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The Fashion Capital of The World. We, The Squares. A Real Time I.T. Network. A Periodical Internet Web Press Media Junket.

” We may live & pave a progressive reality! We seem to and actually do progress-eth in freedom in liberty in timely form. Seems we may operate in sovereignty & in total jurisdiction! Creating! Abundant! Dignity! Honor! Knowledge. Etc. Setting the highest standard!”  -The Fashion Forbes, Inc.

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May we be the World’s First & Only Fashion Forbes! Since 2012-18 American U.S.A- World Class Artistic Business. The Prettiest Press! The Kiss of Red. at once indefinitely forever.

20th Century Network. The opportunity to showcase production. Be it as it may, the greatest global network.

We are separate from all other media outlet sources! We are our own network, Main Stream Media in Real Time; a noun & specifically verb. Some media released may be publicized via media outlet sources.

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“There arrives a times in some persons life when they discover fashions! You`ve reached pivotal point!”-F.F.Orbes. 

We are a Blogazine! The Fashion Periodical Technology Source! Style Collage Capsules Enscrolled. Home to the original Gravity Grid (Elevator/Window) Periodical Articles! The Now of a Magazine! “B-Corp (Corporation)!” Totally Eco-Friendly! The Kiss of Red! A Classic! The New Classic! Fashion’s Ultimate Destination!

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“We believe that fashion & style is what moves the world forward. Fashion & style is eternal! But some are born with the true style, adapted by others.”


Grow with us! Shop & experience with us! We`re into the inspiration and creativity business! Yes! We`re the fashion brand! Media & Consumer Perspective. The business of fashion.

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