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In Honor of Memoria

May 25, 2015



n. 1. Memory.

Memoria technica
technical memory; a contrivance for aiding the memory.
  1. Memoria was the term for aspects involving memory in Western classical rhetoric. The word is Latin, and can be translated as “memory.”

IMG_20150523_134013 The F.F.Orbes honors Memorial day! This day reminds us of all the sacrifices people have made for America. War veterans, casualties, and others alike that have caught for their freedom in the USA. The above photo is the new World Trade Center.

Honor is also given to those survived and who lives have passed from the 9/11 tragedy.


Current Events:

The Path Finder…

For those that travel between NYC & Jersey the new Path rail is a quick and sleek route.IMG_20150523_134729

The World Trade Center Station: NYC Wall Street.


Jersey Annual Spring Lake Race: 5/24/2015

PicsArt_1432433055401 Its 39th annual race! This nationally recoginized community event brings out thousands of citizens each year. The Jersey Anthem Spring Lake race started in the 1970’s, and made over 1 Million dollars this year.


2. 3.

Pratt News: Tour of Campus!


We took a stroll down fashions lane, as we visited Pratt Brooklyn University! The campus is filled with interesting artifacts and artistic works.


Art By:


Art & Sculptures:

IMG_20150524_095117 IMG_20150524_095158 IMG_20150524_095250 IMG_20150524_095223 IMG_20150524_095412 IMG_20150524_095435 IMG_20150524_095428 IMG_20150524_100024

One of the Brooklyn Campus buildings has a interesting shape!  Resembling fictional character Willy Wanka’s chocolate factory.

For more information on Pratt Fashion Institute click:

Hot Memorial Day 2015 Festivities!

Grade A BBQ is on the Menu! It’s tradition for Americans to turn on the grill for this holiday as a reminder of the Veterans.


A small picnic with a loving veteran, other loved ones or friends!

A great picnic time treat, Quiche! This flaky crust treat is a great picnic item for memorial day.


10 Hot Recipes:


Party: Celebration!

Celebrate with a party! Invite tons of guest to your home or a hot location and celebrate those that fought for this country right! Cook a little BBQ turn up the jams and enjoy a good time. Party Theme:

  • American Military/Navy- Have everyone dress Military! Bring Veterans out to honor, put a slide show together about the history of War in America, reenact famous and infamous scenes.
  • Potluck
  • Multicultural Themed Parties
  • Fashion Show Party- Show hot vintage or modern attire on the Runway this Veterans day. Have your guests recreate military items out of crafts and purchase hot fashions from a military inspired collection of items.


Recipe for a winning Hot Link this season and BBQ sauce!

BBQ Sauce: 10 Sauce Recipes

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