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Species Disappearing At Rapid Rates: We’re on the Brink of The Sixth Mass Extinction.

May 31, 2014

Species of planet Earth are becoming extinct more rapid than ever before! The extinction rate of plant and animal life has increased times 1,000. Animals are loosing their natural habitat and this is a major cause for the mass extinction.
We’re also on the verge of loosing one-million acres of California’s beautiful wild life and forest lands due to scheduled clear cutting in America.
This effects our drinking water, natural habitat, and increases the amount of forest fires.

The Huffington Post reported recently that ” Species are finding no place to live as more places are built up and altered by humans.”
Have you ever heard of the oceanic white-tip shark? This shark once filled the oceans seas with abundance and now have dwindled down to almost non existent. Boris Worm a biologist who worked closely on this project says,”If we don’t do anything, this will go the way of the dinosaurs.” These and such like are in great need of being appreciated!


This is a film that talks about the evolution of earth and the direction of the USA. It carries imperative information about how the country is ran, things we need to know to keep the USA a continuous circulating nation. Very interesting!

Four Horseman:

Great Article: The High Cost Of Poverty:

See why living in poverty costs more!


Species Disappearing At Rapid Rates: We’re on the Brink of The Sixth Mass Extinction.

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