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Quote Of The Day!

June 21, 2015

“Ever since I was a child I have had this instinctive urge for expansion and growth. To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one’s potential.” – Bruce Lee.


NBA Final Winners: Bay Area Warriors

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Game Leaders


Flesh Eating Bacteria

The beaches beware! Its said that a bacteria may be creeping upon the beaches! A flesh eating bacteria that is! I don’t know about you, but this news kind of kills the beach goers spirit! However we’ve got to do our very best to preserve our oceans and beaches! Its transferable by bodily fluids. A major symptom is regurgitation which is the major way it’s being transferred.

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Password Storage Company gets hacked

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The Fashion: Factor Fashion Dexter

“I’m on my Dexter.”- Code F.F.Orbes.

The Construction of the Statue Of Liberty:


America celebrated the anniversary of the Statue of Liberty construction! May 21st 2015.

1. PicsArt_1434910843455


Hand? Stone Studded. PicsArt_1433519432093 PicsArt_1433519511196 Jewel on your left hand; Jewels on the right! PicsArt_1434465872491


PicsArt_1434465791337 Shoe by Brian Atwood! Atwood has some the hottest seasons styles! While these are closed toe, this shape is ever so flattering. These are perfect with that short A-Line dress, or cute Siamese shorties with a flowing printed blouse!

The Season’s Favorite Sandal!

Everywhere you look this once super casual shoe is stomping its way into fashion hearts and taking over! The sandal style TAKE OVER!

True Blue One Pieces

This brilliant blue jump suit is so sexy a chic! This sexy and revealing look is the perfect summer fun look, for a night out or a sexy day by the water! PicsArt_1432603928529

How to Wear:

As seen above, this look is boobish-iousboobish-ious but for those ladies looking for something a bit more conservative, add a tube top under! White, black, and nude. Visit:

Its Not a Modern Short Without a Sexy Curve: Siamese Cut Shorts

Rather its petals or flowers the people devour hot modern curve shorts! Don’t you love them? Tis’ the seasons trend! No time elseelse in fashion history have they been so prevalent! Siamese Shorts! PicsArt_1434825491528

Midi Length Shorts: Mode: Siamese Please!

Medium length shorts that cut mid thigh with a slight slant curve on both sides or to the front is the perfect summer shorties! Sport-Sporty PicsArt_1434908188565 Material- Skin Leather/Pleather.


Shop Now:,742823.html/

Buy Denim…


Hot Street Style 2015

Grey Trims with pops of Summer bright! PicsArt_1434751960332

Neon Jelly’s with popping print heavy! PicsArt_1434753093918 This seasons casual street just got funky! The look is slight print with hologram and a classic tie staple! Can add additional color by adding a cool mini bag or adhering to the fringe fest with a cognac fringe bag.

Why People May Be Hesitant to Give Praise For A Job Well Done.

Have you ever given someone a genuine compliment just to find out they took it way too far? It hit there arrogance like a rocket to outter space! Some choose to be reluctant in giving credit and complement’s where they are do. Accept things humbly and graciously and people may compliment you more. Have your unique stamp of personality to it! People compliment what they want to see more of, what you should desire to see more of in yourself if its a genuine compliment! Even at time’s underhanded compliments can be redirected and understood for positive development.


PicsArt_1434909782061 Oh, Ginger Spice! This spice will make your insides feel merry! It has so many wonderful health benefits. Lower your blood sugar, help prevent cancer and so much more! Click the link to read in detail some of Ginger’s health dazzles! 1. PicsArt_1434910011661

Song of The Day: Emeli Sandé – My Kind Of Love (RedOne and Alex P …:


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