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Lala. McGee. The Red Mist Mother F*cker.!?

We think these video’s involve torture & a hidden narrative; even if it’s to just be annoying as hell.

Sue Heck!:

The hidden narratives.

Hidden Narratives Continues…

Is that Caca everywhere? Going on with the movements there!?. Is there someone under there?


Subliminal Messages about taking over a Chic Filet because it was closed!?. Still never really said how she got the bandied on the head!?.


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the happening below the view.

The Original Face. Is she also apart of the sting.

Narratives Continue. In Song. The Tale of Husband & Wife?!. Self Armies.?!.

Petty Things. Learn About the Petty Narratives. Chatter.

Some people can not even speak confidently. How they feel!?. Punch Dance!?.

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So what are we? Ft. Daquan

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MARCH 19, 2015- Remember this?πŸ˜‚ Well I do too.. I remember hating to go to this place every day just to make 2k a month when I had a $500 car note and 1k rent plus more.. Beggin my boss for a raise every time somebody quit and offering to watch his daughter every chance I got for the extra cash. I hardly had any professional work attire but I tried to keep my hair & nails doneπŸ˜‚.. This viral video changed my life for ever but this wasn't the first video I ever made. Bottom line keep going hard at whatever you tryna do until you get your chance.. and when you do don't be afraid to go hard‼️ #SayDatSaturday #FkkThatJob #IWonderIfMyExBossBeSeeingMe #ShoutsToHimForLettingMeGo #Allstate #BestMoveHeCouldaMadeForMe #GaveMySelfARaise 😁 SAID I AINT GOTTA WORK I MAKE FUNNY MOOOVVVEEESSS

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Disclaimer: We had no idea this was happening; & may even reserve the right to not ever partake in anyway; including bio & reputation related narratives.

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