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Mother Day: Post! New Light!

May 11, 2015

This mother’s day enjoy a story of light, beginnings and working together.


And it starts! Contractions… Light produced light! The light of life. Two lives now join; an unlikely arrival, an unlikely pair, the collide of worlds! A marker in time and location. We have a new beginning, a fresh breath of life; what are we to do with it?

As the new light grows in soul the New Light begins to ask, what is life? What is ownership? What is the light? The light that dwells within us.

The two lights explore and seek answers to the new lights questions. The lights discover that “light” is passion and vehement desires that fuel their drive towards the world. “Ownership” is having right, rule, or responsibility for an object, thing, or emotion. Life is our time era which we dwell; we’re allotted years, and an era to fulling our light.

As the lights grow, their lights deemed, and they had the hardest time rekindling. A series of battle clash storms sent both lights in various spaces with no direction or destination. They begin to disengage and hover in life, until one day another light begins to shine in the view of the new light.PicsArt_1431340257683

This light has a steady pattern, and as it begins to treed after the Patterned light, the New Light begins to get into a similar pattern, almost identical to previous treed. The steady light shows New light a new pattern.

Its not long before New Light notices there are various patterns in the atmosphere and begins studying the various patterns. None of the other patterns had a full range of continuous patterns. The New Light begins it’s own pattern of steady. Once it completed its course in being steady, it realized being complete is a natural requirement to remain a individual light. Once it begins a steady path it joins with the Patterned light of complete and they begin to treed together.


The New Light begins a steady pattern to its starting point. As the light circles back it shifts its pattern, causing also a shift in the Patterned Light. The two lights accelerated with great speed to the starting point of New Light. They begin to shine so bright the other none completed patterned lights begin to notice and pattern in speed also. All the short lights joined with the two original lights and shined brighter then ever! They called themselves “Force”. As the Force approaches its starting point the light is so mighty it can be seen from very far. As it arrives it lights the entire sphere, impressing the Original light. They take off all together! This time in a new direction.

As they treed their light is powerful! They now have direction, but still no real destination. Just moving forward in motion and steady pattern. One day they stopped. Its time to change pattern. Let’s choose which way is up and rocket into destination shapes. They begin to circle back to start again, then continued in the previous direction until they reached the end. New light asked the lights; What is end? What is a new beginning? What is happy? Are we happy?

The New, Original, and Steady lights each choose a destination. New light at Start, Patterned at End, and Original and pivoting point. They pattern steady, up and forward. The short lights connect and begin to fill in the space, creating a light pattern using great height and length. Light begins to shine from all over the sphere. This structure creates a light destination that all light may dwell.

As they explore its discovered that end is a final destination. A new beginning is a second starting point from an original stating point. Happiness is your view of life’s contentment or non-contentment with what you have, emotionally and physically! Also your inner attitude towards moving forward.


Are we happy? Do we want more? Some said, “Yes!” And created their own light structure.

Some said “Yes” and stayed with the Force.

Some said “No” and stayed with the Force.

Some said “No” and created their own light structure also.

As the Force continues to grow some lights began in their own direction. Flourishing, spiraling, and even returning but the Force stayed strong. It is created! The destination. New Lights vision. New life!

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