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Chatter Chatter: No Expiration: Rapid.

February 1, 2016 , , , , , , , , , ,

What One Hears Through Chatter!


Mood… Brilliant!

The Confirmation!





(of a woman or her behavior) reserved, modest, and shy.

Example: “a demure little wife who sits at home minding the house”

Nailed It!

Image result for nails

Image result for nails
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With Edge…

Image result for nailsImage result for nailsRelated imageRelated image


“The chatter of a man revealeth true self! Character.”


Language of a winner! Confidence.” -F.F.Orbes.


News Sweeps!

Today’s society of news is funny! Take the Miss Universe pageant for example, Steve Harvey reveals the wrong name! Miss Philippines is crowned winner but not before sharing her crown with a Miss Columbia and made to wait in line with the other contestants while someone else bore her crown.

The news focuses on the name error, the losing contestant and second runner up Miss Columbia. I wonder how Miss Philippines (PIA WURTZBACH) felt about it.


Not knowing she`d rightfully won, watching someone else take the winners glory then being thrown the worn crown! 😱😵😤:😣😠🙅

Steve Harvey is the host! He is invited back to host for future pageants, which also makes news and headlines! News week said Miss Columbia!!! Steve Harvey!!! What in the world! What happened to Miss Philippines!!! Miss Philippines!!! The actual winner! They tainted her winners thunder! Her spot light! But she won so she`s going in history as the 2016 Miss Universe right? Yes, but let the fact still remain, Miss Philippines is robbed of her winners moment and dragged into mishap of controversies! Today’s news! 😌


Business Update!
Walmart closing doors! Several locations closing around the USA including seven in Los Angeles!

Flooding in the US! 2016 storm is called El Nino 2016! El Nino is also the storm of 1996! Historic for being serious!

Storms are mostly on the East Coast of the USA, for now. Closings and cancelations ahead for the various east coast cities and states.

Flights from Philadelphia closed! The same at various airlines across the USA leading to the Americas East coast with over 3000 cancelations! Power outage from Virginia to Georgia.

Strand by Strand Weaving: Full Head.

Reuse your hair! Strand by strand add! Before you know it you’ve got a full head of hair with your own strands. Save as much of your own hair as possible! Reuse it! This is a tedious process! Avoid using adhesives it glue! Simple tie or braid it in strand by strand.

This will take some time. Attack what you can can it summons an electricity that makes your hair want to catch up with the rest! Growth technique.

Practice on a doll or manniquen head first!

Natural Hair!

Various Types of Split Ends:

Zeka Virus
USA restricting citizens from travel to several countries due to the Zeka virus! This disease causes infants shrunken heads. Women are being told not to have children.


News Feed:









Stocks Rise: Fall.

Latest in Stock:

Tech Update:



Closed for the Holiday 2016!

The Behind the Scenes: Starlet

Everyone wants to be Rihanna! Girls just go Gaga for Lady Gaga and scream out Ba…Ba..Barbie… Ba.. Barbie Bone! Or whomever your favorite mega star may be, one must consider beyond the glits!

One might want to consider, as you sign with a major, you aren’t going to be paid how you may think! There are various stipulations with major contracts, distribution, and television! For example, a celebrity accountant with 12 hot clients is banking more than their clients! Even 1 or 2 depending on years in the industry! Yes! You want to be on top of your own books! Not ever leaving your books solely up to another with full access! New Accountants also have a history of running off with their clients money if it be a small amount of clients! Recommend is a known diligent shark! With a fleet of clients maintained for years!

Before wanting to only be the star consider your behind the scenes talents as well! Those can also be useful! Some of these positions most people haven’t heard of pay more, then even then the star! This job may also last longer than the star at that time. A stars job can be very temporary at times and some of these positions are more permanent! Putting you in the production team, the magic that makes it happen and the ability to find stars, sign them, see whom you want to see entertain you! These are the very top positions!


Dry hair
Coconut Oil, Egg Whites and Avocado hair rub! Apply Evenly. Cover head in plastic and hot/warm towel! Wash and Style.

Dry Skin
Honey, Olive Oil, and Oatmeal! Mix together and apply to dry spots of skin.

Dry Lips
Sugar and Coconut Oil mix together for an exfoliant.

S.A.T: A.C.T
Changes to ACT
No Essay
Score changes
No penalty for wrong answer
Only four options for muliple choice
Not as much vocabulary

Calculator use restricted
Longer sections

Prep for SAT
Spend time prepairing at lease 2 months of prep. Library, online and a Prep Class Course.


School Search!
If you haven’t already, it maybe time to find your new school! Each year our kids, teeny boppers, and young adults change schools! This is a rough time usually because no on really likes starting a new school! However, we do! It can be a little nerve racking at times!

To get the very best placement prepare and apply early! Research your school, visit! Take a tour!

Finals Study Habits
Studying is at times super engaging and equally at time super insane!

It goes unspoken most of the time but being interested in the subject matter is the best way to study! For those subjects that make you limp here`s what to do:

•Study Groups
•Walking while reading
•Engage in conversations about reading material.
•Take Notes (Suggested: Cornel •Notes with Questions to the left and notes to right!)
•Eat Breakfast! (Nothing too heavy, sweet, or light!).
• Keep a dictionary, thesaurus and other sources handy.

Food Tip: Foodie 🍎
Incorporate fresh Fruits! Incorporate Beats smoothies and wheat in your diet! They may taste a little like dirt at first but soon it`ll just taste fresh! Incorporate with yogert, orange juice, apple juice, kiwi, apples and pineapples!

National Teachers Day!
1/16/16.This new classic tradition started in Thailand!

A true teacher is one who, while keeping the past alive, is also able to understand the present

” -Confucius

The cool thing is the fun of you. Personality! Keep that and always add to it! Capitalize on your talents and who one is. Stay up! Up!

” -F.F.Orbes.

” While women are strong creatures of creation, a man is a man. A man`s dream is a damsel in distress! Damsel, or fair maiden! Receipt-less and exclusive! There is strength in being whole and able to present the dream! Damsel, without too much cling! Just for him but does her thing” -F.F.Orbes.



Ahh!… Gorillas!


Talking About

Scri… Scri… Scrilla! Scrilla & Manilla!

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