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First Plus-Sized Fashion Show: Stigma in the Fashion Industry Against Plus Size?

September 16, 2013 , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Miller, center, on the runway with models in her designs at the end of the show.

Hello ladies and gentlemen! As you’re all aware, skinny is the go to body type when it comes to fashion shows. Unless they’re a Victory’s Secret Angel, every model I’ve seen walk down those runways looks like very tall twelve year old boys. Maybe that’s mean. Let’s say androgynous. Anyways! The point is that Eden Miller, a plus-sized designer, made history at the New York Fashion Week when her models hit the runway.


Photo Property: Moya

These fashion shows have been going on internationally for about 70 years, but there has never been a plus-sized show. A little shocking considering they make up a pretty big market, but it’s about time! I personally didn’t much care for her designs, but that doesn’t at all take away from the bravery she’s shown to an industry that is so cruel to those who don’t fit the skinny mold. Hopefully, other designers will be inspired to showcase their plus-sized designs.


Photo Property:

Plus-sized is considered sizes 14 to 34, which accounts for about 67% of American women. So my question is, if the majority of women are plus sized, why have stores such slim fashionable pickings? Seriously, as a size 14-16 myself, I can’t shop at any of the really cute boutique style shops like American Eagle Outfitters or Charlotte Russe without feeling distinctly like a bull in a china shop. Forget about Abercrombie and Fitch! (Not that I’d want to shop there, their horrible people.) My point is, that it’s about time bigger girls started getting more equal representation in the fashion world.


~Brittany B.

For more information:’s-a-plus!

Miller, center, on the runway with models in her designs at the end of the show.


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