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A.L.D: The Tales of an Indie Artist: The Grind.

October 18, 2014


1. What does ALD stand for?

A.L.D are my initials! I’m not going to release my full government name at this time… but it was given to me by an uncle who is passed away a while ago; he called me Big Al. I kind of took that and made it more marketable and came up with ALD. Some of my favorite artist are Jay-Z, Kanye West, Noris Day etc.

2. What inspires your music style?

I’ve been through a lot of life experiences good, bad, ugly. Through all that, it gives me blue prints to when I want to write a song. A lot of times I can’t just write a song something has to happen to me to channel that energy into the music, my inspiration comes from real life experiences. My actual musical inspirations stem from Pop, to Hip Hop, what’s on the radio, and I love what’s on the radio now.

3. Are you collaborating with any artist? What artist would you like to collaborate with?

Right now? I’m not doing a lot of collaborating because I’m working on my new project. It’s a concept album and I want to keep it as creative as it can be. Some times when you have a lot of features and things like that, it kind of distracts from the initial message your trying to put out. So right now I’m not doing a lot of features but I defiantly want to do some in the future. But I would love to collaborate with: Lord, yeah she’s dope; Kendrick Lamar, he’s dope; Yeah, I always want to work with Erika Badu.

Question: So you like Neo-Soul as well?

Answer: Oh yeah! Defiantly, defiantly! I grew up off that. The Neo soul playing in the living room while my mom was cleaning up.

Question: Do you consider yourself to be versatile or eclectic music wise?

Answer: I consider myself versatile and pretty open. Like, I love the stuff on the radio. I love D.J Mustard’s stuff! But I have my own style as well. I think it just who I am. I try to be as innovative as possible, you know? I guess you can say I’m versatile.

4. What’s the title of your album? What the inspiration behind the title?

This will actually going be my second album; but I released an E.P. just to warm people up to my sound and who I am, called “Prelude to Sanity.” (Link to music:
My debut, debut E.P to (be released to) the world towards the end of the year is called “Basic Cable”.  I came up with that name; Basic cable is something a lot of people that I know can relate to.
When I saw people I know; I mean people that have come from a poverty background, with drugs in their family things like that may have never had certain things rather it be a car or clothes! You can usually find that television with basic cable with that messed up antenna. I’m just telling my story of it, we didn’t have mush but we where cool. Watching T.V brought us into a different world.  Now it’s like I’m bringing people into my world, now their watching me! So, that’s how I came up with the name.

Question: Are you an Indie artist? Or are you signed to a label?

Answer: Right now I am Indie! I’m trying to keep it that way until I see the right numbers.

5. How are you marketing yourself?

I mean, doing shows, I’m out, networking! I do it the old fashion way! I know it’s a lot of artist out there that give a lot of gimmicks but I’m focusing on the music! I feel like, if I put 110% into my music and the people like it (Pause) I try to really connect with the people. Give them what they want; give them great music. In time I pay my dues with them the rest will follow behind instead of trying to focus on all of these marketing schemes. So right now I’m focus on the music!

6. How long have you been working on your music?

I’ve been working on music seriously for 8 years now! I first got started with my cousin he worked with Tony Williams who is Kanye West’s back up singer, he was on a lot of Kanye’s early albums and things like that! But my cousin used to produce for him so I used to come up to the studio sit down and listen to the sessions, vibe and be inspired. One day he was like you should write a song and when I wrote the song, Tony Williams actually got on the hook. You may be able to find it on one of his old mix tapes on the internet some where. But that was kind of the stepping stone for me.

Question: How old where you when you started?

Answer: Eight years ago, I was 16. I was a young buck.

7. What advice can you give readers about being an independent artist?

You’ve got to stay with it! It’s similar to if you want to be in the NFL. It’s millions of players in the US that want to be that star running back or the next Chad Johnson; Millions! So, it’s a lot of competition! A lot of times people get discouraged because things don’t happen as quickly as they want them to. Something happens that kind of throws them off balance, but the people that really make it work hard at it everyday; I mean unless you got lucky or something. The people that really make it, work hard at it and they don’t quit! My grandfather told me you only loose when you quit. In this game its the same thing, so you just have to keep going and keep progressing! I mean you look at artist like Two Chains, Jay Z… its really no age limit to it. It’s about your grind in this game. As long as you keep cracking people are going to notice and your going to get your respect.

8. Final thoughts to readers!

Thank you for listening! Go buy ALD and check out all of my stuff! which is the same for all social sites; Twitter, Tumblr etc. Look out for that “Basic Cable” EP it’s going to be something your going to love. I think the whole world would love so, check that out! Coming the end of this year, we don’t have an official date yet so just wait on it, it’s coming.


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