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Fashion News!!!…. Lindsay Lohan sues her former clothing line partners!!!

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Lindsay Lohan is in the news again! What is it this time? She’s suing her former clothing line collaborators D.N.A.M Apparel industries, because they continue to sell merchandise that’s under her “6126” clothing line. Lohan’s clothing line which is mostly leggings, and named after the death of her idol Marilyn Monroe has already sold millions, so Lohan filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles for 1.1 Million dollars for back royalties, under the grounds: breach of contract, fraud, trademark infringement and not abiding by the stars request to have imput on the merchandise. According to the lawsuit, D.N.A.M agreed to continue with the expanding of the 6126 Brand into swim wear, cosmetics, other apparel items and to open a New York Showroom, so the brand can be sold to buyers worldwide; however, none of these promises have been kept, and Lohan is taking action to make sure she received justice. Take a look at the 6126 line of leggings, what do you think?

By: Akika Parker

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