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Amy WineHouse.

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Amy Winehouse= Lay Gaga. Tonya. Kat Stacks. & Alyssa Cara.

Amy Winehouse Film:

This movie is possible a propaganda personality used; but basically she has “Yes” people around her & was prepared to act if they went against her anyways?!. However they likely showed the wife only american TV staring THEM!?. Might have told so many lies & rumors!?. Meanwhile they could have said or secret illegally recording things & alter things to fit their twisted narrative that we are trying to so0oo0o0o… NOT be a part of due to the difference in caliber of person that we uphold as opposed to what may even be them!?. Rather they admit it or are conscious of it or not!?.

Army of robot paparazzi! Which finally explains Paparazzi!?. She has an entire audience of bots to make “some persons” think it’s normal or out in the open with only a few innocent on lookers, she possibly stalks!?. She even talks about people being shades of blue & never letting people OUT!?.

Wine hose became Lady Gaga who also disappeared?!. If it’s a magnetic warfare might need Plastic Guns, Duck Tape, Glue, & other plastic holding utensils?!.

  1.  Most Dangerous Black Woman:

There is a book called Jewel by Brett Lott; or Tanya?!. Who’s the real author?!. Lillian Lump?!. Or Tonya(Might Not Even be the Real Name?!.) How far would one Rhoda go to destroy the “Perfect Family” (Brady Bunch).?!.

State Property 2. Film Link.


Cara: Kara: Alyssa Cara: Anna Belle.

This girl seems to have a lot of personalities!?. It could be multiples of understudies as well! She may be our model Kara however the CEO & Team of this Fashion Forbes, Inc. hasn’t anything to do with her outside personalities! We are also not one of them!

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Like the Wedding from Arthur:.

Disclaimer: The persons reporting this may even be blameless in the matter. This is a new report!?. We wouldn’t possibly ever be associated with these manners IF they weren’t already going on & trying to be forced our way which may not ever even happen!?. Due to just be blessed in a way!?.

Blade Runner:.

The entire story & plot in terminator salvation, could be telling a larger plot?!!!.

Click Link:

Just because it’s rhymes.!?. Colossus!!! Do NOT get lost in translation.!?.

And the rest of y’all … now stay the f*ck off my porch!. & from around me in general.

“Dont get tricked like they did in London!?. We got London on the …”- Quote from a year 2000’s film. -Blow!?.


Disclaimer: We had no idea this was happening; & may even reserve the right to not ever partake in anyway; including bio & reputation related narratives.

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