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For the Style Addicts: The Hottest Shopping List of the Season: Akika’s CEO Fashion & Style: The Style Files: Style Over Load.

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The style files of Akika! See the style behind She describes her style as effortless easy chic, with a glam twist!

Quality of Photo: Phone. Industrial.


The Style Files: CEO Style Chic.


CEO Putu Blanco of Paul Blanco styled by CEO Akika!


PicsArt_1423613506195PicsArt_1423614193368 PicsArt_1423624245365 PicsArt_1423623884326 PicsArt_1423613662900Image may contain: 1 personPicsArt_1423615209196Akika



The Hair Archives:

Curly Curly:

PicsArt_1423623212713 PicsArt_1423607960685PicsArt_1423623641370



PicsArt_1423626396822 PicsArt_1423623567027 PicsArt_1423609345560  PicsArt_1423623917909 PicsArt_1423622510580

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Up Do’s:

PicsArt_1423622469448 PicsArt_1423609611723 PicsArt_1423623342878 PicsArt_1423626159323



PicsArt_1423608812243 PicsArt_1423609273178


PicsArt_1423610955715PicsArt_1423609684915PicsArt_1423614283693 PicsArt_1423614446582 PicsArt_1423614398605  PicsArt_1423614616726

The Style Abra:


The Hottest Styles: Coveted Style: Hot Looks for 2015.

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All Sketches were illustrated 2009-2010.

My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard!

My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard! -Kelis!

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Panic At the Disco!



Image may contain: 1 person


Fashion: “Frienemies” by Akika (720HD):

“This is a concept video to show my styling. I wanted a concept that most understand; the unspoken rivalry people have. I play the self conscious person and the confidence is played by Lauren. We had fun playing with things that people sometimes feel self conscious about like cooking, cleaning and overall ability. Don’t take it literally because its all about the style. Concept, styled, directed, and casted all by Akika at her Sacramento California home! So who really wins?” Filmed and Edited by Rick Gee.

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