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B1XTV47.: The Tale. Blood & Envy. 1988. Truth? It’s a Twista’.

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“B1 cleaner than your church shoes.” – The Weekend.

The tale begins as many tales do! Boy meets girl, boy decides “it is well/good” and moves forward with his decision! His decision may break hearts however you do not need too much explanation when your beginning a new relationship/marriage.

Image result for cinderella

Image result for i love lucy

And so they wed. They are happy with one another in an unusually loving manner, this causes a great deal of coveting from other couples, such like, & friends!!!

Secrets Come Natural to the Royals! 

Image result for buckingham palace

“Money so long that my Barbies have to climb it, hotter than the middle eastern climate!” -Nicki Minaj.

Years after the Wedding.: Of a Lifetime!

The European royals where offered slots on the big screen! They had after been in the lime light as a wee babe, now the return as a mother, wife & adult!

“Oh my God! I watched they’re wedding & didn’t even know it is them! Uhh… Oh my! She is trying to make a fool of us! Why would they tell us? Why wouldn’t they show us! I’ll show them! He’s actually better looking than we thought! How can we go about this? ” -V.Vance.

” Well… You all look a like.” – F.F.Orbes.

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Warning Adult Content.:

Parental Advisory for Persons Under 18.

(Mind You)

These people seem to be super exclusively private. We are asking if this is. We are just “finding” out stuff like this existed let alone is happening VERY close to home, they haven’t said anything directly! It’s noticeably on  T.V. (Alleged)!!!. We had NO IDEA! They say turn down for what? To be more conscious, to avoid, be safe, & to have as much fun as possible away from hurt, harm, or danger! Realize that some persons take things too far! There is too much going on in the world to take things as coincidence or too lightly at most times…

Let no one think that these people are out in the open! Think of them as children doing things behind mothers back, they may try to say ANYTHING to put themselves in position, even act like they are being bold & in the face, though they are not! A lot of things can be done with hidden camera’s, especially with a spider “Mind Magnet” device, it seems.

This is all being done behind very strong peoples backs by people who seem to want a “look”.

It seems the current entertainment industry is filled with a bunch of posers and scammers looking for a quick buck because it has NOT been yielding returns! They just used peoples talents for basically free.

Contrary to the purpose of these tactics it seems everyone may still treat these individuals with the utter most respect! It seems that is all they’ve been shown to their face! Some things that happen they haven’t any recollection of, it is NOT them, they’re personalities may be being subdued & “held back” it seems with psychologically “genetically” modified tactics, designed to make “people” misbehave. It seems respect them & appreciate them. One may understand as they are still able to progress forward & seem them as beautiful also.

Also we would NOT EVER, it seems sign our lives away on a legal binding contract, we do NOT want to be on there television programs etc. (They may try to make some excuse like, “Oh yeah, they wanted to be a star!” insinuating that people will do ANYTHING! Also NONE of The Fashion Forbes, Inc. employees have dred locks. Our CEO wouldn’t ever have dread locks it seems.) We have NOT EVER agreed to ANYTHING like that it seems at all EVER, Nor have we ever been ASKED formally nor legally signed any contracts with any other Media Talent Company Outlet.

Meanwhile we just may be business owners they are trying, however it seems they may NOT ever inhabit. It seems, we create stars & popularity on a global platform. Also since NO ONE has seemed to care about them, they’ll likely hack and try to attack because they do NOT want people (Your Stars & Fav. Celebrities, Self, etc.) to know that, it seems you may care! You may care about whom so ever you want, it seems you may care for their Targets! Yet they would want to let them know, they want to feel it for themselves, it seems.

Click Link to Full Article:  B1XTV47.: The Tale. Blood & Envy. 1988. Truth? It’s a Twista’. Part 2.

F.Y.I – This is our first time watching MOST of this stuff in totality. This is our first reactions at this point. We may have also only watch most like once or twice.

Image result for columbia pictures

Intention: To Inform. To Know. To Avoid. To Stop It This Instance.


Tag a Source: Some Out Sourced & Original Artworks! Instagram, Google, Facebook, WordPress, & other Third Party Research Periodicals etc.

Tip a Billion! Leave your Tip of Any Amount via Email: Let know how much your Inspired! We Accept All Amounts from $0.01- $1,000,000,000.00 +. Visit our Tip Page Today! Process your Investment with The Fashion Forbes Inc. Be Inspired & Send in Your Donation/Tip Now!

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19:07 – 20:37/21:21- “Holy sh*t! That is so weird!” – Diez.

At 21:37- 22:25. She then proceeds to go to the grocery store and look lowly, while listening to a conversation where a woman (Reading Caption) 22:02 “My husband likes a meaty sauce”… o_0. At 22:10-11, you can see “cheese”. Turns around to “Sausages & Flat meat”… Grabs the sausage.

She is a “discriminator” which is also a front, but she uses being disrespectful to other peoples cultures & stays in disguise to not fall into the very trap set sets being in control of various areas of media. She plants these stories about police & people, because she/they have their own Warner brothers, universal city & created securitos to train their own force to do their dirty work.

19:07 – 20:37/21:21- “Holy sh*t! That is so weird!” – Diez.

19:07 – 20:37

Now we see a power exchange. These women wear their blood on their nails ( Red Nails, C. Diez) & then the lady throws up in the bag, this may be “oil” (body fluids) mentioned in the Bible, this is what is believed by them. I am not certain if they are aware of it or not, but one could be almost sure of it, it seems.

It may be a spirtiual tranfer happeneing as she is not able to put down the bag of throw up, she then releases & proceeds to imitate Diez… This may be over some peoples heads but… It seems its there. At most most you left your husbands side chick holding your vomit, however when she puts it down, she then wipes her throw up all over her face. Then she leads with her Red Nails & the other lady grabs
them. Its as if they both know or understand & celebrate each others personalities. Diez seems to be more into it, as the other lady plays the wife, literally “Plays” the wife (Tiny).

Then they are implanting themselves in someone else’s company some type of way, including grocery & food brands!!! Notice the crazy in the other women plays the wife, is ALWAYS putting something in food, or bringing food, or making crazy eyes over food.

I believe they may be putting their “stuff” in the food!!!

Okay… I t seems that way. At 7:53 that jacket situation looks like Beetle juice. And the eyes of some people, especially at 9:13-10:01. At 10:15 that’s the drummer Andre, same name as Tonya “Husband” They may be using him RIGHT NOW to portray him in Sacramento. Andre is said to be dating Magee who is visible at 15:17 but is also Ashanti & @LalaSizaHands89 who used to have a Instagram caption “Father Snatcher”. Jamella is the lady with the eye’s, same name as Tonya’s alleged daughter & there is a Gina also one of Tonya’s daughters names.

Like body language means a lot.

Uncontrolled robotic movements, why Beyonce always say she feel like a robot r something…

Looks like a “Freaky Fusion” from Monster High.

Meet the Blacks: 1:17:58

All the talk about movies during the “Purge”.

The pastor had a photographer named Ester. She seems to be Annie_May. The Photographer left the public eye in 2011 or so.

The pastor is look more like Taraji P. Henson as well as the Beyonce, but…

So0o0o0o0o… It seems, Pastor Bennett or (Rosie O’Donnald) sent her photographer Ester to Ms. Parker’s house, after stalking her roommate a State Capital Veteran, however being as though she (the photographer, Vogue-Wintour) has been in the game a little while she knew who he was a plotted a scenario, to ultimately keep Ms. Parker away from what seems to be her husband, because of their obsession with him! His wife, their lives, their home, fiances, relationship with God, just EVERYTHING! Keep it to yourself & away from them/us/everyone forever.

We are trying to locate media on the photographer.

The shoe shape it a big deal.

It seems he is really suffering & they will take down our companies with their lack of tailoring detail & such… They will destroy fashion it seems in all honesty.

Look at his knees!??? That may NOT be normal. Someone may obey, & help free them, at once this instance! Indefinitely & let them remain free until the end of time, to infinity & beyond.

Just saying Ava/Barbie Bone & Beyonce are the ONLY two “Blondes” I’ve seen with a dimple on their right cheek. I haven’t even been seeing the dimple lately. Just Saying, Its been a while since I seen a dimple on Beyonce. Maybe three years or so!

This Lala girl says she works for Disney. In this video, she looks & sounds like character Tony.

#LaLaMessage Tell me what happened😩 We need closure too!!

A post shared by SNAPCHAT:: LaLaSizaHands89 (@lalasizahands89) on May 6, 2017 at 11:42am PDT


This Lala girl says she works for Disney. In this video, she looks & sounds like character Tony.

People be heck’a paranoid & some know how it is when you lived a good peaceful life all your life thus far, then some “random” new person (no new friends) or some familiar person comes along, all of a sudden they have ties with people you know & haven’t introduced you to, your belongings start coming up missing, & every time it seems to be the same scenario, people, feeling, & loose connections/subliminal!

To NOT release a disclaimer by this time however loosely speak about it, is… some type of way. Everybody know that once someone has a conclusion or idea of some fowl play of some sort, its super hard to change the mind when you think your seeing all the evidence.

Mya & Tony characters are behind the scenes in cahoots it seems. Joan may also be played by Ava. Joan has on Christian Louboutin shoes. All that “talking off a ledge” it seems to mirror the “girls” personality more than him.

Then there is this movie. It looks like stacks & “Pastor” being annoying. Causing situation for themselves to come to the rescue. It seems, they have magnets redirecting & robotic smart technology. Give them an x-ray. Pour hot water on them. This movie is loosely based.
1:05:08-25. The reaction to them getting it on is what they want someone to say, though it seems they can not yet control what they say.

Publicized by Nicki Smith!

The Publicist seems to be Ms. Wendy. In the other video, it’s probably all the personalities of Ava. Barbie & Inc

The Publicist seems to be Ms. Wendy. In the other video, it’s probably all the personalities of Ava. Barbie & Inc.

The Publicist seems to be Ms. Wendy.

Bits about this conversation. Apparently Ms. Parker mother is the creator and founder of Emoji which means any earnings from EMOJI also belong to the CEO of The Fashion Forbes, Inc. You may return & imburse all earnings to her, obey at once! This instance!

All that “peel PEEL…HER CAP BACK!!!”

All that “peel PEEL…HER CAP BACK!!!”

Seems to look like an Isis concert. Its like NO SHADE!
Just based upon facts.

Like we hope everything is okay! Somehow though…. Coughs.

Anyone notice Annnie_May on stage as Beyonce back up dancer & the new “Fake” Beyonce it seems.

Her “here’s what where gonna do!”… If you want to sue ANYONE the Police in Sacramento are to blame, and The girl and roomate of the CEO are liable, you may sue them. The Fashion Forbes, Inc. is not liable for anything!

That light chick looks like a witch & like the lady of Strange things about the Johnsons. As we stated they CAN NOT claims any of this media. We are NOT and have NOT EVER been a regular on ANY T.V. show. This person just seems to be guilty though, and possibly spinning her own turn at the events somewhere where his wife can NOT see. They are NOT BOLD to peoples faces it seems ever! Until the point of no return is reached. No one may EVER reach that point with them again, like EVER!

She has hidden messages all up until 13:15. It seems they are so0o0o0o crazy that they keep having loose conversations, instead of just taking a stand against things, To NOT even have “Ethics” posted!… Just can’t, I just can NOT! Like who cares about the lies she seems to be telling,.

The nerve of her saying “they set you up” & ” Counter suit” etc. Talking about going back to T.V. etc. No one on the Fashion Forbes, Inc. is even on T.V. other than features.

Mood: Irritated.

Notice 37-45 The photos on the wall!!! That could be the audience or the “Robes” she “loves” so much! To speak loosely without a disclaimer is… Too much.

Okay at 56:00 She blinks and hers eyes change… The right eye (waters point of view) changes from blue to a hazel green-brown color (type details).

The story is based upon a “Barbie” or owner of Barbie (Creator) & how she is being turned doll like by her own creation of the everlasting gob stopper (Spider).

The lady she helps is named Ellen. At 1:00:00 during the football game as the father comes, you can see Rosie OD (Pastor).

If you or anyone you know is involved or knows about the situation, save a person & or child’s life! Talk to your local police force, & make sure to get straight answers & in the case that the police are involved we may have to over thrown them! Hopefully that isn’t needed!

It seems, They slip is starting to hang if you ask me.

Dude with the Red Face look like Darth Vandor.

Does anyone else thick that braces would NOT be stylistically correct nor orderly, is that Pooh!?

They do NOT give definitive answers! It seems, by supporting the Fashion Forbes, Inc. it seems to present a better life. Let know one tell you to turn this off (something pure) to watch defiled FS (F*ck Sh*t.). Give this stuff time to set in without getting to comfortable & with understanding.

What I am saying is… Some people do NOT play about their Business; Personal lives ( Family,Children, homes, etc.), relationships; Finances; Reputations etc.

So to stalk someone! (These people came to the wife’s house, uninvited while she is away.) It seems non contrary.

It seems that the wife & husband are just NOT into that! It seems they just may want one another. It seems, they may NOT be interested in the topic of conversation.

What I am saying is… Some people do NOT play about their Business; Personal lives ( Family,Children, homes, etc.), relationships; Finances; Reputations etc.

So to stalk someone! (These people came to the wife’s house, uninvited while she is away.) It seems non contrary.

It seems that the wife & husband are just NOT into that! It seems they just may want one another.

So Vanity! That’s her mom? That’s the story!

“Please to meet you!” – Quote.

Since they inhabit whole blocks in neiborhoods making them virtually unaccessable to anyone other than their Suicide Squad, one must think!… If someone is using magnets and has metal weapons, use a very large and powerful magnet to defeat them….

They will use or try to use tone, judgement, & opinions to try to contradict a personas free will, & the understanding that it take a certain type of person to “Own It! Use Humor, etc” for the sake of winning & understanding!

Example:”She just wants to be a star” – Wendy Williams, she did NOT say that is a bad thing, it’s a aspiration! It seems one should NOT & may NOT feel anything but GOOD about goals they may have!

It seems this may be the result of “inside jokes” gone wrong! The other person “of course” it seems did NOT know about the chatter going on behind their back and it is NOT really a concern! Also, when your dealing with people wh act like they have no since and you take pride in your etiquette, people that where raised by wolves to be crabs might have or use cunning whit! Or other tactics to ‘try” to be as cool as the main.

8:30-9:19 – Speaks on personal lives, people in your life personally! Basically people that you do NOT know it seems may NOT hurt some feelings due to NOT knowing them, NOT being excitable, & lack of caring what they think!

Then focuses on the “personal”. Personal crimes where people know you are the hardest to shift out, & determine! The people around “a star” may feel some type of way and brown noise behind the scenes to “act” like they’re more important to “the star” then they actually are, to feel some type of way… may important, needed, better etc.

We believe that this may be an assignment for God, the most high to defeat “Sin” or the “Enemy”. The enemy thinks it has power though it doesn’t and is being defeated on “it’s” territory by someone it’s obsessed with and can’t display the same level of talent! We might be getting appointed a “righteous devil” or earthly musical director.

He may still be annoyed y them and want to be separated!

Jesus Hood Adventures. Subliminals etc. According to this understanding see how the teaching seems more subliminal!

Relatable subtext (subliminals) hidden throughout the entire video. Start it from the beginning to hear it all. It seem really evident, we need more confirmation, to know the absolute truth.

All of her Hottest Career Jumping Interviews.

Looks like the Kate Middleton Safire. Hello Kitty on Wendy Williams???

It seems, this is NOT real media, The Real & Viacom may not be considered credible media! Kate Middleton is to NOT be allowed near the thrown of England.

Fabricated versions pf true events!???
Pesky Subliminals

Looks like Annnie_ May. Do NOT contribute ANY The Fashion Forbes, Inc. Corporate funding to this.

This is probably also her NOW as Nicki Minaj. (Miley Sirus/ Taylor Swift.) She is only seaking on her take, or time as an understudy and the Nicki Minaj Project they where allowed or not allowed to do.

Tyrese has Island & gets DRUG!!!! Sounds like too much of a backlash, they said his wife checked him? This random new stuff since 2013 is something! It says no where in the news offered that that “getting drug” situation even happened, & that SUPER OVER VIOLENT. Makes a person wonder if she is involved some way… it seems Tamara looks like Krystal (Insiders)…. Like no!

Seems like she is spinning her own “STORIES!!!”. Teaching people lessons. Prince’s finances, unheard of siblings etc. She seems to keep this thing going! This is in 2016!!! The random son is probably the “Personality Creator”. Its really messy. That whole “That’s who you steal from” situation… Even talks about a gas mask.

Wealthy sibling dies without a will, in an Elevator!??? It seems, Lies! You may call them out!

In the previous Video, it seems that Tamara is LaTonya & they call him “Adam” like the first man in the Bible. Remember “Costume Personalities”.

It seem to be them in this video log as well! The conversation and dates tend to correlate.

Well it is Wendy Williams that sent ME and email asking me if I would ut my hair, she is told “Hell No!” it is this same person (LaTonya) who tied to make someone look desperate to be on TV. Because that’s how she is!

Let me tell you why this Show is BS.

1:24 – Intro about Vegas Giveaway- They use these Trips it seems to drown people for costumes or to have enough for a entire studio audience to act like what she is doing is normal and in the open, may have a few living for alibi (Regular Crowd).

2:16 – DWTS Highlights – (Pretty Girl Syndrome, Over Qualified???) – This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of in my life! Judge Judy is speaking so subliminally

” Because you want to win! ”

I hope this person isn’t harassing MY court cases based upon HER INSECURITIES. It seems person that seems more insecure than belief in their beauty.

Wendy may now be in charge (put herself in ) of this area! It seems, You may have no jurisdiction over me, my business etc. Talk about what you’ve been doing! Something about Prison! Everything is going to come up!

It seems I am seeing a wheel of things written by writers so that you can keep your stories going! With Brittany Spears played by Susan or Kat Stacks! This chick I think invaded my house probably

It seems, they do NOT pay you any sort of hundred thousand bucks (100,000)! You also speak about taxes! Things being a big deal, etc. Creating factitious incomes due to them hacking peoples personal accounts! & the man may even be some you may let go of immediately whole and human and do not ever look back, Norman.

5:10 – Serena Williams claps back at former tennis player over racist comments
9:19 – Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller’s weight loss surgery – Gets into stealing money!…

It seems we have NO Business together! Get over it!

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