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Current Events 2015: Golden Globe: New Babe: Just Got My Hair Done: Stormy Weather: We in the Hood Now!

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Every diva take on a fresh personality perspective when the hair gets done! But nothing ruins some hot hair like slump stormy weather or the wrong attire! We’ve stumbled upon some of the seasons hottest look! Some coming soon to our Shop Azyle Boutique! Hot plush scarfs, hair do’s and the perfect amenities.


A large exaggerated hoodie is the perfect layer for rainy weather! When put under a long jacket and paired with a run umbrella and rain boots, your ready for the chilling weather!

Scarfed It:

PicsArt_1421183638121 PicsArt_1421163375839


The Hooded Effect: 


Covered: Umbrella: Thunder Under


The dome umbrella is such a hot topic! If you hate your umbrella turning inside out, this is so perfect.


What to Do with my Hair!?: Its Raining.


Just Got My Hair Done:

Bangs & Buns


A bun pony is great! Try different types! One of our favorite is a chic bun pony! Also top contenders a half up, half down option, very fun and flirty. Great suit for an everyday girl on the go.


Other hot sloppy tops!


Curls Anyone!?: Curls, Curls, Curls…


A wet and wavey is a yes! Big luscious volume sauvage curls can run the world! A daring rainy look.


 The Hair Crown


Making a hair crown is such a cute rainy day up do. Rock your crown of glory into winter 2015. Even a brained up crown is how we get down.

PicsArt_1421184632335 PicsArt_1421183680458 PicsArt_1421183974460 PicsArt_1421184316996

Or keep it slick and sleek…


The Blue Black Brunette: Cellophane Shine.



Blue Black or Invisible Blue is perfect for a brunette to get that deep hair hue with going totally black and it adds a cool shine! Most people can’t even tell its blue.

PicsArt_1421196400703 PicsArt_1421196961924

Great cellophane brand to try!



The Tea: Latest News




Steve Harvey:

1/15/2015: Steve Harvey gets street names after him I’m home town Welch, West Virginia, U.S.


Award Season:


See all the stars at their best at the 2015 Golde…:

John Galliano’s Come Back Show!


Fashion designer John Galliano hasn’t been in the press much since a press incident a few years back; but Jan. 11. 2015 he reemerged by having a come back show with all fashions hottest press.

Read More:

PicsArt_1421198249961 PicsArt_1421198310189

Rapper Lil Kim has a baby!

The first photos of Lil Kim’s baby are released! A doll indeed.


Tax Season:

Reports are saying to expect delays as the IRS prepares for tax season. It begins Jan. 20th 2015. Be sure to use a secure reliable tax service to avoid errors and further delays.



Current Event Related Sources:





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