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Color Collide 2015: Celebrity 90’s Iconic Fashion OverLoad!

June 30, 2015


This Summer the palot is a burst of ethereal color! So cool, its unreal! PicsArt_1435541885886 PicsArt_1435541927315 Natural hues of water and metal make the Hydroplane color scheme! My color combo “Hydro!” PicsArt_1435541335692

Hydro: Hydroplane: Hologram Hydro!

PicsArt_1435540864640 A base of green or metal metallic (silver, green, or white) are hot! PicsArt_1435544901311 PicsArt_1435541719142 PicsArt_1435542719667PicsArt_1435541833253 PicsArt_1435541486789 PicsArt_1435542687997 PicsArt_1435541757267 PicsArt_1435541407715 PicsArt_1435541175584PicsArt_1435541206995 PicsArt_1435541959446 PicsArt_1435544520313

90’s Iconic Fashion Trip!


Lil’ Kim





PicsArt_1435621988333 PicsArt_1435621942130

Lil’Kim is known for her daring fashion selections! She always finds a sexy way to dazzle her audience while highlighting her sexuality and her body!



What’s 90’s style without a little Madonna? Modanna trampled the 90’s fashion scene with sexy costume, provocative movements, and catchy tunes!


PicsArt_1435625961011 PicsArt_1435626524792

PicsArt_1435627675515 PicsArt_1435628163718 PicsArt_1435627895201 PicsArt_1435627466320

Madonna has over 40 Billboard #1 hits! Set trends all through the 80’s & 90’s. Madonna is most known for her epic “Cone Cup” bra! Changing and inspiring millions of bra silhouettes around the world! IMG_20150629_184744

Gwen Stafani


No Doubt – Just A Girl Subtitulado Español Ingles:

Tyra Banks


Janet Jackson



Ms. Jacksons classic Poetic Justice costume is the perfect 90’s look! Grunge denim jeans, black waist belt, mid-rise cropped long sleeve boat neck deep indigo tee with black hat and 90’s grunge boots!


90’s Style Pops:



The best! Surpassing all others in excellence, achievement, or quality; most excellent. One that surpasses all others.

Example: This particular store is the cutagra of all.


Grunge: Fly Gear!


Mood: Quite Spicy!


The Spice Girls: 90’s

Naomi Campbell & Kate Moss

Naomi Campbell & Kate Moss

Hot 90’s Fashion Today we can see 90’s style still running the streets! Check out some hot 90’s style! Call it, ” Still Trending: 90’s “. PicsArt_1435618320475 PicsArt_1435668586001 PicsArt_1435668721487 PicsArt_1435618719176 PicsArt_1435668638328

Hot Modern Fashion That Has 90’s Inspiration!


Click: To Shop the above Vintage 90’s look!



Color Perfect: Metallic Green Metal


Happy Birthday!!!!


Our Birthday highlight of the week comes from the Sunny Bay Area California! D.Wright turns 102 years old! Him and his wife of 78 years celebrate at their California home. 102? What an accomplishment. 6/29/1913

He represents his Cherokee Indian roots with a classic Chief Indian Warbonnet, which is the best Indian hat style known in society today!

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Friends! Hot 90’s show on NBC.

Until the guys TOOK OVER!!!! WHO DO YOU THINK WON THE DANCE BATTLE?? #HouseParty #TBT #KidNPlay #Classic #90s

A post shared by ANDRA FULLER (@mrdrefuller) on


PicsArt_1435622312725 PicsArt_1435620821947 PicsArt_1435621435918 PicsArt_1435620768029 PicsArt_1435618473194


Death Becomes Her


Starting Bruce Willis, Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn.


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June 30, 2015

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