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Current Events: Mid-Town 2015

June 10, 2015

Feminine Vs. Masculine


mas·cu·line ˈmaskyələn/


1. having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men, especially strength and aggressiveness. “he is outstandingly handsome and robust, very masculine” synonyms: virile, macho, manly, muscular, muscle, strong, strapping, well built, rugged, robust, brawny, heavily built, powerful, red-blooded, vigorous; More antonyms: weak, effeminate of or relating to men; male. “a masculine voice” synonyms: male, man’s, men’s; male-oriented “a masculine trait”

2. GRAMMAR of or denoting a gender of nouns and adjectives, conventionally regarded as male.


fem·i·nine ˈfemənən/


1. having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness. “a feminine frilled blouse” synonyms: womanly, ladylike; More antonyms: masculine of or relating to women; female. “he enjoys feminine company”

2. GRAMMAR of or denoting a gender of nouns and adjectives, conventionally regarded as female.


  • Exaggerated Features

In the world of looks, faces and countenance, people vary about how they feel about their face! Some are satisfied with their mug while some others may vary. One thing is for sure that people who choose to love themselves and their features are more confident throughout their life. If your one of those people that trys to hide certain features, try embracing it once and a while! One might discover that people like confidence and admire one’s ability to highlight their unique characteristics.

  • Working Your Best Features


  • Loosing Yourself/ Giving your all/ Let the Animal out/ The Win

Don’t forget to feel invincible every now and again! Loose yourself in the moment!

We don’t encourage you to do anything illegal or that can result in the harm of others.


Meanwhile in Fashion…

Flat Forms “I want some sexy flat form shoes”-F.F.Orbes- A.Parker.


Nothing beats a pair of fun and sexy “flat form” shoes! Get daring height with a sexy platform sinched with a open top innocent sandal. This is this seasons hottest chucky flat wedge.

Baguettes (Diamonds)


Doing any diamond shopping this season? Well the hottest topic on the market is a clean Baguette! This perfectly cut diamond is breath taking and when it collaborates with the light, it carry’s a impeccable sparkling glare, unlike any other.

Heads will Turn: Hair


The bubble gum look is trendy right now! This is a fun in the moment fun stylestyle, that promotes youth and individual self expression. Most achieve this look with their hair by using these colors: blue, purple, pink, green and yellow!

How I dye my hair purple & blue ♥ DIY:

HOW TO- Blue Ombre Hair:


What Lurks Beneath NYC Central Park?

Exotic Rock in Central Park NYC:

As seen in the video above, this rock shimmers! The bolders shine is more potent in some area’s where there is a lot of sun exposure, and in other’s the shimmer is almost non-existent, but still viewable.

 (The following are just theories! Not proven fact yet.)

Theory 1:

It could be fine NYC Granite!

Theory 2:

Humans dig long and far to fine diamonds! This could be the stages or the conclusion stage of new diamonds! They take thousand of years to make but they are still developing even in front of our eyes! These could be new fully cooked diamond stones!

Theory 3:

The rock is full of minerals! It has to be tested, however; it could have traces of fine metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum, Iron etc.

The development of something like this in today’s society could be ground breaking for our way of life! Once again proving that “slow cooked” over thousands of years is a bit better then our pop up and go generation. Nature reminds us who the real artist is. This of course is still theoretical, developing…

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Current Events:

A trend in News this 2015 season is tons of tragic events! It seems like as we press forward in the year grim news sweeps headlines! The news currently sets a drab tone this season reminiscent of the 1930 depressionary period. How many way can we turn that around? Between New Jersey transit crashes to the death of B.B. King (Musician September 16, 1925- May 14, 2015) Joe Biden (Vice President of theU.S.A- 11/4/2008- 5/31/2015 ) and others, riots in Baltimore Maryland amoungst other devastations.

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News Highlights:

Jersey Strawberry Season!

New Jersey grows a specific North Eastern climate strawberry that are now in season! Jersey Strawberries are specific to the eastern climate and don’t grow well in west coast hemisphere’s! Its said the taste has a significant deference from other strawberry breads!




GMO Seeds:

Between eroded soil and nourishmentless seed the buzz about GMO’s are on the tips of everyone’s lips!




The Month of May Officially Dubbed National Veterans Month!

This is the time to get the best season sales! This news was recently broadcast nation wide and for the month of May people received great sales offering for the remaining month after Memorial day!

New Partnership 2015:




Official Summer in NYC: Summer Scene Supreme!


While the first official day of Summer dosn’t start until June 21st 2015, the summer elements are gearing into full swing! Minus a little summer rain.

Fun Summer 2015 Activities:

1. Family and friend cook out!

2. Need a Vacation?: Code Monaco: Visit to get yourself started!

3. Wine Tasting:


Addition Location Information:

4.  Music Festivals and Concerts-

5. Want to host a summer private event? Here are 10 uber hot event spaces!


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