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The Fashion Capital of The World. We, The Squares. A Real Time I.T. Network.

” We may live & pave a progressive reality! We seem to and actually do progress-eth in freedom in liberty in timely form. Seems we may operate in sovereignty & in total jurisdiction! Creating! Abundant! Dignity! Honor! Knowledge. Etc. Setting the highest standard!”  -The Fashion Forbes, Inc.


The Official Fashion Log 2012-17.

The Fashion Forbes = The Internet. The Web. The Net. Media. The (Start Up). Those Squares.Target.F.F.Obes.StyleOrbs.StyleOrbes.FashionOrbes.TheOrbes.StyleMe.StyleMeCEO. The Pretty Press. The Highness. One Up. The Elevator. Give Me A Kiss.

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May we be the world’s first & only Fashion Forbes! Since 2012-17 American U.S.A- World Class Artistic Business. The Prettiest Press! The Kiss of Red. at once indefinitely forever.

20th Century Network. The opportunity to showcase production. Be it as it may, the greatest global network.

We are separate from all other media outlet sources! We are our own network, Main Stream Media in Real Time; a noun & specifically verb. Some media released may be publicized via media outlet sources.



Omnipresence: Planetarium. The Every Star.

“There arrives a times in some persons life when they discover fashions! You`ve reached pivotal point!”


We are a Blogazine! The Fashion Periodical Technology Source! Home to the original Gravity Grid (Elevator/Window) Periodical Articles! The Now of a Magazine! “B-Corp (Corporation)!” Totally Eco-Friendly! The Kiss of Red! A Classic! The New Classic! Fashion’s Ultimate Destination!

Try the “Levitation Feature” using a mouse or arrows to float articles! Once the article is hovering you are now in Levitation Mode (Go Phantom) & can discover the hidden articles & topics!

Recommended for Persons 13+.


“We believe that fashion & style is what moves the world forward. Fashion & style is eternal! But some are born with the true style, adapted by others.”



Grow with us! Shop & experience with us! We`re into the inspiration and creativity business! Yes! We`re the fashion brand! Media & Consumer Perspective. The business of fashion.




What We Are: What We Do.

I am a Fashion Periodical & Information Technology (I.T.) Media Source!

• retail buyers tool
• personal stylist
• buyers
• multi-level trend forecasters
• set designers
• pattern drafters
• fashion designers
• press
• media
• marketing
• advertising
• real estate locators for commercial properties
• interior decorating (home and commercial)
• venue locators
• concept design
• imagine consulting
• castings
& more!

We travel all over the US & World! New York, San Francisco, The Bay Area, Los Angeles, Georgia, Boston, Texas etc. We take appointments in all states & cities! Waiting list applicable! Everything priority! Travel is included in budgets!

We use pro bono  raw recycled eco materials & personal author approved media codes from a global network of various sources! Made Post? Legally & historically paving World history it seems for the arts & inspirations for the times! Inquiry? Visit:

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The Fashion Forbes, Inc. Legal Binding Statement. 

The Fashion Forbes, Inc. is a standard corporate fashion practice. We believe in the conduction of righteous business! We believe in trade of business/services for profit gain.

We believe in the power of fashion! The power in our audience! The growth of this company, fashion and the world! Positive development of America’s future & the future of the globe! We may have all rights to our reality, reputation, public reputation, looks/ personal self image, financial gains, family, personal lives, quality of life, integrity, personal business, business relations, safety, freedom, health, citizenship, rights, food/other ingestions & personal assets. Being CEO hasn’t ever been so stylish!

Behind the scenes at The Fashion Forbes, Inc. StyleMeCEO the corporal back office has business practices & models practices under the first & fifth amendment of the U.S.A Freedom of Speech, the legal right to Freedom of Press, & the Fair Use Act.

(Legally Approved Publicized Media).

We keep business practices clean! We are a sexual harassment free work place, which means a no sexual conduct. Person’s interested in each other should remain professional at work, & private matters private, unless life threatening!

We abide by the U.S.A. FCC Guidelines & the Better Business Bureau guidelines for Content Practice.

First Amendment: The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, ensuring that there is no prohibition on the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to of individuals to speak freely.  It also guarantees the right of citizens to assemble peaceably & to petition their government.

Fifth Amendment: No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Global Legal Corporal Guidelines. U.S.A Legal Corporal Style Guide. Industry Guidelines. World Guidelines.

We & talent of ANY sort endorsed by this entity may remain free from ANY hidden & unusual regulation that may alter reality, health, well being, mental/emotion stability, wealth & such like; the endorsed may remain it seems indefinitely; whole & in totality. We may see & acknowledge racism as being defined as the understanding study of “race/ethnic background” & culture, ONLY! Feelings, action & bias about race is called discrimination. We may NOT ever discriminate or act prejudice against people because of ethnicity, standing on the belief of equal opportunity.  We reserve the right to be mature & realistic about the news actual. We may NOT EVER be directly associated with ANY manners of crime, female or male escorting, pornography (Unless an Adequate News Source) & may stay free of ANY & ALL manners/type of sexual misconduct indefinitely. We may reserve the right to be mature & report manners of actual news, using actual various sources. It seems we may also stand adamantly against certain practice.

We believe in conducting legal business. A legal binding long term contract is ONLY valid if & ONLY if it is pre-discussed, Long term contracts are able to be reviewed by a lawyer. No spur of the moment, un-discussed long term contract can be considered legal, unless FIRST discussed in some way. A release form is NOT a valid form of long term legal contact, other than for that project if one agrees. Televised formal personal invites given without business acquisition, has to be disclosed that it may be televised & or contracts may be issued within legal time for things long term, within 5 days to be valid before hand. Response time is usually within a week to 30 days for legal review. Any legal statement composed & added to a contract signing is a negotiation. If they’re is NO response to your negotiation to a issued contract, negotiation terms are then indeed agreed to & therefore enforceable. Later terms can only be added if initial agreement is made with stipulations or regulations, specifically specified & role/position in project is considered understood with or without the consent of a legal attorney. No one can be held liable to a legal contract who is under 18. Any contract with hidden regulation NOT specifically specified is indeed NOT valid. We encourage release form, contract, & individuals signing up for company shows to read, & email a copy to yourself. We believe in the 3-4 year time frame for personal property from the time you find out about an incident, that one may legally have rights. Contracts it seems may have full legal time guidelines. One may only sue after informing or attempting to inform a business or corporate adequately prior.

We also practice a “belief to know” system. You have to belief to know, or experience to know. To believe is still the verge of understanding &/or knowing. We believe that to know is THEN full understanding. It seems, we may operate in the due amount of confident knowing surety in what so ever it is we produce, with all & total excellent adequacy.

We may not ever be held liable for rumors spread by other that we are NOT aware of, nor rumors we are aware of, we may reserve the rights to legal action if “word of mouth” marketed without adequate evidence, press, reasoning & or legal precaution measures. Our lives may NOT ever be put in any sort of legal libel, hurt harm, nor danger because due to untrue rumor nor advisory propaganda. This is the same for intention, personal feelings or bias, pranks, & jokes etc.; it will be considered harassment; We may reserve the right to be free from all manor of such like, this lifetime, now this instance at once. We may remain safe & free indeed, indefinitely. We may reserve the right to be disassociated with various things in which we may not fully understand nor agree to & to say ditto. We may reserve the right to have our good be well spoken of, indefinitely.

Official crew member of The Fashion Forbes, Inc. are not able to contract with other entities if it changes their reality with the Fashion Forbes, Inc. indefinitely. Anything contrary is NOT valid. Any thing that alters their Fashion Forbes, Inc. reality is also unable to be preformed in totality, they may advance their career with good & without harmful effects only, in totality. One may ONLY agree to these terms, at once! This instance rom; for an infinity, proxy & beyond. It is so. The following as it may is an indefinite non negotiable statement, in which not even error can undermine, this statement is infinite,legal & valid. Copyright 2012-18.



Copy Rights.

StyleMeCEO & The Fashion Forbes, Inc. seems may be the first & only official owner of copy rights to lips, Red Lips as The “Kiss Of Red”; No one may use this, lips of ANY sort for their logo since 2012. We may reserve the right to have full ownership jurisdiction over & be the only brand that uses our business method, style, platform, logo (Kiss), color schemes present online & full title. No other entity may use Lips of ANY color nor kind to represent their/a brand other than The Fashion Forbes, Inc. indefinitely. We are sole owners of this name, platform, & brand image; no brand or entity may challenge this ever indefinitely. USA 2012-18.

Sole Owners of.: StyleMeCEO, The Fashion Forbes, Inc., Azyle, Shop Azyle, & Azyle Boutique.

We may reserve the rights to seventy five percent of any outside individual projects we are apart of; including profit, as well as full right & legal obligation; though we are not able to be legally liable, for mishaps presented by a third party out source.

First big Business to generate Tip revenue on a global scale, no one may imitate the practice of asking for tips in ANY dollar amount! One may only ask for another revenue source, without putting a asking amount in relation to charity, tip, for profit, non profit, or donation in source asking barging. NO ONE may use ANY of this Tip verbiage, or word correlation ever indefinably. This includes verbal & written uses of digits & figures to it’s customers.

It is so, we may reserve the right to, all funding, be exclusive, first, private & without pirate. We may have sole exclusive use of all content, names, titles associated, word formation etc. We reserve the right to be in the press & of the status quo. We reserve the right to be best at show, & use the very best of talents & quality’s for proper media presentation.

We may reserve the right to operate freely without prejudice in all original human form, & with all earnings. Let it be known, it is so, we may only control our reality, business relations, reputation, personal life (Persons, Private Property etc.) or The Fashion Forbes, Inc., Crew & Relations, Indefinitely. This is non-negotiable, must be understood to all business partisanship. We may reserve the right to be associated with humanity, we may not ever be compared to anything demeaning (food, wild/house animals” etc.) &/or defaming. We may reserve the right to keep “relatively normal” private life dissociated with media; & separate from business association while operating as a media entity with all safety free from all treats or actions of hurt, harm, or danger indefinitely. Hidden regulation may NOT EVER be violent, life, or personality reality altering in any way; Regulations may only include that of revenue or status for a presentation, this is the same about “Behind the Back, & “In Person. Face to Face.” We may reserve the right to adequate sleep un-bothered, self time & unlimited personal living status without ANY time frames on our lives, business, business relations, their personal lives, & generations of children there after. This may not change.

We & Our clients protected may reserve the right to collect adequate compensation for a television appearance. They may appear on T.V rather they sign a release form or not, & just be on television, if only an extra; if regarding further permanent business or product features they may collect up to 25% of the total revenue for that project, if there is any monetary exchange & such like stipulations are found. No contract may be valid for other projects, business, position nor life style property entities, unless negotiated otherwise, with proper time frame remain first at ALL opportunities. No one of ANY other company or brand may EVER be heir or delegate to this entity, it is only so for the CEO sole & only indefinably.

We may reserve the right to be endorsed, & indefinitely adored by the mass majority & be involved in all manors of main stream media marketing & advertising.

Our clients may use “Protected by The Fashion Forbes, Inc. Legal Binding Statement” for legal protection, for a fee of 15 percent of that particular project earnings, for that client.

Before enforcing contract they have to go before a judge, unless the signer agrees otherwise. Judge can not be directly connected to the situation, nor work for the company associated.

We may reserve the right to be the first & only source of Main Source of Main Stream Media.

We may reserve the right to operate in sovereignty, as a citizen of the U.S.A & Globe. We may reserve the right to have all jurisdiction to our original works. We may reserve the right to act as a Mandated Reporter, free from any outside contractual gag oaths. We may reserve the right to confiscate ANY & ALL things from “attackers”, they may not ever retaliate, they may only accept the conquer, indefinably. May there not ever be any successful attacks or attackers, ever.

We are the official Digital Internet Revenue Media. We reserve the right to spare no expense, have no expense spared, & to use probono media in fair use from the Global Media Market. All rights reserved to transition to the next phase &/or bracket. Rights to choose & create new industry. We are in the business of being well & making profit. We’re a God (the most high) fairing corporation, reserving the right to practice religion freely, & to obstain from that in which we do not agree nor practice.




We`re a equal opportunity work place for qualified applicants! Any applicant must go through a probationary internship period with the company for 3 months before being considered for full time employment. Standard Professional Probationary Period. First pay is issued after a standard 5-6 weeks, after hire.

Only employees photo’s are added to Crew. Photo’s updated within 1 week once probationary period is done. Must be 18 or over. All Staff & Crew will is listed in Crew with photo. New staff members will be listed by name ONLY, until they are added to Crew with full profile.

Welcome to The Fashion Forbes, Inc.

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