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Current Event: When a street artist paints a mural on a wall, who owns the artwork?

February 28, 2013 , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

When a street artist paints a mural on a wall, who owns the artwork? CNN asks, and we do to! Style Me’s views on the “Slave Labor” mural by: Banksy.

 A man takes a photo of the artwork

On the side of a Poland discount store in North London’s Haringey neighborhood, this piece of work appeared on a wall during the queen’s Jubilee last May. Believed to be a liberal act of freedom against sweatshop labor, by depicting a young boy sewing a British flag. The piece of work struck a chord with the working class community, and became a community favorite.“It represents the struggle of the community in general,” one local resident told their local news station. People gathered around and took photo’s and glorified the piece of work until one day it was suddenly gone. What happened to the mural? The owner of the building cut it out of the building and sold it! This has the community enraged, disappointed, and wondering if the owner has the rights to sell someone else’s art, the answer? Yes. The artist unfortunately didn’t create his art on public property, and so the artist forfeits all rights to what is done to their work because it’s create on someone else’s property.

By: Akika Parker

More art by Bansky

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