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Discover envelope designs in a variety of hand-styled fonts. NEW dressy white ink now available for colored envelopes.

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Decorative fonts and matching designs available for return address printing on the back of the envelopes (for an additional fee).

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Minted’s Envelope Addressing Service


When sending any correspondence, it’s important to set the right tone by enclosing your card or stationery within an envelope that will properly herald its arrival. A sloppy envelope or messy addressing can dampen the experience of opening your wedding invitations. Conversely, stylistically matching your packaging to your stationery can make receiving and opening your mailed communication even more exciting and memorable. Match the elegance of your card with the packaging it’s sent in with Minted’s free envelope addressing service. Minted offers free recipient addressing on most all of our printed correspondence to guarantee an up-leveled end-to-end look. Use Minted’s envelope addressing service for any event you would mail invitations or announcements for such as weddings, birth announcements, graduations, holiday cards, and more!



Using Minted’s recipient address printing service is simple. We have outlined the three-step process below.

1. Select a card design: Select and personalize your card’s design. Whether it’s for your wedding, a birth announcement, or a graduation party invitation, we have a large collection of unique designs created by independent artists. Change the color pairings and text on your design to match your creativity and personality.

2. Personalize your envelopes: After you complete the look of your card, you will see an option in the personalization process that allows you to customize your envelope. While a complimentary white envelope is included with each card order, you can opt to upgrade to a colored envelope or add in colorful envelope liners to enhance the overall presentation. You will also see an option to add free recipient address printing. We will suggest a recommended address styling that matches the design elements found on your individual card, but you are more than welcome to choose from dozens of other stylings that are in different fonts and sizes. Many stylings also include themed imagery such as candy canes for a holiday-themed envelope or baby rattles for birth announcements.

3. Add contact addresses: We make it as easy as possible for you to upload all your recipient addresses to our online tool. Choose to input names and addresses one-by-one or create a formatted spreadsheet and upload all contacts in one batch through our tool. You can add, subtract, and manage all your addresses saved with Minted through our Address Assistant, which makes sending annual holiday cards or future correspondences down the line a breeze. If you don’t have everyone’s home addresses, we can help on that front as well! Simply provide Minted with an email address and we will trigger an email to be sent to each of your recipient’s requesting their home address on your behalf.

And that’s it! Minted makes personalizing envelope addresses easy. We can print addresses on postcards, envelopes, and even magnets. We can also assist in personalizing and printing your return address or order custom matching stamps to complete the look!


Most customers are probably familiar with the prestigious look that wedding envelope addressing can have. This up-leveled look does not need to be exclusively reserved for just wedding stationery and once-in-a-lifetime events. Whether you are sending birthday party invites or Valentine’s Day cards, we have themed address envelope printing that can amplify the purpose behind your correspondence. Take a look at some of the use cases below where a professionally printed envelope can achieve a charming look.

  • Weddings: Address your invitations, save the dates, and thank you cards with the elegance wedding stationery deserves. Address designs can be printed in a variety of colors and even include multiple colors per design. For example, your address may be printed in black ink while floral imagery bordering the text is in a beautiful hue of pink. Minted has over 50 wedding-specific addressing styles that feature elaborate script fonts intertwined with geometric shapes, floral watercolor, and delicate pattern work. Complete your envelope aesthetic with a custom-made stamp featuring a monogram of your initials, your wedding date, or the host city.
  • Holidays: Celebrate the winter season by sending holiday cards in perfectly matched seasonally-appropriate envelopes. Take advantage of Minted’s addressing services to highlight a wide variety of holiday designs featuring snowflakes, holly, reindeer, candy canes, and other cheerful imagery sure to spread the holiday joy. There are also religious-themed stylings that include a dreidel, menorah, crucifix, or the Three Wise Men. We even have business-oriented designs ideal for a more professional look.
  • Graduation: Send your graduate out with a bang! Highlight a graduation announcement or party invitation with themed addressing that showcases the hat and tassel, the graduation year, or imagery of a rolled-up diploma. Choose an envelope color that might play to the school’s colors.
  • Baby Announcements: Welcome your family’s newest addition with a cute announcement your closest friends will be eagerly awaiting. Minted has over 60 adorable address designs featuring imagery of nursery items, baby animals like giraffes, elephants, deer, and even colorful childish fonts to celebrate your little one’s arrival.
  • Birthdays: Send birthday invitations that are bound to have 100% of the RSVPs come back as a “yes”. Hint at your party theme with imagery of dinosaurs, trucks, llamas, or spaceships printed on your envelopes. How could any child resist a well-themed birthday party?
  • Valentine’s Day: Share the love with envelope address designs featuring hearts, Cupid’s arrows, X’s and O’s, and other imagery associated with love!


Minted offers a variety of colored envelopes to choose from depending on the type of mailer you are sending. Including a colored envelope in addition to a professionally printed address can make your card or announcement even more impactful and memorable. Take advantage of our stunningly unique option for displaying your home address through our skinnywrap™ labels. These adhesive labels are 7.25” long and creatively combine patterned designs along with your home address. The labels wrap around the front and back of your envelope, sealing it closed.

A matching personalized stamp will bring a smile to your recipient’s face. Whether you highlight a personal image, initials, or a symbolic object on your stamp, it is sure to create an impression. Shop Minted’s collection of themed stamps sold in sheets of 20. Lastly, to achieve the pinnacle of design presentation, consider adhering a wax seal to your envelope. Choose from majestic wax colors and personalize the letters or shapes that can be pressed into the wax. Coordinate your entire envelope to amplify the messaging of your announcement.


Is it Mrs. or Ms.? Do you write out a guest’s full name on the envelope or use Mr./Mrs. and then their last name? It’s important to properly format your wedding stationery envelope addressing to set the right tone for your big day. While we have a thorough article on tips for addressing your wedding invitations, we have condensed some of the key takeaways below:

  • For single recipients: Use “Mr.” or “Ms.” titles, as appropriate, and include their full name on its own line above their address.
  • For married couples with the same last name: Use "Mr." and "Mrs." titles and spell out their full names, putting them on the same line separated by “and”.
  • For married couples with different last names: Again use “Mr.” and “Mrs.” titles, spelling out their full names. List the person you're closest to first. If you're similarly acquainted with both, list them in alphabetical order by last name.
  • For unmarried couples living together: Use “Mr.” and “Ms.” titles and include their full names, but put their names on separate lines without an “and” between them, in alphabetical order by last name.
  • For a family: Either include the names of the parent in the style of a married couple living together or write a more informal version using their family name (e.g. “The Doe Family”).

There are also standards if you plan to address an inner envelope:

  • For single recipients: Use “Mr.” or “Ms.” titles as appropriate, and include their last name, or more informally, use just their first name with no title.
  • For married couples with the same last name: Use "Mr." and "Mrs." titles and their last name, for example, “Mr. and Mrs. X” or “Mr. X and Mrs. X”. For a more informal option, list just their first names without titles separated by “and”.
  • For married couples with different last names: Use “Mr.” and “Mrs.” titles and their full names separated by “and”, or more informally, just their first names without titles separated by “and”.
  • For unmarried couples living together: Use “Mr.” and “Ms.” titles and their last name, listing them alphabetically.
  • For a family: Use “Mr.” and “Mrs.” titles for the parents, along with their last name, and use first names for children. More informally, you can use first names for everyone.

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