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Dear Dear Dear Dead Dragon Fly. Capital Capital. Rhetoric.

September 18, 2016 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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Dear Dead Dragon Fly, what happened to you as you fly by? The seeming day you feel from the sky.


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Discovering new ways to play with light in my home studio 😍✨ What new things have you discovered lately? This month I’m hosting a photo contest with @Allianz and @TheMuseumofModernArt around the theme #Discovery- participate here on instagram and you could win a trip to New York & a VIP tour of @TheMuseumofModernArt! Whether you’ve discovered new ways of looking at things you might see every day, or a new part of the world, we want to see your photos! Post your best #Discovery photos and stories with #DareTo and @Allianz by September 25 to enter. @Allianz will be regramming their favorites as we go and I will choose the winning entry at the end of the month. See you in NYC! 😉 #Sponsored (Full Ts&Cs available from @Allianz)

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Hot for Fall/Winter 16.

Button Up Shift with Long Sleeves. Baby Doll: A-Line Shift. Slender Fitted.

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Clause of the Denim Dress: Fitted, Baby Doll, & Shift.

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Image result for denim dress

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Related image

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Related imageImage result for denim dressRelated imageRelated imageImage result for denim dress

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[282] 'orbs'

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” When your post erases magically and you wonder if its error or a hacker trying to release your article first!” – F.F.Orbes.

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  1. the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques.

    synonyms: oratoryeloquencecommand of language, way with words

    “a form of rhetoric”

    • language designed to have a persuasive or impressive effect on its audience, but often regarded as lacking in sincerity or meaningful content.


      “all we have from the opposition is empty rhetoric”


direct (something) to a new or different place or purpose.

  1. “get the post office to redirect your mail”





an instance of redirecting something from one address to another, such as an email or a URL for a web page.

Rhetoric & Psychology

Rhetoric is usually taught in some High Schools and at mist colleges! Its used in law, economics, and ethics. Redirect is used often with public speech and debate.

Good redirect is used in debates to usually fight or counter fact with fact.

Eg. Someone says “1.That person can’t pay bills; 2. attitudes changes when rejected or told no; or why are you their friend? 3. I heard they have problems meeting friends!

Saying this in this manner to an unsuspecting person, causes a reaction for whom its being told now, too. They want to see with their curiosity! What they are really saying is, ” 1. Do not bunk with them, they’re irresponsible or can not afford, broke.

2. This says, set them up for a rejection, so that you can see for yourself and inadvertently associate them with rejection. Turn them down a lot. Causing this is an unnecessary issue, for you and this other person, which one may feel justified because it is spoken of the lips of another. Feels confirmed, still may not be true, your just starting a unnecessary situational complex. Seeming to create a false since of relationship due to a common dislike, these relationships usually do not last long.

3. They are lonely! Not fun, uneasy to get along with. Imagine how many other this nay have been communicated to seeming innocent.

These types if things ruin peoples reputations everyday! Redirect is such a game of telephone at times, that the intendor hardly ever seems malicious, although it is! Bad redirect starts rumors!

Did you know Fact!

What’s the capital of California?

Image result for city of trees sacramento

Answer: Sacramento, C.A.

Link to World Capital Cities:

U.S.A. Nation Wide Capital 


U.S.A. 50 Capital Cities

” The business in the unknown.” -F.F.Orbes

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