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Plasticity’s Surgery: To Go Plastic or Not!

November 17, 2014 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Plastic or No!? Getting Work Done?work1

bad jobs1These days its all about the plastic! To put in on the plastic or not? Is plastic surgery the new answer? While we do encourage self happiness shouldn’t being secure and confident about yourself be what matters? It actually is! Having a star personality! Real winners potential, attitude and good eye contact is what titillated the connection with man or women. What you have had done can make some people feel more confident and for them and they’re happiness, such a change is worth it. Having a procedure done however; doesn’t mean your unhappy or even that your insecure, some people just want to enhance they’re natural beauty and features.

Take a View at Some of the Most Popular Procedures!:



Just recently we’ve seen something that we’ve only heard of in the mighty land of Oz! Eye color changing??? Well that is exactly the cusp we’ve now reached! Below; Tameka “Tiny” Cottle Harris showed up to America, from an Africa trip and had some new features staring at the world! Her natural cola eyes are now bright and piercingly ice grey!


See the first Interview About this procedure here: Click link to  Read More:


 Butt: Caboose: Derriere

work7Getting your butt done is the new phenomenon! Women’s “lady seats” are getting mighty plum these days with the help of a few thousand dollars and the right doctor! The booty is the most desire procedure not only this year but also for the past few years. The “butt rush” happened around 2011 and is showing no signs of slowing down! In fact, not only is it the most popular surgical procedure, it can remain number one for years to come.

Famous Butt Jobs:



Over the years breasts have been a favorite service for women to have in the league of Plastic surgery! Stats claim that 300,000 breast jobs were completed in 2013.

breast jobsRecently, the public has been notified that 24- hour breast jobs are now available to the general public. While it only last one day the process will still cost you about $2,500.00 for the big breast non-permanent convenience.

For more Info:


Lipo is a procedure in which fat is removed from ones body! This fat can either be disposed of or repositioned in another area of the body. Most recently women have been getting their fat repositioned in their bottoms to have a more natural butt augmentation.

People must remember that the only way to avoid mishaps is to stay natural! It is however your fee liberty to alter yourself at your own will and risk. For some its worth the risk and most go on with their procedure results and are satisfied, in other case some are not so lucky. Going under the knife leaves open the potential to be botched!

The Fashion Forbes believes all people should feel confident in their natural beauty! We don’t encourage anyone to get any procedure done that they’re not ready for! Also to take into consideration that once the procedure is done, it’s almost impossible to go back to your natural self! So, choose wisely the procedure you get and/or going through with.

Definition of the Day:


past tense: botched; past participle: botched
  1. carry out (a task) badly or carelessly.


the action or process of making or becoming greater in size or amount.
“the augmentation of the curriculum with new subjects”
  • Music
    the lengthening of the time values of notes in a melodic part.
  • Heraldry
    an addition to a coat of arms granted as a mark of special honor.
    plural noun: augmentations

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