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Beauty Queens: Crown: Miss Oklahoma International: Jasmine Redo

October 20, 2014 , , , , , , ,


1. Congratulations! For wining, Miss Oklahoma International. How was that experience for you?

Thank you! The official title isย  Miss Oklahoma International the experience was very humbling. You never know what you’re going to get going into pageants because you feel like everyone is so pretty and were all so smart , it gets really competitive because everyone wants to win but I came into this pageant very humbled and ready knowing I had prayed about it for weeks.

2. What is it like behind the scenes of the pageant? Is there any competitive catty behavior?

I’ve been in pageants where there was a catty behavior but this pageant was very different it was very relaxed and chill everyone was helping each other and wanted to do well.

3. Describe the winning attitude you take while in competition? & International? Are you from Oklahoma?

Yes I’m originally from oklahoma and still reside in it. The international behind it only indicates the pageant system.

The winning attitude is humbling my self winning the judges over in interview and the rest should flow well . The winning attitude is confident not cocky. I’ve been runner up in a lot of pageants that I thought I would’ve and should’ve won but that humbled me to just go in give what I have and hope that it’s good enough to win the title.

There’s 3 pageants in oklahoma as there are and majority of other states there is Miss Oklahoma , Miss Oklahoma International , and Miss Oklahoma USA.

4. You also work with what’s your experience there?

Houstonhiphopnews featured me as there first “Stallion model ” it was awesome working with them. I met them in person in New Orleans and was asked for an interview from then on they kept in touch and wanted to feature me in their online site .

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Goals? And how do you measure your goals? Plan for them?

Five years from now I see my self being a studio anchor for a tv station or working for a big network as a television host my dream goal is to work for a network such as ET and covering everything pertaining to entertainment news ,

I know it won’t be easy to get there so I plan to measure my goals by taking the proper steps such as applying as a field reporter possible in a small market , perfecting my craft , and moving up as a studio anchor within 2 years. After studio anchoring I plan to move to a bigger market and pursuing a career in entertainment news anchoring.

6. What kind of support system do you think it takes to be successful? Team work? Environment?

It takes self help to be successful support systems lay the ground work and try to make things smoothly for you so I think it’s more of the environment that they provide when your trying to focus on a goal you don’t need distractions with other peoples problems you have to focus so the environment to be supportive.

7. Last question: Final thoughts to readers.

Final thought to readers are if you have a goal you can’t reach it maybe not on your time but at the right time it will come to past . What God has for you is for you and NO one can take that away ! I’m looking forward to the Royal International America Miss pageant in July of 2015.


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