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Current Events: Donald Sterling Update: Iggy Azalea Queen of Hip Hop? Brilliant Niche Businesses of the 21st Century

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Donald Sterling and V. at a Clippers game. The Donald Sterling battle is still brewing as new evidence surfaces and things continue to unfold. Leading up to her appearance on Dr. Phil; new reports surfaced on V.Stiviano and Donald Sterling. Critics are saying that these latest discoveries could be the final straw in him being forced to sell the team. Stiviano just recently went onto the Dr.Phil show where Dr.Phil grilled her with some aggressive questioning.


forbes_logo Forbes dubs Iggy Azalea the new Queen of hip hop? What do you think? Most are upset because she’s Australian and blonde but that’s not important, is her sound worth the title? We love “Fancy,”  “Murder Business” and others and  have to admit there’s real talent here; but is it enough to take the title? forbes1

Brilliant Niche Business of the 21st Century:



1. This Visual-Recognition App or ASAP54 is a great invention by Daniela Cecilio. This app is an instant way to find the latest fashions that you encounter anywhere! The app is set up to find fashion in photos that you either take or find and then locations the exact item or a similar look. ASAP54 has raised $3.75 million in financing from investors including Ceyuan and E.Ventures.

More Info: Of


2. is a new way to get your music heard by listeners using on-demand streaming services: Beats Music, Spotify, Rdio and Deezer, to share music through it’s music platform.

More Info: founder CEO.

Zooppa founder CEO.

3. Zooppa founded by CEO Will Merritt, is a great new online marketing tool. Zooppa is a digital marketing and advertising platform that’s used to uncover new talents for recruiting, which ultimately saves their clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. “I didn’t have to pay my dues, build a network of connections with agencies or move to New York or L.A.” says Landon Donoho who’s produced commercials for Sony’s PlayStation 4, Toyota, Gatorade and Disney since building his network with Zooppa.


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Current Events: Donald Sterling Update: Iggy Azalea Queen of Hip Hop? Brilliant Niche Businesses of the 21st Century

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