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Current Events: 40th Anniversary of Hello Kitty: Aaliyah Bio Movie: Wendy WIlliams Director: OMG! Zonnique Goes Blue!: Russel Simmons: Metropolitan Museum of Art’s New Exhibition

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Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibition “Death Becomes Her: A Century of Mourning Attire.”


The New York Metropolitan Museum just recently opened up a Victorian Style Death Mourning exhibition. Its said that a widower had to mourn in “mourning attire” for two year or more after husband was deceased.

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Aaliyah Movie:

WENDY WILLIAMS executive produced the new Aaliyah biopic BLOCKBUSTER!!

Alexandra Shipp

Alexandra Shipp & Aaliyah

This is a break out role for Alexandra Shipp who played the late singer Aaliyah.

According to the official preliminary ratings over 3 million people watched the movie, during the live broadcast landing this movie in second place as the years second biggest televised film for 2014. When you take into consideration DVR scheduled recording the number shoots up another million, in total 4 Million viewers.

Chattrisse Dolabaille played Missy Elliot.

Chattrisse Dolabaille played Missy Elliot.

Executive Producer Wendy Williams.

Executive Producer Wendy Williams.

This is also the first movie that talk show host Wendy Williams produced a film an with her Wendy Williams show rating now surpassing other major shows like, The View! This could be the beginning of some major power moves for the talk show diva.



Russell Simmons


In recent reports Russell Simmons collaborated with Samsung and Milk Music new company ADD52! Unlike some of the other Simmons collaborations and business ventures (Phat Farm, Baby Phat, Prepaid Debit Cards etc.)  ADD52 is a platform for new artist to present and house their music. Could ADD52 be the next big music platform?

Click link to View Full Site: russell1


OMG! Zonnique: Fierce Blue Perspective



One of the OMG Girls lead singers and daughter of Tameka “Tiny” Cottle just said dido to her mother’s decision to get a new eye perspective, changing her cola eyes to a permanent light blue. Will this be the new trendy procedure? To change the color of your eyes or not? That is the question! While she looks beautiful one can’t help but wonder if they’re any side effects to such a procedure! Aside from that she looks great! A completely new look!

Hello Kitty Turns 40!


Everyone’s favorite little kitten has just celebrated her 40th anniversary! Who other than “Hello Kitty” herself? This Sanrio character has over 50,000 products and earns over 5 Billion dollars per year!


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