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Karisa Gold- A Modern Day Coco Chanel: An Affair to Remember: Part 1

March 1, 2013 , , , , , , , , , , , ,


“The only limits people have are the ones they set for themselves. Are there challenges? Yes. But I believe it is the challenges we face that make us who we are and show us what we can achieve.” -Karisa Gold

Today on News 10 Karisa Gold presented some of her garments for Sacramento Fashion Week at 11:30 AM. Hear what this amazing young mogul in the making has to say about her journey into fashion.

By: Akika Parker

Q: What inspired your 2013 Winter/Fall collection you’re previewing at Sac Fashion Week?

This is my debut collection and I am very excited to show in my hometown, Sacramento. My An Affair to Remember Collection for Fall/ Winter 2013 was inspired by three things: Old Hollywood opulence, my experiences in New York this last year and my own love affair with evening wear.

For this collection you can expect to see ultra feminine silhouettes, a tight color palette of rich hues, opulent embellishments, and romantic textiles like flowing chiffon, slinky satin, structured taffeta, and soft jersey nits. Each element was thoughtfully chosen to create a sense of drama and beautiful movement.


I always like to create a fusion of sophistication and sensuality in my designs and this collection continues to embrace these elements. I like to say that I like to mix the class of Audrey with the sass of Marilyn.

Karisa Gold Collection is designed for fashion forward, contemporary women who appreciate a sense of romance in formal wear. Women who believe wearing a beautiful gown is like wearing a force field of confidence that illuminates their surroundings wherever they go.

Karisa3 Karisa1 Karisa2

Q: Do you see limits on life? Or Fashion?

Absolutely not. The only limits people have are the ones they set for themselves. Are there challenges? Yes. But I believe it is the challenges we face that make us who we are and show us what we can achieve.

Q: What is main goal for your fashion career? (Fashion destiny)

I believe my fashion destiny is to create my own line of formal and bridal gowns. I have a strong affinity for evening wear. I have always wanted to create beautifully crafted dress because to me they are true pieces of art, art that can give you that boost of self-confidence and help a woman show her inner shine.

Q: What attributes do you contribute to fashion? And how are your styles elevating fashion to the next level?

I design pieces that actually flatter a curvier form. Being Latina and having hips has inspired me to create pieces for women like me. I feel like a lot of times when I go shopping, there are a lot of styles that are beautiful, but clearly for a thinner and straighter frame. So, I design pieces I wish I could find more often.

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