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What About Cut-Off’s?

February 14, 2013 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Cut-off’s is a trend to be obsessed with! What’s not to love? Their fun, hip, sexy, and you can wear them all year around with some cute hosiery too. Also, The best part about this trend is that you can embellish and dye them anyway you’d like. Their perfect for festivals, day wear, and a night out on the town, it’s all how you accessorize my friends. Not to mention my personal favorite, to pair cut-off’s with a fun bandeau, bra, or corset. Great to layer with a chiffon top, or moto jacket, or maybe nothing at all. So here are some hott idea’s on finding your next pair!

By: Lauren Villa

tumblr_mhwc2uomMl1rkxo3ko1_500_largetumblr_lo6xxaBhpE1qirx8ko1_500tumblr_ls4x8tcHsR1qh1djyo1_400tumblr_lshvtuAIFS1qbfkfjo1_500tumblr_m1i3o8nD8P1rr959so1_500tumblr_m2clkoWO1C1qzszxuo1_500Ciara Shows Off Her Legstumblr_m4uq7fVptZ1r7d93yo1_500tumblr_m4yev24ut21qev7glo1_500tumblr_m5jlq4TF7n1r8f226o1_500tumblr_m6nv0nuMly1r65dilo1_500tumblr_m8ytsvlPNH1qe5hiqo1_500tumblr_m68up7VBeY1qk1pz6o1_500tumblr_m74hc9vgTO1rrxv5eo1_500tumblr_m92xfdj9zC1qgojxao1_500tumblr_matl0yhNu91r5x2p5o1_500tumblr_mbl6m80pdC1r3hbd2o1_500tumblr_mdz350Jqy71r2l8tpo1_500tumblr_mea1bl5C1k1qbkefco1_500tumblr_mh3lx1OvOz1ryeaido1_500

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