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Is Being Poor A Choice? Being Broke Circumstance or Choice?

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Is Being Poor A Choice? Being Broke Circumstance or Choice?


Poverty (Photo credit: carlaarena)

We often hear you have to have money to make money; is this true in all cases? How much money are we talking here? Can you take Fifty-Two dollars and make it one-twenty five? One-twenty five into Two Fifty and so on? Can you start your hustle from the small dollars? Use whats around you to make it work in a way that’s profitable?

English: Duke University logo

A recent top Forbes article raises eyebrows about what it feels like to be a low income student on an elite campuses such as Duke University. Student Kelly Noel wrote an article in the newspaper about how isolated she felt being a low income student on Dukes campus. The word poor is associated with words like lazy; unmotivated; and uneducated! Noel goes on to say she is none of these things; all in a very well written article. But the words that are associated with being poor stuck out to me and raised the question, “Is being poor a choice?”

Playing the Advocate:

Entrance to the Medical Center at Duke University
Entrance to the Medical Center at Duke University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is being poor a choice? Is it a lack of education? Is it a lack of motivation; you simply don’t have a desire to do better? Or just being lazy? Is it safe to put “being poor” in these simple categories? Is it the lack of education that keeps that janitor a janitor and from going back to school? Or lack of education in budgeting? Maybe even a lack of imagination! Whatever the reason should we be asking ourselves how can I make my money work for me? It’s said you should have a lease three sources of income, do you? Are you living beyond your means? Doย  you need to downsize on a few things in order to be a proper contributing American?

What are the benefits of being a contributing American compared to not? Is working hard your whole life to be able to retire at 60 a life you want to have? Or do you want to experience life as it was meant to be experienced?

Poverty (Photo credit: bandarji)

On the other hand is America set up to make it harder for people to move up in class. Contrary to what most think; America is still very much a classicist society. Meaning that you still have the poor, below middle class; middle class, upper middle class, newly rich,ย  rich,ย  wealthy, and the super rich! There’s people withย  so much money that you’ve never heard of that it would make your head spin. The super wealthy control the land, making up only one percent ofย  the American population. This one percent needs America to thrive so that we can be number one in the world; however, if we have unmotivated, uneducated people that’s causing us to sink in status are we left vulnerable for someone to succeed us? Most people think America has a society set up so that its hard for poor individuals to get ahead in life. If it is the American system, then we’re destroying ourselves.

Is it America? Or the way the peoples minds operate? People that even consider themselves poor are in trouble; your automatically putting limits on your life. If you see yourself as worthless will you live a worthless life? If you view yourself as something in this world, can that alone be enough to change your life? You have to decide for yourself be the driving force or be driven by the force its up to you.

By: Akika Parker

Forbes Article:

The Challenge of Being poor at Americas Richest Colleges


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