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C.E.O. Mrs. Parker. Founder. Lead Editor.

Mrs. Parker; Creator & Founder at The Fashion Forbes, Inc.



” I knew I believed I am forever cooler than all.” -Mrs. Parker.

Mrs. Parker is originally from America, The U.S.A. She is born a female, a California native, specifically the Northern Bay Area region. Mrs. Parker has stayed in most of California’s most popular cities & locations!

Parker got her start writing in Sacramento, California. Mrs. Parker is an only child by her parents & seems to have made thousands of friends, family & acquaintances during the way. Parker may even be similar to a sweet angelic accurate “Cora Petite” personality, very feminine, wholesome & dainty. Parker loves Gold the as her favorite color, mineral & loves things fresh & sparkling!?. Mrs. Parker’s family have been farmers & business owners her entire life, she called them “City Farmers”. Anyone who truly knows Mrs. Parker may say; she is the greatest leader, personable, approachable, sober minded, focused, of predestine character, proper elocution, calm, humbly witty & uniquely original in everything she does. Parker always work to be paid. An interesting fact is; Parker’s Great great grandfather ancestry is the first person ever recorded to have performed open heart surgery; & Parker’ family may even abundantly have a long family history of performing incredible tasks.

Mrs. Parker while attending  some of the Top (Performing Arts) schools in America, participates in several sports, arts & extra curricular activities, including being a All Star dancer in Los Angeles. Parker graduates high school in Los Angeles in 2006 (She’s an 0.6er! Go Sixers! & she went Ham.) before gaining twelve years of management experience, & graduating college with a degree in Fashion Marketing, Merchandising, Finance, Corporate Buying- Budgeting, Tech & several degrees in various areas of Health Care; etc. Mrs. Parker won several writing contests & scholarships giving her a five figure scholarship financial increase; & Parker enjoyed having a bit more in the bank.

Mrs. Parker’s background is Corporate Fashion Retail, Managing persons & individuals of all ages & backgrounds. Competing in Management as a Corporate Visual Manager; Corporal Sales, Budgeting, Units Per Transaction, Marketing, Client Building, Known Loss, Etc.

Mrs. Parker is faithful to religion for twelve years, becoming a Sunday School instructor in 2008, for the message of the Most High Gospel. Mrs. Parker moves swiftly throughout life with what may the proper precaution & accuracy. Mrs. Parker even has her first residence/apartment by herself at age twenty, in Sacramento Arden District. Parker may be called respectfully independent & would always be seen smiling while on her way to work in one of her vehicles of this time. Parker has had several vehicles, as her family owns a few car lots, including; 2006 V.W. Beetle, Saab, Mercedes Benz, & BMW. Mrs. Parker loves electronic fast toys; however, likes to think of herself as fun, spontaneous; yet to the contrary also analytical & thought out while decision making, practical yet opulent. Parker’s income as management lands her, end of the year earnings at a mid range, five to six digit income. Parker lives comfortable.

Mrs. Parker developed The Fashion Forbes, Inc. as StyleMeCEO which is now the exclusive company H.R. in 2012 before her & her coleegs graduated college. The Fashion Forbes, Inc. where endorsed by several companies in their first year! They built pop up office locations in several cities around the U.S.A. San Francisco, The Major Bay Area, New York, Sacramento, Hollywood, & The Grater Los Angeles Fashion District.

Mrs. Parker is of multi-cultural decent. Mrs. Parker seem to be an experienced: Dancer (Modern, Ballet, Jazz, & Multi-Cultural), Singer, Writer, Author, Legal Representative, Fashion Designer, Stylist, Interior Decorator, these are just some of her many attributes, Skills, & Talents. Mrs. Parker managerial career titles: Visual, Event, & L.P (Loss Prevention) Manager.

Mrs. Parker is most known for performing in California U.S.A. in various areas of performing arts; management, attending various schools & universities. Parker obtains several degrees in various studies.

As a Manager Mrs. Parker receives several Awards, Acknowledgements for Skills, Abilities & Techniques. Parker may naturally be poised, elegant, & a glamorous easy on the eye classic beauty with a equally as opulent personality that may be embraced to grand supreme mass, over all indefinite.

Mrs. Parker is noticeably a analytical stickler, she may be super clean, neat & tidy! Mrs. Parker finds humor in most things, takes prides in being able to be serious & sift through situations. Parker is family & people friendly individual; her experience makes her seem wise beyond years.

Mrs. Parker is not yet a mother,  is now dating a finance & it seems, may even be married soon. Mrs. Parker stays illegal drug & mostly alcohol free. Mrs. Parker hasn’t ever been involved with any illegal, or gang activities. Mrs. Parker keeps her hands pretty clean.

“I had my first own everything at age twenty. I moved away from my mothers house at age seven teen, where I became a member of a religion.”

Mrs. Parker remands consecrated for more than eleven years after her High School graduation. Parker has mostly work throughout the years, it seems always maintaining work. Parker hasn’t any children yet, she hopes one day her & what may, her husband can have some one day. Mrs. Parker does not watch much Television & things of that such. Mrs. Parker has been a working fashion (visual presentation) manager & medical professional in the major Northern California, Sacramento (Napa, Loomis, Granite Bay, Carmichael, Inner -City Downtown Sacramento, Arden, Roseville, & Folsom.) districts. Parker has also done business, had office locations, done pop up shops etc. Around the globe & in the Greater U.S.A area of New York, California ( Napa, Hollywood, Maibu City, Culver City, Venice, Tahoe), Atlanta, Nevada, & Mexico.

“If your a virgin at marriage; you may even be a virgin for life!” – Mrs. Parker.


`Things that the CEO wants you to know: Parker is.

  • Married
  • May have all her rights protected.
  • Saved herself for marriage.
  • Business Owner.
  • College Graduate.
  • Faithful & Loyal.
  • May own property.
  • Quiet.
  • Financially Driven.
  • Somewhat Super Religious.
  • Was never tricked into signing a “crazy” contract.
  • Loves to we indulge in plush & high end quality.
  • Pampered.
  • Poised.
  • Discipline.
  • Accomplished.
  • Smooth.
  • Calm.
  • Level Headed.
  • Shy.

“Before being married; I was about to build my own home design for the first time!. I like architecture. I may keep it in plans for the future.” -Mrs.Parker, says after getting settled & married.


Interesting/Odd Facts:

Some believe Parker to be Cleopatra reincarnated due to her resemblance of ancient Egyptian artifacts; like King Tut’s famous Gold burial coffin ornament. Some even say the angel of the morning star, Sun.

Parker studied several industries: Law Enforcement, Legal, Health Care, Ministry, Finance, Real Estate, Communications etc.

” I may even be the first & only able to call dibs on Sir. Sire Massiah; as my unborn son’s name.  Call him Sultan. Copyright 2016-18.”


Things you may NOT EVER see me do. Non Negotiable.

Because it seems I am not ever going to be interested in are:

  • May not Work without being Paid.
  • May not Be Without.
  • Grow Dread Locks.
  • Start a Fiasco or quarrel.
  • Wouldn’t ever strip or an escort of any kind.
  • Tolerate anything other than the strong, & respectful.
  • Wear short hair. Long hair is okay.
  • Be single. May, always be in a Courtship Engagement or Dating Suitors.
  • Trust someone with private or corporal finances.

“Do not touch me unless righteous!”- Mrs.Parker.


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National Origin: Nubian (“Evererin”; Mix of): East & West African, Trinidad, Jamaican, Belizean, Swedish, Irish, Scandinavian, Creole, Haitian, Cherokee, Apache, & Choctaw Indian, Filipino, French, European, & All American.


Crew Profile:

Mrs. Trend. Style. Assassin Mode.

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