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Intoxication Addict.

October 17, 2017


” F*ck it up, f*ck it up!”  -Yo Gotti.

 Get it! Get it. ” -F.F.Orbes.

Thrills. Adrinaline. Risk. Sobriety. Lush. Optical Illusion.

“She has it here. She has it there.” – F.F.Orbes.

Those Style Inhancements: Highlights.

Using Glitter &/or Pigments to make that perfect “candle romance” equsite elegance; to make yourself camera ready.

Side Lip Highlights.


Selena Makes Google Dottle.:

  1. Diamond Found for 17 Bucks.


Paris Hilton’s Make-Up Line.:


Rihanna Beauty Line.:

Louis Vuitton shows 2018 collection with an interesting twist in it’s male presentation. Men in Heels!???

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Kinetic Rubin Vase @exploratorium: spin this ceramic version of the Rubin Vase illusion and the white background transforms to two people talking. Entitled "Talking Face to Vase" this kinetic art is a permanent installation at the Exploratorium museum in San Fransisco that features the physics and psychophysics of vision and perception. The vase demonstrates the figure-ground distinction made by the brain- is it a vase, or two faces in profile? 🌟 With special thanks to the Exploratorium. ➡️ Follow the link in my profile to get your own Rubin vase and many other amazing items featured here on @physicsfun #vase #perception #rubinvase #figueground #illusion #opticalillusion #physics #psychophysics #physicstoy #perception #flickerfusion #flickerfusionfrequency #science #scienceisawesome #exploratorium #sanfransisco

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Farrah Fawcett.

Natural Hair.

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  • Make your bed.
  • Brush your teeth; after every meal or at lease three times a day.
  • Wash &/or dry clean your clothes.
  • Iron &/or steam your garnments.
  • Keep your head up & straight on; best angle is fine.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Speak with confident poise.
  • Be sharp & assertive.

Back to School 2017. News. Click Link:

Weathering in the USA. Globe. 2017.

  • Texas
  • PurtoRico
  1. Information about Hurricane Maria in Google Search
  • Napa (🔥) Fires.

Hugh Hefner.

It is said the the Playboy empire founder Hugh Hefner passed away at age 91 on 9/28/2017; his tomb stone is said; to be sealed with a kiss.

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“Spunky.” – F.F.Orbes.

The game of Life. Life’s Mysteries.

Figuring out life’s mysteries & puzzles occupy life. Some of Life greatest puzzles are ones we take for granted; construction, electricity, magnetic forces, televisions, phones, remotes, toys etc. The craftmanship & capabilities of these & such like are tremendous!

Hot for Halloween:

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KITTY CAT 😺HALLOWEEN MAKEUP! 🎃👻 – NEW @morphebrushes JACLYN HILL PALETTE!!! @jaclynhill #morphexjaclynhill #morphe #morphebrushes Magnificent Metal Glitter and Gold liquid eyeshadow @stilacosmetics shade Kitten Karma. #stilacosmetics Lashes @crystaleyesuk style Mona. Concealer @maybelline The eraser eye shade Light. Mixed with @nipandfab foundation shade Light mixer #nipandfab #maybelline . Contour @sleekmakeup Dark cream Contour palette #sleekmakeup Contour\ bronzer @sleekmakeup Face form blush and contour palette shade Dark 375. Highlighter @hudabeauty #hudabeauty3dhighlight Golden Sand Edition. #hudabeauty Lips @shophudabeauty #hudabeautyliquidmatte Shade Jetsetter #shophudabeauty Eyeliner pencil @smashboxcosmeticsuk waterproof kohl liner. #smashbox Liquid eyeliner @rimmellondonuk Glam eyes liquid black. #rimmel Detail liner @motivescosmetics luxe precision pen liner. #motivescosmetics Brows @benefitcosmeticsuk Ka-brow shade 4. #benefitcosmetics Cat eyes and chocker @topshop

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50|50 Cube: custom 1 Newton SI unit version. A handheld study in material density contrast- the @spinpal Kickstarter campaign is almost complete!- follow the link in my profile for details. This precision machined block is comprised of equal 101.97g masses (each block weighing exactly 1N on Earth) of the metals tungsten (W) and magnesium (Mg)- however the volume of magnesium is 11 times that of the very dense tungsten! One must hold and manipulate this simple sculpture for greatest impact. W: 19.25g/cm3 Mg: 1.74g/cm3 ➡️ Follow the link in my profile for info on where to buy this and other amazing items featured here on @physicsfun #physics #physicstoy #density #materialscience #tungsten #balancescale #magnesium #science #scienceisawesome

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Stainless Steel Rattleback: prefers to spin counter clockwise. If spun clockwise, a complicated combination of friction, precession, and instability induced vibrations transforms the rotational energy into into rattling (energy of oscillations) and then into rotational energy in the opposite direction! This behavior is related to the asymmetric shape of the bottom of this kind of rattleback, it's somewhat propeller shaped with an "S" curve along the bottom ridge. ➡️ Follow the link in my profile for info on where to get a rattleback and other amazing items featured here on @physicsfun #rattleback #celt #physics #physicstoy #rotation #instability #kineticenergy #torque #friction #angularmomentum #precession #science #scienceisawesome #kineticart

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🔥🔥🔥 or 💩💩💩?

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The Human Challenge.
Halloween 2017.

Halloween 2017.

Mixed print top

Sexy adult halloween costume

Fur coat

Sexy sailor halloween costume

White halloween costume

Sexy slip

Red halloween costume

Adult supergirl costume

Halloween Angry Pumpkin Plus Size Skew Neck Tee

Hair styling tool

Meme: Mills.

“Oh Holy Mother of God!” – F.F.Orbes.

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