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Current Events: Think Pink! The Pink Prograde: Gun Control: Uber Strikes: Mud Slide Clears on Highway Five.

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New Fashion Hot Cuts:

These Mid-Shoulder slits are so H.O.T! This look is so sizzling into 2016! For the best symmetry “front and back”slits are just everything!

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I'm ready!!!

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Commuters Mud Troubles via 5

Going through the Grapevine via highway 5 just temporarily got more difficult! If riding through the Grapevine via highway 5 wasn’t interesting enough, how? You ask! Before riding through the Grapevine going to or from Southern California which is about an hour and thirty minutes outside the Los Angeles area.

As a result of storms during the week of Oct. 11-16, 2015. This phenomenon hasn’t been reported before on this highway on in this particular area. Reports say the road is reopening after being flooded and completely closed for days leaving tons of abandoned vehicles stuck in car high mud on the side of the road. The Mud slide of 2015!

Tips on Riding through the Grapevine!

1. Fill your gas tank or at lease have a half a tank. There are no gas stations for the hour or so it takes to drive through.

2. Check your tires. Fill with air!

3. Fill your oil.

4. Fill your water.

The Grapevine is a highway road that is mostly up hill and because of it can be hard on your car. Also there aren’t any stops during the duration of this part of the road or any phone service so you wouldn’t want to get any breakdowns here, you’ll be unable to make contact with any help until you leave the Grapevine.

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Gun Control

Gun control is still an at large issue in America! Voters and legislation alike are searching for the best compromise to sustain the issue about Gun laws! In a recent articles Hilary Clinton made a shocking statement that could possibly work! Model a new law and use Australian Gun control methods! Read more by links!

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Breast Cancer Awareness 2015


October harbors a holiday, Halloween and a newer national holiday celebration that lasts the entire month! Breast Cancer Awareness!!!

Popular designs such as Pink ribbons and highlights of Susan G. Comen designs hit the trend meter!





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PicsArt_1445044542435 PicsArt_1445044042663 PicsArt_1445044101216 PicsArt_1445044072835 PicsArt_1445036587447 PicsArt_1445044132395 PicsArt_1445044280677 PicsArt_1445043422385 PicsArt_1445043373958 PicsArt_1445043300128 PicsArt_1445043165045 PicsArt_1445036956807

PicsArt_1445044512047 PicsArt_1445044480872 PicsArt_1445043620849 PicsArt_1445043034594 PicsArt_1445036773707 PicsArt_1445036863996 PicsArt_1445036828773 PicsArt_1445036717790 PicsArt_1445043726636 PicsArt_1445036623588 PicsArt_1445020948449


Uber Strike

Strikers want Uber to raise rate 60% and offer a tip option via the app for the drivers! Raising the price leaves room for competitors like Lyft and The Yellow Cab to dominate the market! Also it opens Uber up to a totally new demographic, altering their business plan and initial motto. Uber is seemingly new to American business and still establishing their credibility as a classic brand, which could change if prices have rapid changes. Offering coupons and raising the rate 15% while alerting all of its customers via app could be suitable for the luxury car service. The price hike should be for new downloaders first! Day one customers should be able to enjoy their regular price for a length of time, as a discount!

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