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How Many Songs Relate?. 2012-18.

The Entire World Star Hip Hop, The Shade Room, MediaTakeOut etc. This is a company not a scam! Nor shame! That could be what they are “gooning” at or the false narrative they’re trying to push with rumors & propaganda!The largest propaganda is possibly the entire career of Amy WineHouse.

We are not directly involved in their escapades, we only message certain things (Just Messengers) because someone has to be able to report it properly!?.  They are not directly involved in our franchise other that being pressed as random news. They are not to speak on us personally because they are not connected in that way! If they  speak on personal things, they probably have some involvement with that circumstance or situation.?!.

The main time frame is 88 to present & 2013-now.

Image result for swiss barbie bone

The Con- Spirit-See.

Stats are constantly being attacked.!?. Videos that have thousands, millions, & even billions of views could be made to look like two views only.!?. So yes they insult intelligence, & flat out lie.!?.

Gorilla Pimping video has a feat with R. Hard (T.Harding.!?.) & Swiss Barbie Bone wears a Spider on her wrist.!?.

Smurfs?!. Swiss Barbie is Protected.

Bubba bu bubba bu bar barbie BONE! THey’re may even be an impersonator now trying to flex but okay….

8pm est or whateva😌

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Is Jhene Aiko also Swiss Barbie Bone?!.




The set up for Antione. To look like Traitor to get people to attack him.!?.

The Names Featured in Freak-o-leak… Tonya, Kiesha, Krystal, Monique, Christina, Yolanda?!.

Legitimate vs. Criminal.!?.

” … Ain’t no way
Ain’t no fucking way
We call the play
We didn’t come to play
Rob the bank
We gone rob the game
They gang, we gang
But they are not the same… ” -Mask Off.

Mya now in Tokyo!? China?! Asia or wherever seems like Thai!?. & she just recently did an interview with Bell on Dash Radio Los Angeles, 2017.!?. The entire boyfriend stalker thing etc… She probably plays other personalities as well in Wraith.!?.

They talk about a small community of “millions”, which are innocent alibis in training; that’s the fallacy… Meanwhile there is an audience of nine billion!?. Meanwhile a few hundred million people is NOT even One Billion.

Basically the narrative they want to be pushed on the billions they try to entrap them, in hopes of getting supporters!?.

There is a server wall!?. They are trying to get through to the other side of the wall, which is where we started & remain?!. Possibly or the rest of the world may remain occupied with their other interest!?.

Notice them say ” Who is that!?.”

Is that HAIR!?.

Like literaly: “NOTHING!!! CAN… Stop.!?.” when your all the way up!

Monifa. Latifa. Bennett. Taraji P. Laila. O’Donald. Da Brat. Lauren Hill. Necy Nash.Tales from the Hood. Johnsons. Rosie O’Donald. Monique. Oprah.?!. Mother Benette/Mother Russia?!. More.?!.

Is the Mother F*cker the McGee!?. Who is actually sleeping with the one called “Mother.”

Bounce Him around?!. New Rihanna.!?.

MiGos- Me Ghost!?.
Is that MJ, Mahamad Ali, & Elvis!?.

Listen to Mahamad Ali!?. & how the guy says “Bad & Boogie”.!?.

Hip notches!?… Controls height!?.

Oakland?!. He is not from Oakland yet trying to take credit!?. Curry?!.

The Truth. OVO:

Something about they’re story isn’t right!?… Oh yeah!?… Duhhhh…. Its not real!?. Cardi B is a Wraith of The Ronette!?. Low & behold they’ve been living in Oakland!?. Cardi B & Zendaya both found here the Wraith!?.


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The Trunk in the Front!?. Wonder why!?.

I'm That friend that tries to make the best out of any situation

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The petty and the Caucasian

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” We exercise our rights to be excluded from any cruel & unusual narratives!?.”

So0o0o… 21 Savage knows who this is?!. Hello 21?!.

Iggy Azalea is the biggest alibis!?. This is actually Ellen.!?. This would be used as an excuse meanwhile, watch out for the electromagnetic pulse!?.

Sza is believed to be of Anna.Bell creations & not the CEO here.!?. This is possibly the Translate person.!?.

Our only Mood. Being CEO has NEVER been so stylish!.

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