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President Speaks Out about Marijuana usage in America: Is it more dangerous than Alcohol?

January 21, 2014 , , , , , , , ,

President Obama speaks to The New Yorker Magazine about Marijuana usage. Recent reports have surfaced about the Presidents remarks in regards to Marijuana being less dangerous than alcohol consumption.  With legalization of Marijuana everywhere in the media the he thought it best to address it early on, going on to say ” while marijuana is a vice, a waste of time and not very healthy, it’s no more dangerous than alcohol.”

Full Article in The New Yorker Magazine on stands Jan 27, 2014

obamaThe media set fire after this statement was released! Calling president Obama misinformed, wrong, and out right criticizing the President for this remark. While everyone is entitled to their opinion so is the President. The fact of the matter is stats involving accidents  from marijuana and alcohol are substantial! Being as though no deaths have ever been reported   from the marijuana usage; and it has just been recognized as a medicine to treat illnesses like  Glaucoma. I would say that the facts validate the presidents statement. Marijuana is a vice, a bad habit and a waste of time. I think the use of the words “less dangerous” is what has people in arms. A different way to state it would be ” It’s a vice, a bad habit and unhealthy like all drugs and alcohol but less likely to cause long term bodily harm and death, but should be used in moderation and not over indulged in. Most people smoke it in tobacco which is more unhealthy then the cannabis itself.

“Alcohol Has Killed Thousands Of People Since This Morning. Pot Use Has Killed Zero Since Forever”– Says Huffington Post in a 2013 article.

Donald Abrams, Chief of Oncology at San Francisco General Hospital says:

“In my 37 years as a physician, the number of patients I’ve admitted to the hospital with complications from marijuana use is zero. The number I’ve admitted due to alcohol use is profound,” he said.

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