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Top 10 Artists of 2013: Who had the best year?

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Super starlet Beyonce has pretty much murdered 2013. SuperBowl Performance 2013, possibly THEE greatest performance of all time from any artist… period. Stunning the world as she shut down the lights to the New Orleans stadium. Not only did her tour sell out but she shocked the world by releasing her fifth debut album without any promotion what so ever, this has just created a current of news, free press and media landing her number 1. Talk about setting new records for social media and setting the standard for other artist! Beyonce set records for HBO when she released her documentary, “Life is but a dream.” This is also just the start of the singer managing herself giving her complete and creative control of what she does.

Beyonces’ European tour starts in February of 2014. Not many celebrities can start planning a tour without even releasing an official single and expect it to be sold out? Only Beyonce.

Miley Cyrus:
2013 was Miley’s year! The young starlet broke her shell, cow boy boots, hair and almost all of her clothes this year but warmed the fans hearts by twerking and breaking boundaries. By shedding her young image and evolving into a future legend Miley has now made her mark on the world!

Rapper Jay-Z released his album earlier this year entitled “Holy Grail” and proved why he is legendary! He went on to release his first performance film called “Picasso Baby” in which he showed his on going support of Hip Hop and the arts. All of this in addition to having a chart topping team equipt with: Beyonce, Kanye West and Rihanna.

Kendrick Lamar:
Kendick Lamar showed up on the Hip Hop scene and is holding no prisoners! He immediately let every top rapper from Kanye West to Drake know that he was gunning for the top spot! If he continues to evolve he could very well be the next great.

Singer Miguel blazed the scenes this year. Though he’s been around for a few years, he’s now made a lasting impression on the music industry by cranking out hit after hit! Style Me looks forward to 2014. Can he be here for the long run?

Bruno Mars:

The soft sounds of Bruno Mars have plateaud him to the top of the Billboard charts where he currently holds the number one spot!

Taylor Swift:

One thing that can always count on when thinking of Taylor Swift is, a chart topping hit! Rather your a fan or not, you like that Taylor Swift song you heard only a snip it off on a commercial yesterday. Her music has an interesting way of sticking in your head, effortlessly! Then magically the CD ends up in your car on repeat! One thing is for sure Taylor has a way of her own.

Justin Timberlake:
When it comes to music you can’t go wrong with Justin Timberlake. Justin has a great way of titillating your ear drums leaving you wanting more and 2013 isn’t any different! This has been a fantastic come back year for the legendary star, not like he’s ever irrelevant! But 2013 just reminded us why we all fell in love with Justin in the first place.

Rihanna was compared to Princess Diana this year, even said the late princess was gangsta and her biggest icon. Rihanna continues to grow and develop as an artist. She constantly pushes the envelope with whatever she does.

Rihanna just landed a campaign with Balmain, released her own lip stick, top selling perfume, chart topping singles, River Island collection and 777 tour. Rihanna pushed the envelope this year, which landed her the first EVER icon award from Billboard. Rihanna is proof it is indeed a new day.


Drake is a movement you cant help but adore. Drakes sound is crystal clear and sugar sweet. Not only has he topped the charts of 2013 endlessly but he’s also featured in one of the funniest movies of 2013, Anchor Man 2. If that isn’t enough Drake just landed an endorsement with Jordan/Nike. One thing is for sure, we can expect to see greater things in 2014. What will he do next?


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