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Forum: Second Discussion.

  • 12/10/2017. Riches vs. Wealth.

    ” And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God . “

    Wealth & abundance seems to be the way to go!

    International Standard Version

    As a result, King Solomon became greater than all the kings of the earth in regards to wealth and wisdom. 

    • 12/2/2017

    Studies say that burning hair drastically alters the quality of hair! Do not burn your hair! Beer might not be a best option either; however Egg is perfect for removing flakes & hair frizz!

    To rid yourself of burn damage; you must cut the burned ends, oil, & even egg hair for an hour or over night once it experiences/d burn trama. 

    • 11/28/2017.

    New Tech News.

    • 11/26/2017.


    😲😍 Awesome, yes or no? πŸ˜ƒ Video credit @humansonbikesnyc πŸ‘ #nyc

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    • 11/26/2017.

    Follow @modifying for more!

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    • 11/26/2017
    • 11.18.2017. Lime Juice prevents HIV.!? Improves Skin Quality!?

    Rumor’s say that it could increase the amount of STD’s however Lime has been used for many years to prevent STD’s, even rumored to rid people of HIV. Further testing is to be done, consort with a Doctor for further information.

    If Lime is powerful enough to cure something like HIV one should use sparingly!?

    Further Information:

    • 11.17.2017. New Robot Tech. Atlas.

    • 11.17.2017. Brutal White House Bill. No Vote?

    • 11.17.2017. Joe Bidens feelings toward Trump.

    • 11.17.2017. The New Wave of  Baby Names!

    • 11.17.2017. The World Freaked over these Products.!?

    • 11.17.2017. Photoshop with a Trainer.

    • 11.17.2017. Materials!

    • 11.17.2017.  Victoria Secret Goes to China! Controversy!

    • 11.17.2017. Illusion Magic. Editing.!?

    11.17.2017. Learning Processes.

    • 11.16.2017. Trending Dresses.

    • 11.16.2017. Korean Doctor’s Discovery.

    • 11.16.2017. Donald Trump Accused!!!

    • The Mighty 300.

    It is believed that the mighty 300 movie is based upon what actually happened to the traitors of the Roman Caesar, history is rumored to only speak of the plans & plots however historical evidence points otherwise.!?

    Roman traitors are said to be displayed.

    Today the statues are gone from the Colosseum’s display overtime so that they would not be seen as important. These traitors “survived” were rumored to be sold to other countries.

    • 15 Things Unknown To Most About Earth.

    Below sealevel places about the Earth, help to determine the actual Earth’s shape.

    • Secrets of Ancient Egypt.

    Mature Audiences Only. Ages 13+. For the research addicts!.

    Most do not realize that the Ancient pyramids where build in place! They are contructed from the materials in the surrounding environment, that are perfect to survive years in African, Egypts desert altitude. Ancient Queens name changes, & the Egyptian masquerade that inspired the Roman theater.

    Some animals can be bread for their natural electric abilities. Electricity & Magnets!

    Our world is forever changing! We must be aware of our time to see the current results of evolution.

    The mysterious use of Magnets! The unexplained, explained.?!

    This could be propaganda! The palace possibly has secret communications & wills etc. The truth of the Palace may need to be uncovered!? Most would think its too early to make any determinations for Queen, as articles seem to disrespect the actual Queen. Some even speculate an impostors quest to impose on the royals & assume royal positions illegally.

    • 11.15.2017.
    • 11.14.2017. Landlines Obsolete?.

    • 11.14.2017. Refinance Mortgage.

    This man recreated the balloon-powered transportation from 'Up'

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