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Beyonce’s Cover of Vogue’s March issue!

March 15, 2013 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Beyonce covered the March 2013  issue of Vogue and looked stunning; she speaks about her family life, being a mother, giving birth, and her career. Beyonce gave honest answers to some of her fans biggest questions. Everyone is saying this is the year of “B” and with the Super Bowl performance, new Pepsi endorsement, new album, tour, most talked about marriage, pregnancy, daughter, AND the releasing of her documentary “Life is but a Dream” Beyonce is a blaze. Her documentary “Life is but a dream” which premiered on HBO over a month ago gave the network the best numbers it has had in the last ten years! In the film, Beyonce reveals a lot about her life; but the under current emotion in the film that I see is a fight between being private and being famous, and how the two don’t really mix. What are you to do when you want to keep your own life, sanity, and still have your dream job? She expressed that to her this is just a job, and while grateful; it’s not her life. I think this is the fact that most people miss, there is a woman behind the music, but just like any job it has its down falls. The singer really wanted to convey that she is human, not a robot, not a crazy deranged celebrity that feeds from scale; although they’re created for her by the press.

One thing that we can all take from the documentary is to find your own destiny! As she connected the dots to her life, so do all of us. We all have things that correlate to who we are; however, half will never find their own purpose, and she’s been put forth as an example of a person that has found hers, and that alone should inspire others to follow their own dreams and uncover their purpose. She’s also presented as an advocate of real music, practice makes perfect, being great and perfecting your craft! Virtues that everyone, even those that aren’t fans of her can relate and agree to.

By: Akika Parker

In her Vogue article, she talks about feeling more like a woman after giving birth, and feeling more feminine. The article shows photo’s of her walking barefoot with her child Blue, and being normal. Why can’t she do that in America? It’s sad that American celebrities have to completely leave the country to have a normal day, or normal family time; or cover the face of their child just so that people wont judge or be negative toward them or their family. Between the article and the documentary there are a few things that sticks out about her message: She love’s God, is a normal woman, writes her music, is an artist, a business woman, a mother, wife, friend, and very private; all these things are understandable and should be respected.

Beyonce in Oscar De La Renta carnation-red organza and taffeta gown with a ruffle detail accompanied by Alexander Mc Queen sandals with an embroidered detail.

Beyonce in a Rochas flower printed silk-satin opera style maxi coat with a high-waisted shorts and bra top (Left) and a beautiful scale detailed, long sleeve gown on the right.

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