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The Earth Origin. The Creation of Life.

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So welcome to the creation of Earths dome atmosphere. It seems to start with a seed. These seeds are special for they are the very first planted to this ground. This soil will forever be the richest soil there is and the roots of the earth chock anything trying to surpass it.

God’s original soil is made of himself. He gave himself to the soil, all of the complete bodily fluids of the God of all origin, this is to make the best manure! (Fecal matter, scrotum fluids, blood, hair, saliva, skin, etc.) Seeds are planted in a distinct pattern. Possibly 11 seeds in total!

Image result for planted seedImage result for planted seed

Image result for planted seed

Two seeds are left close to the surface, in time they freeze and began to absorb the fertilizers nutrients and eventually they begin to grow! They eventually become GIANTS! One seed is the same heat spore bearing seed used to created the Earth which seems to explains the Earth’s hot core!

Image result for black tourmaline

Seed structure with Stones as examples. The Earth’s Core may be Magnetic.

The Relationship Between Sun & Moon.

We call the Moon. Mood. Moodlight.

Image result for earth's coreRelated imageImage result for earth's coreImage result for earth's core

The heat seed (Mustard, M.J.) causes Earths seed to channel its heat towards the hotter seeded side. These seeds eventually dwell on opposite sides of the garden, creating Day & Night. These seeds & rich soil eventually creates two Guardians, one for day and one for night. This is the origin of Royalty and Kingship.

The Sun and Mood/Moon now dwell upon the ground and have not went into orbit.

Related image

The Sun and Mood dwell in the Garden of Eden, presented at the center of the earth, The North Pole where they meet each 3 months to change season as the Mood gets a magnetic charge.

Image result for day & night

During this time Night and dwell dwell on ground and have not yet begun its orbit.

Image result for king kong

The Guardians make the Originals of Life and all Human creation. The first animals: Serpent (Lizard, Dragon & Godzilla.) & “Kong”.

Image result for fox

The Origin of Animal.

Image result for hebrew earth concepts

Planets: Seeds of Origin. Seeds connected to the roots that pump out all that is needed to live.

Image result for hebrew earth concepts

Related image

The Serpent is very large an can often dwell on both sides of the earth but is guardian to the Moon. It is found and eventually captured and mates with Kong creating all new lifeforms and the first humans.Related image

They’re intimacy created\s humans which dwell in the center of both night and day. The serpent has different patterns and a chameleon in color. It is black while leaving the night and attracts the Gorilla guardian.

For a while a magic dwells in the land a large fruit that holds the seed of spirits! Is enlarged and rich from the soil and brings forth much life.


Related image

The Seed is apart of Earths original soil and it bears much life in the soil and creates the ricochet of life forms, in time, with evolution. This is why some persons believe that Reptiles that can understand the serpent ate of the fruit and became human! Instead of evolving. (Magic). Theory of Adam & Eve.


The complete being of them causes new forms of life, and their combustion mix.


Image result for giraffe

The Mix of Gorilla and Lizard. The Evolution. (Seen) Giraffe.

Related image


Image result for koala bear

Bear: Koala.

Image result for fox


Image result for lions

Lion. (Male.)

Related image

Classic Idea of Human Evolution.

Image result for deers


Image result for anaconda snake


Related image

The creation of humans and animals come from these combustion! Cell evolution etc.

Image result for large ball of fireImage result for flat earth

One day on the side of light, a volcanic eruption happened! This happens directly beneath the heated seed, The metal goes crazy! Shooting into orbit, causing the seed to finally be released, with tons of oil that make up space! The Sun is the originator of the Earths current atmosphere and this event.

Over the years the Sun and Moon each got magnetically charged, both spinning on opposite sides of its axis. Parallel and slanted.Eventually the heat from under melted the ice on the Sunny side and created an under current for the partially frozen moon. The Sun would be the first to be magnetized and the full magnetization of the Moon (Mood) may be what caused this combustion. The sun is also the larger of the two.

Image result for earth's core

Related image

The Sun becomes a blazing ball of fire.

Image result for lady gaga paparazzi music video

The Sun goes crazy using its heat to shape the ice atmosphere. Eventually it smacks into the Moon causing “The Big Bang!” The Moon is now only able to swell on its one side and the Sun follows behind it as it gets its charge every three months., which causing seasons to change. The Sun and Moon may still meet at this place, creating stars etc. The original stars created from this combustion are also most recognized and still in their original place.

Related image

The Moon may even be two sided! With magnetism, one side may light up and the other may be a dull light to counter, as black & white lights.

Image result for hole in the moon

Image result for hole in the moon

The Moon spun on its axis until impact of the Sun causing legend of a famous hole.

Image result for hole in the moon

It seems this solid metal magnetic materials side is more solid. The Sun’s light could be attracted to the dark side of the Moon.

Image result for moon cycle

People believe that the Moon is associated with a feminine energy because of what seems, it’s magnetic cycles.

Related image

The two seeds begin to rotate in two different ways. The Sun breaks free!

Image result for earth's core

The Sun Spirals like this:


Related image

Related imageImage result for earth's coreRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageImage result for earth's core

The Big Bang!

The Big Bang explains the first physical connection the Sun and Moon made. Its said this may have taken place and been scientifically traced back to Aug 31.  Physical connections are said to have been discovered soon after which begins the reproduction of the human species.

Image result for earth's core

Image result for earth's core

At this time the Earth’s atmosphere is about this size! Not too much larger than the Garden itself with a large frozen atmosphere that leads to the same arctic boarders, that’s a lot of ice.

Related image

Image result for earth's coreRelated imageRelated image

After the new launched seed settles in it’s own Volcanic heat and oil it begins to travel around the world with the held of the Moons magnetic fields and eventually we begin to call it our Sun.

Related image


The Moon.

Related imageImage result for earth's core

Upon impact the moon would almost loose a entire side completely and detouring it’s magnetism to only one side, which creates the seasons and gravitational pull. The Moon is able to charge on one side every three months, in which they still combust in their original meeting place only for the Sun to combust with it again and send it back into orbit.

This creates new and shooting stars! The look of orbit.

Image result for earth's coreImage result for earth's core

Related image

These waves lengths are the way of the four seasons. The ripples from the cold and hot Sun and Moon in orbit oil make beautiful displays are they shed metals and various other materials that are eventually sucked into earth oil, and volcanic land supplies.

Image result for day & nightImage result for day & night

Image result for two ballsRelated imageRelated image

While the Heated Sun and Cold Moon dwell together, they carry separate oils with them, one remains hot and the other cold.

Related image

The Earth’s core is possibly accessible by all volcano and through Africa.

Related image


Image result for earth's core


Related image

Image result for earth's coreRelated imageImage result for earth's core

Each place on Earth that has a Volcano is subject to lea directly towards the center of the earth.

Image result for earth's core

Image result for earth's core

The Earths core and the sun star are believed to be of the same seed origin substance. These things take much time.

Image result for earth's coreRelated image

Is this the origin of life as we know it?

Image result for earth's core

The crash of the Sun & Moon two massive entities created a meteor shower, and creator drop from the sky. The new sky. The Sun also creates large mountains with the broken ice that could still dwell in the Arctic unknown.

Image result for earth's coreRelated imageImage result for earth's core

Related image

The combustion could have made the entire dark atmosphere and its plants visible for the very first time. The Suns side lite up in the dark due to its natures natural use and evolution in the sun’s light.

Image result for earth's core


Updated 3/4/2017

Ask vs. Question

” There is a difference between asking and questioning!” To ask does not mean to question! One must know how to ask.


Title to the Century’s: In Century’s:

Order of Time/Century & Decades. The Title’s of the Century. 



Century 1. = C1/ C-1:

  • Year 1900’s


Century 2. = C2/ C-2:

  • Year 2000’s
  • The Millennials. M-17=2017.
    • E.g. 2100= (m-100.)
    • E.g. Date Format: 3/25/M17.
  • 0-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70, 71-80, 81-90, 91-100… 2990-3000.
  • Century 0-10 (Millennials)
  • Century 11-20 (M-Teens)
  • Century 21-29 ( M-20’s/ The Twenties!)
  • Century 30-39 M-30’s/ The Thirties! Etc. & So on to the 90’s! {2999}).


Century 3. = C3/ C-3:

  • Year 3000’s
    • E.g. 3/25/3017


Century 4. = C4/ C-4:

  • Year 4000’s (The Bomb!)


Century 5. = C5/ C-5:

  • Year 5000’s


The Earth Origin. The Creation of Life.


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