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Hot Plus Sized Fashions: Where are the Full Figures??? Voluptuous!!!

January 25, 2015 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


More than ever; especially in America we can see a trend of beautiful full figures!

With all those curves and no sign to stop, you want to be able to work it in the best way! Fabric selections are huge to the full-figured person! Comfort, style, elegance, sex apeal, and titillating to the eye.


Take a look at some hot topics from Celebrity Stylist J.Bolin. All of these items can be found at his online boutique! For the full voluptuous women these items with fabric selection is a dream come true! PicsArt_1422194976442

Fabrics: Rayon: Jersey Knit: Satan: Soft Poly Blends


Styles qued by stylist Mr. Bradshaw!


Style On Que!


PicsArt_1422195641950 PicsArt_1422195797364 PicsArt_1422195758571

More Looks By J.Bolin and Mr. Bradshaw!

PicsArt_1422195964456 PicsArt_1422195446142 PicsArt_1422196470208PicsArt_1422195125612PicsArt_1422195025437

Dress like it’s the second coming! Adorned with spirit, attitude, confidence! The newness! Heavenly Garments!


PicsArt_1422195081015 PicsArt_1422195929107

Hot Hologram Skinnies!

Hot Plump Lips: Plump them Up: Pouty Face!

We’re loving the a light pouty plump lip this season! Plump them up!


My Lovely Lady Plums: Check it Out!

Here’s  a Silhouette that’s…. Not So Much for this figure! Something about it doesnt work! I would’ve loved to have seen a longer skirt.


Nails: Head to Toe Love

Hologram is the new thing in fashion and on nails!!! Give your look a futuristic feel that welcomes the new fashion era! Hologram!



 The Moment: Hologram:

The Creme Dela Creme.


Keep it A1: Saucy: Dipped in Butter


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