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Style Me’s Top Stylist of 2013

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Style Me’s Top Stylist of 2013

The fashion industry was introduced to us a multitude of designers this season! But the real talk has been, not who your wearing but; who styled you? Take a look at some of the hottest celebrity stylists of 2013.

Stylist: Ty Hunter image

Ty Hunter Stylist of the Year!!!


Ty Hunter is most known for his work with Super Star Beyonce. Earlier this year Ty gave an interview to “Nichole”ย  were he reveals how got his job as being one of the most coveted stylist in the industry.

Full Article Here:

Click link:

Seen below is a recent appearance ofย  singer Beyoncewearing Tom Ford, styled by Ty Hunter. Hunter also had a hand in the phenomenal fashions in Beyonce The Visual Album. Amazing year for Ty Hunter!!! image

Rachel Zoe: image

Stylist Rachel Zoe has blazed this year. Her clothing line is thriving, stylist company expanding, and expanding family. Rachel just welcomed her new baby boy. image image

Team Stylist:

Mariel Hannan & Rob Zangardi:

Who says a team can’t work? Somehow these two seam to make it work. Team stylists Mariel Hannan & Rob Zangardi. Styling the like of tons of celeb starlets such as the J-Lo and Rihanna both who have been really influential 2013. image image

Stylist: Leslie Fremar

Also mentioned to be one of NYC’s most fashionable people of 2012.

Photo Property : (right)

Here you can see her in her in a article for the ” Hollywood Reporter!”

Stylist: Petra Flannery


Photo Property:

Her style is more classic chic with a touch of sexy. Petras’ work is extremely realistic with a touch of ethereal done in a understandable day to day way. She uses different shapes, layers and patterns to give her clients that fashion forward desired look. stylist3

Photo Property:

Stylist: Jeanann Williams

Jeanann Williams is known for being a top stylist. She set records with the first seven months of being a full time stylist as she already whirled Naomi Watts into 150 looks!


Photo Property:


Photo Property:

Stylist: Jason Bolin

Jason Bolin has an easy chic style that make a woman not only feel beautiful but also makes her feel like a woman! He understands how every woman wants to feel no matter what the age or size.

Photo Property:

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