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One who is selfish.

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Can those who are selfish get an understanding.

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Nubian History News.: February.


“Just because you say something does not mean the other person cares to listen.”-Style Orbes. F.F.Orbes.

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The Essence.



One does not need an army to love themselves it seems. You care for yourself! You are always your main priority, other people? Who cares?

Do not be guile, today’s society is about numbers; however do not treed! Most persons accounts are hacked by companies who think that everyone want to see them! For example; if “Tube” pays for videos to be posted by view, they will hack your email connected with the account to hack progress. Tube and others put out they’re own artists and give them special advertising etc because Tube plans to use them to generate extra money themselves.

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Off Shore Accounts.:

Other countries do not trust American banks! America does a bunch! Which is why America is in debt! Not too many other nations have supported America in it’s Trillion dollar debt, yet its still America to the rescue!  It could be simple as; one quality client in an American bank that is filled with triple the amount of debt, America can then be free of debt.

Will America start being able to be a place that does not need off shore accounts to have diligence with they’re hard earned money.


Crabs in a Bucket:

Like seriously thirst buckets are everywhere lurking! Those who are focused are not even thinking about it, usually because they have a job to do. Crabs, do not have a original anything! It seems, all they do is harass the original.

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Rumor Vs. Truth.:

Just because you hear things about another person does not deem it truth. Some people spread rumors about people just to sit back and watch to see what they’re rumor of possible no or otherwise twisted truth.

Think: Obviously the rumor isn’t from them about themselves.

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Camera Tech is getting more advanced! With the development of Google glass basically sheer basically invisible camera technology they released in 2014, it makes it all the more “easy” to record people personal information.



The world could be dealing with a very modern robot vs. human war creation! Some person following are body counts, literally! The internet is set to become a phetty place possibly due to persons of the new baby boomer generation has access to it! Due to the lack of hard work and talent it take to really get into the current Hollywood industry window, isn’t a

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The face of a newborn.?

reality! Its all meant to be a distraction from the truth! The hostage that is being held, and is the most talented. In the spirit of purity and truth, and the lack of it is why no ones career other than the pure at heart have longevity.

They is one person causing the detraction to hide the identity of another and they kill off the personalities publicly because of groupies and trying to hide they’re offenses.

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One fights a silent fight with bots!? Shown subliminally in Snow White and the Huntsman.

Stem Cell:

Since the days of ancient Egypt one has been able to understand the simplicity of wearing body costumes, which is also a part of why Egypt is so wealthy, they’re showmanship!

Warning: Caviar.

Caviar are in every person, almost! A women ovaries and a male scrotum holds they’re caviar! Caviar can be stolen a mixed to make a new being, however; those that do this love children’s faces it seems and breed children for the purpose of a face then dispose of them, either by creating a new creature out of them or just some other method.

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Hieroglyphics from Egypt is speculated to tell all sorts of stories and subliminal.


  1. The animal heads represent, Animal costumes of persons believed nature of origin, (reptilian persons).
  2. Adults want to keep they’re identity a secret from the younger slaves or officials, to hide the face of the most important castle officials, under the current ruler. The larger person represent adults and the smaller, children & teens.
  3. From the far right, the experimented animal, leads into the understanding that they can wear animal skins regularly, this is taught to the teaching adults, whom got the idea from students or taught the findings to the students present above the adults with animal heads.
  4. How to make a jacka** out of someone!
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All of the information released about most “celebrities” is all lies.!?


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