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The Woman Behind the Guitar… Rockin Rebel Bibi

August 20, 2013 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

She’s playing badder than any male out! A rebel in her own right! She’s daring, but also humble and sweet; Bibi McGill!

“We’re brought on this earth to follow love, and follow our passions which resides in our heart.” -Bibi McGill


As she gets in the cab going to Time Square to rehearse her show with Beyoncé for the up and coming Mrs.Carter tour, Bibi chats with “Style Me” and reveals the woman behind the guitar.

By: Akika Parker

Known for her talent all over the world, and compared to some of the greatest music names including Jimmy Hendrix  and Larry Graham; she has one of the coolest jobs ever! Her career mixes passion with fame, and style. Bibi’s style really catches the eye, her free-spirited nature, wild hair, and big personality make a sure inspiration for women everywhere to take pride in their health, be proud of their natural hair, style, and talent! Especially in an industry where men usually call the all shots, but Bibi shoots back with success.

Upon meeting Bibi I discover she’s not all about music, she’s also about her business. Not only is she a certified Yoga instructor, she teaches 3 classes a week at Root Whole Body, she also teaches at festivals, at yoga retreats all around the world,  and has her own brand of Kale Chips. Click the link to order some now!


Q: What part does your yoga play in your everyday life? What does it do for you?

Well before I was teaching yoga, I started practicing in 1998 and it just started to clear out a lot of stagnant energy, and after doing yoga it was just allowed to flow. I felt lighter, happier, I felt more clear, I had more energy, my body was in better shape and I was more flexible! I started practicing for the spiritual and health benefits; but you get all sorts of benefits from doing Yoga; that’s why even after touring with all these different artist, I still practiced. I am a yoga instructor, I’m certified! And it’s actually one of my main passions right now!


For more information on Bibi and her Yoga business click the link:

Q: How dedicated where you at your craft growing up?

I’ve been playing the guitar since I was 12 years old, but I’m not just one of those people who didn’t have a life; referring to the fact that I just didn’t practice all day and not do other things.  I had other interest! I also play the keyboards, bass and drums.

Q: Who have you worked with besides Beyoncé?

The first artist I worked with was Pink! Back in 2001. After Pink, I worked with Paulina Rubio, after that I work for 3 years with a band from Chile’ called La Ley (Also Grammy award winners) and besides that I worked with dozen’s of different artists on award shows and in the studio.

Q: How has your style increased your likeability? How has your distinct style worked in your favor?

I might not be the right person to ask that question, my look is just who I am, I know some people are different. In the beginning it was never popular; I was tired of spending tons of money and spending my entire Saturday at the hair shop, so I just said; forget it! I’m going natural; I didn’t know the minute I walked outside people where going to say “my god your hair is AWESOME!”

I definitely think my likeability has to do with the whole package. Everything is a living being, everything is energy, if you’ve got charisma, you’re positive, and if you’re good at your craft, I think all those things fit together in a package that make people want to be around you. My style is who I am, it’s a part of a whole package and I thank God for that!

Q: How did you feel on stage at the super bowl? Did you get lost in the moment?

Yes that’s the perfect way to describe it, whenever I’m up there playing music on stage and looking at the audience… I know that I’m a channel; I’m a channel to channel energy from somewhere else, I’m an open vessel.  When I’m up there, you kind of have to get out of your own way. You have to lose yourself in order to let the energy work through you. I’m so completely lost in that moment, that I’m not really thinking of anything. When I stand back and watch, I think WOW! I’m just as blown away as anyone else. I usually think to myself “that’s pretty cool!”

Q: As a working musician describe getting a big break? Describe the feeling!

Honestly, it was instant gratitude. I worked so hard all of my life and I am still working extremely hard… You know a lot of people will tell you how great you are and how you should really be making it, yet they won’t give you a job! I got passed up a lot of times by people who just wanted to pick their favorite people. Their favorite guys from “the boys club” all the guys on the A-List touring list; so when I’d gotten my opportunity I almost didn’t believe it! When I walked off that plane and met Pink, I was like “Oh my God! This is really happening!” My heart just exploded with gratefulness.

Q: Defining statement! 

You know what? I think this statement is the truth for everyone, I AM! I’m about more than playing music and touring with A-list artists, icons, and ledges, I am that I am! We’re all connected, we’re all one, and we must all work together, in harmony, and be loved… I AM! There’s nothing else.

Q: Final words to readers! 

A couple of things! Be authentic, be true, be real, it’s too many people pretending to be something they’re not, pretending to be somebody else, and pretending to be doing things they’re not. Nobody’s perfect we all fall down some times. Follow your heart, and choose love over fear, fear keeps us from the things we want. We were brought on this earth to follow love, and follow our passions which resides in our heart.


To learn more about BiBi McGill check out the links below:

Here is a video of Bibi McGill at work! With hard work and dedication you can do it too!

(These photos are not the property of Style Me they’ve been extracted from other sources.)


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