elegance, sex apeal, and titillating to the eye.


Take a look at some hot topics from Celebrity Stylist J.Bolin. All of these items can be found at his online boutique! For the full voluptuous women these items with fabric selection is a dream come true! PicsArt_1422194976442

Fabrics: Rayon: Jersey Knit: Satan: Soft Poly Blends


Styles qued by stylist Mr. Bradshaw!


Style On Que!


PicsArt_1422195641950 PicsArt_1422195797364 PicsArt_1422195758571

More Looks By J.Bolin and Mr. Bradshaw!

PicsArt_1422195964456 PicsArt_1422195446142 PicsArt_1422196470208PicsArt_1422195125612PicsArt_1422195025437

Dress like it’s the second coming! Adorned with spirit, attitude, confidence! The newness! Heavenly Garments!


PicsArt_1422195081015 PicsArt_1422195929107

Hot Hologram Skinnies!

Hot Plump Lips: Plump them Up: Pouty Face!

We’re loving the a light pouty plump lip this season! Plump them up!


My Lovely Lady Plums: Check it Out!

Here’s  a Silhouette that’s…. Not So Much for this figure! Something about it doesnt work! I would’ve loved to have seen a longer skirt.


Nails: Head to Toe Love

Hologram is the new thing in fashion and on nails!!! Give your look a futuristic feel that welcomes the new fashion era! Hologram!



 The Moment: Hologram:

The Creme Dela Creme.


Keep it A1: Saucy: Dipped in Butter


Be Sure to Drop into Our Kick Starter and Check Out some of the things we do Behind the Scenes!!!

Select the Link:


Current Events 2015: Fashion Forward: The Winter is a Blaze!

January 10, 2015


Nail are taking hitting a new wave! Your now able to transform any color or image into the perfect nail art. Nail snamps funded through is making the future of nails look more unique and bolder then ever!


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2. Last year StyleMe spoke about this idea.View article here:


Fluffy: Lived in Hair: Bangs

A lovely lived in bang is scortching this season! A fun messey bed head bang gives you a look the is effortlessly classic.



When I Say Royal: Queen!


Queen: When I Say Royal:

To View Words on Screen Watch the Double Dance Special from a Computer. Enter the new season like Royalty!!!



Hair Color: Hot Liquid Bronze

PicsArt_1420837330685 PicsArt_1420837465288

Nails: Hologram


 Winter Season: Fresh Powder: January.


Keeping Me Warm This Season:

Jackets: A leather, fur lined jacket is perfect protection from a chilly Winter NYC day. This “Just Cavalli” is perfect!


Colored Fur/Foe:





Ditch those old gloves and fall in love with a chic muff.



A video posted by Ty Hunter (@tytryone) on

Heathy Choice 2015: Soup Season: The Soup


This the season for a bit of soup! Usually when the weather is dem and white, nothing warms the soul like a cup of fine hot soup!

PicsArt_1420833348705 PicsArt_1420833377007

 San Francisco Clam Chowder: Sour Dough Bread Bowl

PicsArt_1420842915313 PicsArt_1420842959374

For More Recipes Click:

2. 1/18/2015: National Soup Month:


Blood Oranges are currently in season!!! To learn more click:



Cold weather is always a great time for coco!




Stat: People that learn sign language at an early age; I.Q scores are 12 percent higher than average.


Try This: Happy New Years in Sign.



NYC: The Scene

PicsArt_1420832777211 PicsArt_1420832806946 PicsArt_1420833046454


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Style Addict: What’s New in Style: 2014 Winter/ Autumn: Back to School.

August 29, 2014


We’re heading straight way into back to school, holiday 2014 and Autumn/ Winter 2014-15! Some of the hottest styles play on illusion! The cut-outs! The art of being covered and showing skin is so in! How can I be sexy? sophisticated, and still sexy? Just cover me!


The Elements:

Opulent Fabrics: Soft to the touch!

Sheer Fabrics: To add a glimpse of what is to be uncovered!

Cut Outs: Find new shapes in your attire by adding cut-outs to your garments.


Back To School:
















Hollywood is a buzz! Hot parties, exclusive mixers, concerts, and awards are going down. With awards season comes a ricochet of fun things to do and fun hide a way’s to explore!


The ASCAP Awards 2014 took place recently! This is one of the many award shows that kick off award season! Some awards not only celebrate the celebrity but those that write behind the scenes; song writers.

Work the Red Carpet:


Once a year the ASCAP Awards happens to celebrate the years hottest artist and writers in entertainment. This year the R&B Singer Ne-Yo was the main honoree for his contribution to music and music’s hottest artist. Music said good bye to one of it’s award winners Rapper/Writer Static Major in which Avonti Garret accepted the award on his behalf.

Static Major:
Static Major was honored for his musical contribution and for his legendary hits, specifically for his writers portion of Asap Rocky’s: F**king Problems.

He also had parts in Aaliyah’s; Rock the Boat.

Aaliyah – Rock The Boat:



Hot Hollywood Parties & Events: ASCAP: Ne-Yo, Goapele, & Miguel etc.

June 28, 2014 17 Comments

Girls in Suspenders: Harness Belts: Leather Jackets for Summer?!

June 17, 2014 4 Comments


Suspender Style 2014.

We’re loving seeing women pull off suspenders! They add a cool sexy to any casual or semi-casual outfit. This is great to keep your look day time chic. It’s Summer so the best option is short sleeves this season.


 Hot Outfit Idea:

Suspenders and Leather


Suspenders and Leather by aparker99 featuring brown leggings

The Harness Look:

The Harness is the perfect futuristic take on the classic suspenders; and with most of them being leather you’ll be right on trend.


Leather For Summer: Evening Rock Chic

We’ve noticed an increase in leather! Is hot, stuffy leather going to weather the Summer heat? Leather Jackets with cut outs is the best friend to someone who want to warm up in the crisp summer air! However tossing on that leather too early could be tragically hot! To avoid over heating the best option is the new cut-out styles.


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The Fashion Forbes: Top Country Fashion 2014: Canada, France, & Australia.

May 27, 2014 3 Comments

We’ve recently conducted an article paying honor to the fashion of our top countries! After filtering through thousands of photo’s here are some of the best from these countries! Today we focus on Australia, Canada and France.


The World On A Grid.

Canada: Eh?… Canada Style

France: The French Style

Australia: The Aussie Look


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Exclusive: LoveLezz Brand: Bam LoveLezz: Hot Urban Brand 2014

May 26, 2014 15 Comments

Bam LoveLezz Logo

LoveLezz Brand sends you love. Let the love that you have for yourself lead you on a positive path! We thank you for visiting us!

LoveLezz Brand is a Streetwear clothing line that produces Couture and Casual Streetwear out of Los Angeles. Each piece derives from two different minds. The minds of Sky LoveLezz and BAM LoveLezz intertwine to create the artistic garments that are provided to the brand. We would like to think of our pieces as ready-to-wear art.

Growing up around many passionate people that were driven by an artist craft. At a young age, they both started developing. Sky was hand sewing pieces, hand beading, knitting, and crocheting while BAM was painting, drawing, and spray painting and that’s how it all started.


“LoveLezz” focuses less on the urge to be distract and more on true love and passion in life. The name “LoveLezz” was inspired from a life of much heartbreak – heartbreak that can begin throughout a childhood but evolves into unhappiness and unstable relationships in adult life. When someone goes through a life of holding on to heart breaks, the people that have hurt them come first. The resolution to this is to put you first. Take back what is needed to love yourself. Once the character is built, the energy from the past triumphs can be used to progress through other challenges that maybe faced on the way to achieving goals.

BAM who creates all of the graphic pieces, uses his life experiences as inspiration and motivation. The love that he has found at difficult times creates his big heart. The love that he finds and has found is used to create is art, style of dress, and fashion sense.


Bam & Sky LoveLezz

Sky creates all pieces for “Avant Rue” a custom pieces brand in the Los Angeles area. She creates every piece from an artistically abstract but sensible place. Each piece created to sculpt the body and personality of the person wearing the garment.

A special blend of a lifelong creative vision makes Lovelezz Brand. BAM LoveLezz creates the art placed on the pieces provided to LoveLezz. While the pieces created for LoveLezz “Avant Rue”, cut and sew work are all created by designer Sky LoveLezz. The wild-style fashion defines the style of every piece created with much passion and aspiration to reach new heights.

The “Bleeding Heart” in our logo represents the lifestyle LoveLezz stands by the saying “Out with old, in with the new.” The bleeding of the heart represents distraction from the past.

LoveLezz Brand thanks you for following us through our journey! We love you!

“Your new focus should & always be success.” -Sky LoveLezz

All Inquiries Email:

LoveLess brand is a Los Angeles based brand.

Kanye West – Heartless:

Grace Jones

Happy Birthday Grace Jones.

A video posted by The Fashion Forbes, Inc. (@stylemeceo) on

Grace Jones fashion Icon extraordinaire celebrated her birthday 05/19/2014 making her 66 this year.

Bio Link:



Grace Jones

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Quote Of the Day!

May 20, 2014

Quote of the Day!

May 17, 2014 2 Comments

“My heart might be bruised, but it will recover and become capable of seeing beauty of life once more. It’s happened before, it will happen again, I’m sure. When someone leaves, it’s because someone else is about to arrive–I’ll find love again.”- Paulo Coelho, The Zahir

Photo Property:

Photo Property:

“It is always important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn’t matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Zahir

Photo Property:

Photo Property:

“Rehashing the past wouldn’t change anything. Time to move forward.”
― Zena Wynn, Beyond the Breaking Point

“Even a rock moves on.”
― Anthony Liccione

look towards the hills 2

Hot Fashions: The Look: For the Style Addicts!

May 16, 2014 6 Comments

The Look: Hot Street Style 2014

Hot Look! Visit Shop Azyle for similar style!

Hot Look! Visit Shop Azyle for similar style!



Summer Style:

Hope by simoelle featuring blue wall art

River Island necklace
$42 –

Blue wall art

Coral home decor

Frame It: Vintage

Once upon a time


Black jacket

Christian Dior clothing

Giuseppe Zanotti black pumps

River Island necklace
$135 –

Home decor

Home decor

Hot Dresses:

An Array of Dresses


Alexander McQueen dress
$1,155 –

River Island white dress
$44 –

Pull Bear cotton dress
$33 –

Ted Baker dress
$315 –

Strapless dress

Tory Burch white dress

Burberry dress
$420 –

Yes Ma’am: Fashionista Tips: I think I’m Ready: Hot Season Looks Below!!!

May 7, 2014 2 Comments


For The Graphic
For The Graphic by aparker99 featuring summer t shirts

Vintage top

Twist Tango summer t shirt
$76 –

Gray t shirt

Pull Bear print tee
$14 –

Shirt hoodie
$37 –
Printed Bottoms!
Printed Bottoms! by aparker99 featuring a cotton trousers

Paul Smith summer pants

DKNY silk trousers

Black crepe pants

Topshop tartan pants
Shoe City
Shoe City by aparker99 featuring peeptoe pumps

Sergio Rossi slip on sandals

Carven strappy wedge sandals
$205 –

Kurt Geiger pointed toe pumps
$460 –

Black high heel shoes
$315 –

Lacing boots

Peeptoe pumps
$49 –
outThe Public Purses


Mcm backpack
$5,325 –

MCM backpacks bag

Mcm backpack
$1,645 –

Mcm handbag
$865 –

Aldo backpack

Red handbag

Change purse

Vintage purse

Faux leather tote bag

Loungefly owl purse
$32 –

H M backpacks bag
$10 –

Thunder Cuffs Spring/Summer 2014: Rihanna goes Topless for Lui.

April 29, 2014


Since chunky is out! An infinity of bangles and cuff bracelets spice up any outfit! A real hot trend is wearing them on several parts of the arm.
image Rihanna just recently covered Vogue Brazil, and her spread is all about the “Thunder Cuffs!” Thin bangles and maybe a thin cuff are just everything!

Placement! Placement!




Rihanna covers “Lui magazine topless!

Warning Graphic!



Quote of the Day!

“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”
-Abraham Lincoln

I got five on it!


Quote of the Da…

April 26, 2014 2 Comments

Current Events 2014: Pharrel’s Latest Collab: Lupita Nyongo: Beyonce: Eco-Friendly Tesla Motors and More!

April 24, 2014 5 Comments

Pharrel Williams Collabs with Styling Team Mariel Haenn and Robert Zangardi:

Pharrel is gearing up to release his new video for his song, Marilyn Monroe. This is the first time Pharrel has worked with a stylist; Mariel is quoted to say “A true collaboration indeed!wpid-picsart_1398364083331.jpgimage image Related Articles:




Tesla: Eco-Friendly Vehicle:

A hot car on everyone’s lips is the Tesla! This new luxury vehicle is one of the first very stylish eco-friendly models cars. Recently rapper Jay-z posted a pic of him admiring an all black model. The Tesla is the new hot car!

Shop: image image Related Articles:




Lupita Nyong’o:

People Magazine say’s to them, Lupita Nyongo is the most beautiful woman in the world! Congrats Lupita you are one of Hollywoods most stunning faces.

image image

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Beyonce makes time magazine’s cover as one of the worlds most influential people! Beyonce expressed that she likes that this is more about her accomplishment rather then beauty.


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Heaven is For Real makes Splash at Box Office:

The story about a little boys journey to heaven and back makes a smashing box office debut. In it, the boy describes heaven as being one of the greatest and most mystical places, and says nothing describes it. image 1.,0,2837743.story?track=rss



The Other Woman:

This is said to be one of the funniest movies! Perfect to set the tone for Summer 2014. image

The other woman stars Cameron Diaz , Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton! This movie is the perfect revenge comedy for everyone to see! It is also Kate Upton’s debut as a “curve-a-licious” babe!

Jargon Of the DaY:

Curve-a-licious- Refers to a flatteringly curvy figure.


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Exclusive First Look: Paul Fredrick: Summer Collection 2014: Men’s Fashion.

April 23, 2014 4 Comments



Paul Frederick men’s wear gave the Fashion Forbes a sneak peak at their 2014 Summer collection which launches today! Today’s Dapper Gent. is spoiled with plush printed silk featuring hot classic styles, such as: Paisley, Classic Stripes and our favorite, Botanical!

Here’s an Exclusive First Look: Paul Fredrick: Summer 2014



Check Out Some of Their Dress Shirts:;clearance=No;

Click Image for Closer View:


Hot Colors:

Pastel Pear:  color Lite Tangerine: color1





Check Out Their Full Collection Here:;clearance=No;


Resort 2014: Hottest Swimwear & Trinkets for Spring

April 17, 2014 1 Comment

Resort 2014 is all about the Tropical prints, All American Stripes in
imageswimwear, geometric lines and shapes.


Miami Vice Bright: Tropical Prints:

Geometric Shapes:

image image
All American Stripes: Classic American Chic:
Photo Property:
The Growing Graphix:


image image

Hot Trinkets:

Natural stones are always good! Not only are they raw and eye catching, they can bring out any outfit in a simplified yet sophisticated way.

image image

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3-D Florals: Closer Look: Matthew Williamson 2014

April 16, 2014 3 Comments

A hot Spring trend is the modern florals! Some of the seasons hottest comes from Matthew Williamson!


Here are some finished pieces from his Spring/Summer 2014 Collection!


While seeing them on the runways and on people is always good! There is something special about seeing your garment constructed from nothing, it gives the item a soul.

Here’s a closer inside peak on how his couture garments are made:
Definition of the Day:
cou·ture  (ko̅o̅-to͝or′, -tür′)
1. The business of designing, making, and selling highly fashionable, usually custom-made clothing for women.
2. Dressmakers and fashion designers considered as a group.
3. The high-fashion clothing created by designers.

Photo Property: Matthew Williams


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