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Hot Off the Scene: Exclusive Sacramento Kings 2014: Power Forward Jason Thompson

February 7, 2014 , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Q: What elements would you say contributed to last nights victory?

(Feb 3rd 2014 Kings Vs. Bulls)

A: “Well a major contribution was us setting a franchise record of the opponent by only shooting 20% from the field. Even though we had more turn overs and the assists where high…

imageBut I think the most important key is it wasn’t about flashing offense, it pretty much had to do with defense! Them shooting a low percentage and us out rebounding them by 30 rebounds. “


Q: Going forward, what’s a winning 4th quarter strategy to lead to more victories?critical

A: “Well I’m not the coach! (laughs) but um…ย  I mean in the fourth quarter the last twelve minuets is obviously important! You can’t just do things by yourself and be selfish and things like that, you have to play team defense. The bench starts off the fourth quarter, so you have to make sure your locked in and doing the same thing that’s going on throughout the game, but pretty much just going to the game plan. Finishing plays on offense also important on defense you finish it with a game rebound then you play a good game!”

Q: How are the new technological advances such as, “Google Glass” going to further advance the Kings? In your opinion?

jt2Photo property:

A: “I don’t think it’s going to advance our team in general, but globally it’s very nice! It’s defiantly great for the fans; seeing the inside stuff. The NBA and the league has changed when it comes to stuff like that! This is more like an in depth analysis of in game situations, what guys talk, pre-game stuff, post game and all that type of stuff. I mean it’s interesting for us but I think it’s more for the fans.”

Video Clip: Shows the Players Interaction with Google Glass.

Q: So you don’t think actually watching the footage and re-living it from another perspective/angle will be helpful going forward? Team/Game Analysis?

A: “It’s defiantly different! Seeing it in HD and all types of camera angels and views; looking at the game in a different perspective… I think it’s more exciting!!! It’s not like it’s going to make a team win more games and stuff like that but for the aspect of watching the game and learning it, it’s defiantly going to be good for the kids and fans, for sure.”

Q: What makes a great Power Forward?

A: Being consistent, having consistent jump shot, being able to do stuff offensively and defensively; doing what it takes to lead your team.ย  Getting your rebounds up… you know just being consistent and injury free.

Photo Property:

Q: Outside of Basketball, what do you like to do? Hobbies?

Well I have a degree in Communications and T.V Radio so life after Basketball? I want to be in analysis, be on T.V and have my own Radio show. Outside of that perspective I like to go traveling, bowling, going to different countries, trying new foods meeting new people, learning new languages um… being near the water and warm weather and I’m very family oriented so I love to hang with my family and my friends.

jt4Photo Property:

Q: What can fans expect from the Kings going forward?

A: Well hopefully positive stuff! More of the play that we had in Chicago last night and go on from that! I think most of our games, I would say eighty to ninety percent of them it’s just been in the fourth courtier where we’ve had leads going into the fourth courtier and it just fell short. So we have to go back and look at those films and learn from that and keep maturing as a team.

jt3Photo Property:

Q: Are you excited about the changes?

A: Yeah we’re defiantly going in the right direction. Having a new great owner Vivek Ranadive, a new GM and a new Coach is defiantly one good thing about it. The media can stop asking us if we’re going to leave Sacramento or not; that’s not a question I have to answer anymore we’d be here forever!!! The new arena that’s going to be built in the next couple of years, that’s going to be great!ย  So its defiantly a lot of promise. We’re a young team, it’s not like we’re an old ancient team. We’ve got a lot of talent and when you put it all together it makes for a great kick butt team.

By: Akika Parker, Feb 4th 2014
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