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Spring/Resort 2015-16: Blue Bloods!

April 21, 2015 , , , , , , , , , ,


Mother of Pearl:

Mother of Pearl jewels is so posh this season! Rings, bangles, earrings and necklaces have never looked so at ease. One bold statement piece or a bunch of small amenities gives you a timeless trendy classic!



Gallery Of Heat: Hot Jewels

Raw: Raw & Uncut Uncut

Raw diamond cuts are very underground! This season along with the pearl, raw diamonds in all of their splendor are raging the fashion criteria this season!


Blue Coat:


Bloggers Choices:






A cool shade of blue treeds the streets of NYC! Oxford. This deep and daring shade for coats and sweater dresses!


So True: So False

Blood is blue before its connected with Oxygen?

Click link to find out!



Open Toe Clogs:


Prada has a new open toe Clog sandle! This is a hot Spring 2015 Runway shoe. The clog has emerged! While it comes in Cognac, and Black staples the hottest is, Pure White!

Prada Clog Sandle:


Gucci: Open Toe Clog: Cinnamon


Other hot trends for Spring:

The Moccasin Wedge:


Another Hot Boot: Code Fendi!


This Fendi Fur Bootie is crazy Amazing! While boots are treeding to the back of the closet! These are good for the Spring season round!

Shop Fendi:;jsessionid=E3D1E5826C094F0ABD896D874B9F55E2

Who Created the Lasar?


Theodore Maiman operated the first laser May 16, 1960 in California Laboratory! He used high powered flashing lamps and focusing them on a ruby rod with a silver coated surfaces. Upon his discovery he submitted a short report to the Journal Physical Review Letters which was soon rejected.PicsArt_1429660141030 Its said by the papers editor at the time, Simon Pasternack who said the letter might have been turned down because of the reviews and increased amount of articles published on Maser’s. It’s reported that laser technology wasn’t understood at that time; however¬†Nature picked up the publication and printed it Aug 6 1960.



Different Laser Uses: Uses Uses:

Laser’s have become a powerful tool in the scientific arena! Used in weaponry, as security alarm systems and even to cut diamonds!

The Art Of Diamond Cutting:

 Exotic: Jamaican Nature


The Fashion Forbes believes in the power of a healthy body and mind! As the Spring and Summer approaches exotic fruits began to sprout their roots from all over the globe! Take a look at some of these exotic fruits; for a healthier living.

Definition Of The Day!


  1. an object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical or sentimental interest.


  1. 1.
    be filled with wonder or astonishment.


Updated 4/22/2015:
The world experienced a great Lunar happening! The Moon this eve of 4/21-22 (after 12AM) a beautiful Crescent moon with a bright Pearl like Ora! Just hours into the beautiful moon, it vanishes! Leaving a moon less sky. Its said the glowing phenomenon was caused by the moons reflection of Venus! Which had appeared in the sky significantly closer and in plain eye focus.

Related Articles:




Other Lunar Update:

April 22-23, 2015¬†–¬†Lyrid meteor shower.¬†Lyrids¬†are¬†meteor showers¬†with¬†medium intensity,¬†usually producing¬†about 20¬†meteors per¬†hour.¬†These¬†meteors¬†can¬†produce¬†bright¬†dusttail¬†that¬†takes¬†a few seconds.¬†Some¬†meteors¬†may be¬†visible¬†between¬†April 16 to 25. First quarter moon will set shortly after midnight, leaving a fairly dark sky, so it could be a good show.¬†These¬†meteors¬†radiate¬†from¬†the constellation¬†Lyra, and¬†their¬†source¬†Comet¬†Thatcher18611″ Source:¬†


Earth Day:

Today if officially Earth day! This is the day to give back to mother Earth! is all over this expressing their Earth day appreciation with their signature Google art! If you click the rotating icon your taken to a test! The Fashion Forbes was a Coral!
¬†How do you give back to Mother Earth? The Fashion Forbes is eco-friendly, green behind the scenes, we recycle, cut back on water and other earthly necessities whenever we are able! Earth day isn’t a one day thing, its a lifestyle! Let’s just this day be a celebratory reminder!¬†

Current Events:

New York Times:
Summarized Topics:
  • Earth Day
  • Cyber Attack Action
  • Hong Kong Election plan
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Economic Markets
  • Wall Street
  • The European Union
  • And more.

Updated 4/26/2015

Hollywood got a huge surprise when hundreds of thousands of Armenian people filled its streets! Their cause? To prevent future genocide and to raise awareness to all the lives that where lost.

Hollywood: Armenian Genocide: Stop the Violence!

The Black Keys РLonely Boy (HQ):

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