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Mahisha Dellinger CEO and Founder of Curls: Woman that started a Great Company!

August 20, 2013 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Image More than ever now women are going natural! Shedding their extension, weaves, clip ins and such like and trading them in for their own natural hair. For some this has been a major struggle, Mahisha Dellinger was one of those very women; but from that struggle and understanding her niche she has been able to transform that issue into a multi-million dollar company. With this take over of people’s love for everything natural Curls is not only on trend, its healthy and gives you a greater appreciation for all things natural. By: Akika Parker

Q: What’s the mission of Curls?

Our mission is to inspire people to embrace their natural hair! Embracing natural hair is a whole new world, so it’s becoming a life style change and people now know what’s best for their hair and using natural products as the solution. What’s best for your hair? Is it more chemicals on your scalp? Is it chemicals from daily hair care products? We give that natural option!

Q: How long have you been in business?

We’ve been in business for 10 years! We started off as a really small company, and sell all of our products online. I started out, out of my garage, then we started getting people that we interested, and from there we started getting distributors, then we were put in salons, and that took us to the next stage; which is where we are now, at a national champagne with Target, Sally’s etc.

curls Q: What inspired your product?

It was defiantly my frustration with my hair! I used to walk down the aisle and see gel, mouse and I didn’t want any of that and I found out that some people where having the same problems I did. I first started with my close family and friends, and it spread mostly by word of mouth and eventually we grew to what we are today.

Q: To see your product on The Talk in that moment and for it to be so well received, what did that moment feel like to you?

Um… Yeah I don’t ever really stop to smell the roses, every time I accomplish something it’s like okay, now we’ve got to get the next goal. I was happy to be on The Talk but it’s always on to the next! Once we were recognized for being one of the top natural brand products, and once we received that exposure; so many doors open up for us. There are all these companies that we compete with that have been around for hundreds of years and generations, you have to keep moving or someone will move in on your market share, so it’s a new environment for us especially getting this new Target account. So! We would love to sit and “smell the roses” but we never have time to sit and think yeah that was great! Because we’ve got to keep moving. For more information about Curls visit:


Take a quick peek into the world of Natural hair! Try Curls and try some of these styles!

(These photos are not the property of Style Me or in any direct relation to Curls.)

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