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How to be the hottest this Summer: Season of One Piece

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This season be the hottest pool side or strutting through a hot sandy beach with these tips on how to be the hottest in this seasons newest trends of the season.

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Animal Prints always catch the eye of everyone! Let the animal inside of you emerge while sporting animal prints. Nothing is sexier then a confident woman in a one piece and not afraid to star down a crowd with her statement suit. While most like two pieces, a one piece bathing suit actually makes more of a statement.
By: Akika Parker


Black suits are here with a vengeance! The illusion cut out suits are changing the way we do swimwear this season, making our one pieces hotter and a major trend to sit pool side. You can declare this the season of the one piece! image

Big teased, wild ratty hair is everything you need to make that perfect beach front statement!  Sauvage

Another great way to rock your hair this season is the wet look! To achieve this you all you need is a little moose and water bottle! Once you’ve wet your hair, and sculpted it just how you like it  moose or gel it in place, but the results are sleek and futuristic!

 Shair(Photo is the property of

Also a hot commodity this season, reflective lensed sun glasses!

 To shop click here:

Another great way to be the light of any Summer bash is to change the color of your maschera! It’s simple but when done with the most minimal of other make up ignites the attention to the eyes.


Fringe, fringe, fringe! Fringe is one of the seasons funniest trends of this season. A fringe top is great for the inverted triangle body type because it makes the bust look fuller. This bikini is perfect for the body conscious! However in this regard being body conscious isn’t a bad thing, being aware of your body actually makes it come alive! Move with the fringe, be aware of it and how it moves with the wind, and oil up!image

Find a great sun hat! Sun hats are under appreciated these days but they add a touch of sophistication and elegance! And you can’t wrong with elegance, it’s an attribute that wears well on all women.



Be confident I while rocking your swim suit! Rock it don’t let it rock you! Lets be honest we all don’t have the body of a model but that’s okay! What you don’t have in body you make up in elegance, add a nice cover up to go with your suit. For the girls that are bikini ready “werk” it! You know how to through on a nice pair of wedges and shades and catch the attention of everyone. Be the envy of everyone at the beach, simply by being confident, feeling good, but looking even better!


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