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E.O. Summer. Back to School. Labor Day!

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Tons and tons of cute accessories come out for back to school season, this 2016. The next graduating class, and underclassmen that await have what is called “Back to School”. How will you be? The best way to be is, focused! This season focus in style.

Clothes are cool, but this time its all about your nick knacks.

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โ€œChoose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.โ€ -Confucius



Season’s Hot Look Aesthetic: Rocker: Southern Babe: Modern Chic: Color – Cool Copper Rust! The Shades of Rust & Copper in various fabrics! Velvet, Suede, Corduroy, Cotton, Satin, & Silk. Wear it as a staple!

The Beyonce Atlantic City costume, with verticle Swarovski fringe is one of the hottest classic looks of all time.

Back to School Kicks! 2016

We like Espadrilles this “Back to School!”
” Without labor nothing prospers.โ€ -Sophocles

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Hit Topics: News Updates.

1. College Living Decor

2. The Perfect Must Haves. Supplies.

3. The Perfect Must Haves. Clothing.

4. First Day: Attire Outfit: Outfitters.

5. Explore: Back to School in a New Country.

Back to School Shopping:

1. Supplies: Hot Backpack Shopping!

2. Back to School: Hot School Supplies.

3. Back to School: Target Shopping.

Current Event News: 

1. Law: Detriot Accidental Death Scandal.

2. National: Campbell Soup Moves; Shuts down plant. 700 Jobs Lost!

Campbell Soup Shutting Down Sacramento Plant; 700 Jobs Being Cut

3. World: Slide of News.

4. U.S.A: Tax Breaks!?

5. USA National: Weather Floods?

 โ€œLuck? I donโ€™t know anything about luck. Iโ€™ve never banked on it and Iโ€™m afraid of people who do. Luck to me is something else: Hard work — and realizing what is opportunity and what isnโ€™t.โ€ –Lucille Ball

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(2015) #everyday #c4d #cinema4d #loop #gif

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A’s Law of Finance:

While counting dollars one must consider the amount! When counting finances or subtracting purchase consider your .100 in change.


4= 3.100= 3.1. Amount of purchase: 3.33.

= .67
= .1 always means 100 as a dollar. No other number may go here as a single digit.

10= 9.100 Amount of Purchase 2.40.

= 7.60 = 7.6 Total.



0.1= is the only figure able to honestly exist in the law of change of one dollar.

If subtracting  (5= 1.2= 1.100) its the same as (Total Dollar Amount. Remaining. To Spend. Change) or (Total. To Spend. Change).

5 = 4.1

5 = 1.4.00= 1.3.100 (To Spend is equal to 4.00 is 4. is 3.100 .)

5 = 1.2= 1.100

Keep “To Spend” at or greater 1. which us equivalent to 1.00. If using change use decimal in front of the double digit change figure. (Eg. .10)

A calculator that is not able to put 2 decimals will not answer, in equation format. Must put whole total: 9.100= 9.100. on calculator or the next greatest summation 10= 9.100. 10 would be the calculated figure:


7.100 = 8

1080.100= 1081

300.124.100= 425. (Total.To Spend. Change)


Rule of 100 & 11.

The law if 100. When one subtracts an integer that is a multiple of 11, it will always an even number of numbers next to one another at count. Eg. 12, 34, 56, 78.




1. 34  2.56  3. 19.  4. 18+1= 19.


Law of The 99 Count: Count 99.

Using the 99 clause may help with the solving if basic equations. Anything minus 99 can be the answer to 100 minus the same, to get the sum of 100, add 1.




1.19.  2.09.  3. 18.  4. 66.  5. 29. 6.55


If “1” is added it shall be the sum of “100”.

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