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The Divo behind the Celebrity! Stylist Mr.Bradshaw!

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I defiantly believe in capitalizing on the business that I’ve created and like I said if it’s not making money it’s not making sense!

Mr. Bradshaw gave Style Me an exclusive interview an tells the story from the stylist perspective. Fashion is a climb to the top! Survival of the fittest! You either make it or you don’t. Hear about the challenges, but know that the end reward is so much greater than the struggling beginning.

By: Akika Parker

Q: What has been one of the hardest challenges you’ve faces while being in the fashion industry?

Establishing myself, because I am a minority (El Salvadoran and Milesian) and I would say it was just because I’m so different! And coming up with my brand esthetic was a challenge because I didn’t know if they were going to laugh at me, are they going to accept me? But here we are years later,  I’m full on Mr.Bradshaw and I’m unapologetic for the way I act, dress, and style my clients, I have no regards for any kind of authority because I am the authority! The only challenge I face is my next project!

Bradshaw4 Bradshaw1photo 22Bradshaw

Q: What is your next project?

I’m actually doing a music video for the OMG Girls in a couple of weeks, and I’m actually styling one of the executives girlfriends for the Oscars! Recent things that I’ve just done, I styled Vivica Fox for a book cover and it turned about to be an alter ego photo shoot. I’ve also styled Tiny and T.I. for a few of their episodes on Family Hustle, I did some stuff for All Star Weekend, my cover for Maxim is about to come out as well.

(The fashion’s in this photo is not that of Mr.Bradshaw. Photo is being used as reference)

photo 1photo 2photo 5photo 3photo 11photo 33

Q: How far do you plan to take your business/ brand? What do you see it becoming?

The Mr. Bradshaw brand just started off as me being a stylist/ blogger for eclectic and unique fashion, or what have you; now it’s just transfused into an entity and I’m actually now a public figure because I dress androgyny and because I live an androgynistic life. I would like to tap into the line of hair and make-up, maybe collaborate with a major brand and collaborate with a major hair company as well. Eventually I want Mr. Bradshaw to be more of a conglomerate and become a lifestyle brand; in which you can eat it, smell it, breathe it, you know what I’m saying? Like all of your five senses occupied, by the Mr. Bradshaw conglomerate. I want a fragrance, I want a restaurant, house ware I want all that!


Q: Who are some of your favorites?

Evelyn Lozada! She let’s me do what I want!

Q: What some hot trends do you see for 2013?

I see the Grecian, at full blast! We seen a lot of black on the red carpet for the Grammy’s and on the runway’s at fashion week, I feel like that’s going to set the tone of the year, basically solid or muted colors that would do well on the red carpet, um.. I see the 90’s effect coming in, Rita Ora and Rihanna have made that very possible; and all the hot young girls, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus etc.

Q: Have you worked with any of them?

I’ve worked with Miley Cyrus

Q:  How was it working with her?

It was amazing! She’s so down to earth, so loyal, and so humble; and I embrace that she’s coming into her own, because it’s just that! Coming into her own! For so many years she was being portrayed as this Disney Character, Hanna Montana, and now she’s like I’m all grown up and I’m unapologetic about it my style, my look, my music so just get into it or get out!

Q: Do you get to travel?

In my life time I’ve traveled around the world, I have a fan base in Nigeria, Australia, London, and all over the Philippines because of the brand that I’ve created and my relationships with my clients. I’ve been to all the countries I’ve mentioned because of my work! My esthetic is if it’s not making money it’s not making sense! I’m not getting on a plane to go over seas to work for free, no! There needs to be a contract involved, there needs to be compensation for my services to be put to work! So I appreciate my clients that have trusted my vision enough to believe I am worth the amount I am, and to believe I’m well worth  the travel.

Q: How long have you been doing this professionally?

Only six years!

Q: What progression from year one to year six, has your business made?

My social media, you know I started off with zero followers and now collectively I have over 250 thousand people following me on my social media, as my business grew so did my fan base! I defiantly believe in capitalizing on the business that I’ve created and like I said if it’s not making money it’s not making sense!

@mrbradshaw on Twitter
@themrbradshaw on Instagram


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