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Tech News: New Apple Products: Hot Holiday Releases!

September 22, 2015 , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Apple recently broke industry taboos! With the development of several new high tech Apple products: Apple Pen/Pencil, New Tablets, a new IPhone 6S & 6S Plus.


There are a few concerns about the new IPhones. Apple has gotten major complaints about the IPhone’s battery life. Concerns are again raised especially as the new phones have more features that take up space and deplete the phone battery life span.


With all the new developments Apple has, its release of the IPhone 6 was successful; however it still didn’t meet Wall Streets expectations for its 4th quarter sales.

image Fifty-six percent of Apples revenue totals from its IPhone sales; giving them a 18 billion dollar increase. According to reports, their quarterly revenue for early 2015 gave them a $49.6 Billion increase and a 10.7 Billion dollar profit. Since it missed Wall Streets quota the stock shift down 4%. A slight disappointment to Apple and Apple Stock Holder: Michael A. Sansoterra. Sansoterra, Is the Chief Investment Officer at Silvant Capital Management and own all of Apples Stock.


The Tech Hacking Age

Hacker, Deniss Calovskis at 30 years old; found looting millions from an online Bank account! He is charged and convicted of conspiring to send over 1 Million plus viruses to computers around the globe and bank fraud! According to the daily news.

Calovskis plead guilty in a Manhattan federal court to the charges conspiring to commit computer intrusion, and being hired to write some computer codes. He admitted via testimony and in his own words ” I knew what I was doing was against the law”. Sentencing is scheduled Dec. 4 2015 & he’s facing up to two years in federal prison.

No world on who’s account was being hacked! Articles specified one account and millions of code viruses! Two years for this crime hardly seems long! Especially if you have a pile of cash stashed somewhere!

WSJ Article Link:ย

Washington Times:

Hacker Released:


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Mood: Rustic

The classic rustic look is a hot fashion major player! This color is hot for Fall 15-16! This season the classic Bordeaux and Burgundy are so vetoed! So eight-six those same old season trends and make room for the rustic look!



IMG_20150922_125252IMG_20150922_124540 IMG_20150922_124726 IMG_20150922_124706 IMG_20150922_125238

Fall Mood!


PicsArt_1442907501036 PicsArt_1442906848828PicsArt_1442906966144 PicsArt_1442907098245 PicsArt_1442906933895 PicsArt_1442907213724 PicsArt_1442907656363 PicsArt_1442906877337 IMG_20150922_124559 IMG_20150922_124358 IMG_20150922_124752 IMG_20150922_124520



Fun Facts

  • The Siberian Tiger actually like water and is an excellent swimmer.
  • Spiny Lobsters migrate in large groups of 50 or more at a time! They move together by forming a conga line on the oceans floor.
  • Miami city is the first to install an ATM machine for in-line skaters!
  • OMG was added to USA dictionaries in 2011, but the first use of the term goes back to 1917.
  • American coins have ridges on the side of them. Coin ridges are called Reedings or Millings. (Reeding or Milling)
  • Poison Ivy is not apart of the Ivy family. Poison Oak is not apart of the Oak family. They are both apart of the Cashew family.
  • Indonesia consists of more than 17,000 islands.
  • The Mangoe fruit is the most consumed fruit in the entire world! Fact as of 2015.


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