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Current Events: Fall 2016

July 23, 2015


Microsoft creates new shift strategies for the new developments in technology.

Top 10 Engineering Technology Developments!

The Topic: Cyboards?

To board? Or not to board?

“So for those of you that like futuristic devices with virtually no real purpose, this “Hover Board” thing should be right up your alley.” – A


New Orleans Pelicans Tyreke Evans trys out new Cyboards. Cyboards are basically a new way to glide short distances. Now with Blue Tooth speakers!


Historic day for Revolt T.V!

Today we just signed a deal to be distributed to AT&T U-Verse!! They’ve had six major distribution deal since it’s launch. Sean Combs (P.Daddy) announched the deal via Instagram; stating “I want to thank all the music fans from around the world that have supported Revolt, the new number one name in music. Big shout out to my Revolt staff! Also a very special thanks to the AT&T U-verse family!”

Italy’s Special Fashion Plan for the America’s!

Top hot Italian fashion designers have special plans for American fashion? Italian fashions have been sought after via destinations all over the globe! But why are the Italian designers veering to shape America’s fashions? What new innovation will we see? We want to see what they can bring to the table. Italians plans for America’s fashion?


Fall Fashions 2016

The hottest color Skeme is the black and green blends! This color combo is on for Fall 16′.


The Look! Power of Now: The Buy Now Wear Now Fashion.

There is a power and urgency in being able to shop today’s trends inatantly! These days we want trends and the latest fashions from all over the world! WWD calls this the season of “buy now wear now fashion” and we definantly conquer. This generation is obsessed with seeing the hottest items and being able to wear them right away!


Taking time to meditate is one of the best things to sooth your mind, body and spirit.

Hot Shopping Finds:

Fringe leather & beaded bags!




Hot Trends of Season!

High Thighs:

Showing thigh is super tricky! You have to get the balance of the look just right to get the classy style.

PicsArt_1437607370526 PicsArt_1437607184402

This is a hot tailored semi-formal look! This is actually a super hot fall 2016 silhouette!


The Silhouette:

We’re still keeping it off the shoulders for a nice Fall breeze.PicsArt_1437607055978

Midi Waist Exposure: Box & Tri-Diamond.




The Shoes:


Just loving tribal inspirations that have feathers!


Feathers & Jewels:


PicsArt_1437575282070pic's art_1437575571127

The Skeme: Color

pic's art_1437575531739

PicsArt_1437574691714.PicsArt_1437573857821 PicsArt_1437573976053 PicsArt_1437573910275 PicsArt_1437574740735 PicsArt_1437575436916 PicsArt_1437574191134 PicsArt_1437573614762 PicsArt_1437574310568 PicsArt_1437574150636


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