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Kanye’s Performance and Fashion at his Le Zénith show in Paris

March 3, 2013 , , ,

kanye  kanye2

Kanye received rave reviews for his pop up concerts in Paris at the Le Zenith. Yes! We all know he is a talented musician, and although he created and premiered his own fashion line DW by Kanye West at Paris Fashion week in 2012; he solidified why he is an also a fashion icon. He premiered a new look! Kanye wore a white straight jacket and actually made it look stylish, but the break out trend are the masks; the first a white feather covered mask that also covered his entire face! If that wasn’t enough later on in the show the artist emerged with a Maison Martin Margiela Haute Couture Diamond mask, and continued to shut the show down. As he performed, screens played images of nature at its most elemental: boiling clouds, raging blizzards, titanic waves, frozen wastelands.

By: Akika Parker


These shows are said to be some of the best from the artist; and were incredibly intense!

Kanye West Earth backdrop Kanye West Sky backdrop

Take a look at the incredibly detailed Maison Martin Margiela Haute Couture Diamond mask.

kanye3 kanye4 kanye5 kanye6kanye7 Kanye8

During his performance he named some of the greatest performers and artist’s the world has ever known, putting himself rightfully in his place as on of the greatest artist the world has ever seen.”Hendrix, Morrison, and James Brown,” were just a few of the names West shouted out along with other names by way of context: Picasso, Michelangelo, Basquiat, Walt Disney, and Steve Jobs: all known for being extremely original and none of them particularly moved by conventional mores. I think Kanye may have discovered one of the breakout trends of the season, wearing jackets that resemble strait jackets! How big will this trend be for fashion in 2013-14?

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