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Forum: Second Discussion.




  • 2/6/2018. These men dead?!. Kidnap.!?. Or Machiavelli!?. 
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  • 2/5/2018. Everyday Bullet Proof. The Rock. Boulders. New Home/Weapon Standard????
  • Are people walking around “Bullet Proof!?. It may even be possible to program weights in magnets!?. So literally people can be throwing programmed boulders, for the BOLD!?.Constant, electromagnetic scans for electromagnetic pulse & activity,  demagnetizing technology, might be needed, possible bot armies, & even plastic artillery! Force weapons that channel force as a way to defend rather than guns.!?.


  • 2/4/2018. Celebration of the Nubian Black Culture. 2018.

Image result for black history month 2018

  • 2/4/2018. Bible Changes in the 1990’s?!.

      • 2/4/2018.

The Church & situation that began at our house may have spiraled to this as our some persons that directly relate have worked at the capital for over 25 years!?. Now that person has disappeared!?.

Capitol Shoe Shine Guy Among Senate Layoffs

The Fashion Forbes, Inc. Corporal Funding advisory & the bank robbers that targeted our corporal funding are NOT to speak for us, no matter who they are!?. We believe they are holding the funds in boarded buildings new the church!?. The building resembles materials we just bought a while ago!?. They bought the same materials & boarded up a building near 42nd & 44/47th!?.

Near that is Ming’s Corporation which is believed to be directly related!?.

It doesn’t matter who they are nor what position they hold, listen to nothing someone says, investigate everything especially if the CEO & Founder A.Parker isn’t aware of nor present for!?. Simple clearances, detect for electromagnetic pulse!?. No electro pulse should be on the CEO, she has to & let her operate freely. Mrs. Parker is NEVER to be electromagnetically controlled for any reason.

Parker has also NOT been filmed with them knowingly unless it was in church in which her official consent was never given. We have never given them access nor consent to anything in our personal lives.

Please check the floors, walls, & seats in the church as they could be tainted with a “Bloody Hell”.?!.

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The Head of State. California Capital Building may have been invaded!?.

California Senate, Assembly Release Documents Detailing Claims of Sexual Harassment

New Claim Alleges Yuba City Teacher’s Misconduct has Been Happening for Decades

          • 2/3/2018. Stone Study.

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Image result for broken tourmaline


          • 2/1/2018. The Fight for your Life… Manipulation Tactic.

Are movies narratives being pushed to subliminal diminish people quality of life!?. At the beginning or intro to this film released in 2014 the narrative begins by saying multiple times, just that!?.

How far would they go!?. Dehumanization, harmful propaganda, flat out lying etc. How harmful could that be to a reputation; especially to those that value themselves!?. & their credibility!?.

Click Link To Film:

          • 2/1/2018. Non- Stop. Server’s & Account Theft Plans!?.

Looks like a member of the church right there.!?. In Wraith!?. Like setting up cards to redirect funds too!?.

Honestly, truly.

A post shared by Branden miller (@joannethescammer) on

There shouldn’t be any accounts linked to our accounts!?. Any recent purchases of server’s:  Non Stop & Google Translate Lady; could be connected & blocking the normal server’s!?. This is how things are being illegally filtered!?. These people haven’t any association with The Fashion Forbes, Inc. corporal funding!?. This may even be a very serious crime!?.

Gloating or Complaining?!.

Click For Full:

          •  1/27/2018. Sacramento Church. 47th.!?.

Is there a church in Sacramento set up solely for crime.!?. Address, identities etc. It might be right in the center of Sacramento.!?.

The career position members hold; Intel, Science Labs, Banks, Career Centers, ArcGIS, Colleges, etc.

Is there an underground fortress here?!.

Blasting innocent people across their stage for things that THEY are actually doing!?. Talking about themselves!?.

          • 1/25/2018.

Sacramento Sheriff Community Relations Team , Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department AGENCY

On December 26, 2017, at 2:28 p.m. the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department Communication Center received a call from the 6200 block of

View larger photo3 photosThe attached letter was sent by Sheriff Jones to State Auditor Elaine Howle today, in response to her continued allegations made in the media of criminal conduct on the part of the Sheriff, and her public call for his prosecution.

Sacramento Sheriff Community Relations TeamSacramento County Sheriff’s Department AGENCY

Sacramento Sheriff Community Relations Team , Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department AGENCY

Please see the attachment for the North Sacramento Community Meeting schedule


Postal truck break-in

Lara Paskins , Hidden Valley

As I entered my neighborhood at Medford/Sunset around 12:00 today, I noticed that the mail truck parked on Medford had it’s window
          • 1/26/2018. How Far Are People Going in Songs.!? Who talks about others this way in a song?!. Criminal Minds.?!.

Again we speak about language?!. Saying you bent someone over that you do not like, & that is  virgin is so0o0o0o disrespectful to the character of a person & might be defamation or liable. People will cause these rumors which is also why they bring them up & try to solidify in song?!.


Gyal are running their lips together you ain’t a has been
I was never into you but I made you bend over like WSTRN
But you’re a virgin

Click Link:

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          • 1/24/2018. Day of the Tentacle.

Image result for benjamin franklin in a video game 1990

          • 1/17/2018. Martin L. King Jr. Day.
          • 1/15/2018. Monday.

Martin L. King Jr. Monument.

          • 1/16/2018.

Orphans of the states the “embrios” of innocent women might have been lab processed in a stem cell process. If one is an orphan that could be one of the very reasons.!?. People without family.!?.

          • 1/10/2018. Know the Difference.

Jealousy– Emotional only.

Envy– Compels one into “individual/original” action.

Coveting– Acting on Jealousy. Causing inconvenience, hurt, harm, or danger; steal, kill & destroying nature’s.

          • 1/4/2018. Email Leaves. The Matrix.

Tech bugs far more pesky.!?. Can people leave on to email address & redirect/ manipulate servers.!?. Things like “Referral Key” & other pop ups over the years that we ignore have actually been leaving the entire time, & possibly creating new identities each year for the new bug versions.!?. Are we seeing a tailored reality & if so by who.!?.  Is that the same for email transferred funds.!?.

For instance if someone got hold of your phone to access your personal info, & attached PayPal cards to your account without you knowing & redirct your funds to themselves.!?. Seemingly without a trace.!?. They might leave a screenshot as a cover to hide the activity.!?.

“Don’t you hate when you get screenshoted!?.”-Yo Gotti.

          • 1/4/2018. Trick or Treat. F.F. Events News Update.

What about events.!?. If someone used your money to trick you into throwing multiple events in the same building; using your work & flat out took credit.!?. But didn’t tell you about it.!?.

          • 1/3/2018. Numbers.

Only the 9 tables are able to do this number simulation.!?.

          • 12/20/2017. Insider Communications.

Operations & effective communications are major factor in the world of business savvy.!?

How far do communications go.!? Inside communications should be honest & not slandering permanent character label liable.!? Trying to redirect ignorant chatter.

          • 12/10/2017. Riches vs. Wealth.

” And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God . “

Wealth & abundance seems to be the way to go!

International Standard Version

As a result, King Solomon became greater than all the kings of the earth in regards to wealth and wisdom.

          • 12/2/2017.

Studies say that burning hair drastically alters the quality of hair! Do not burn your hair! Beer might not be a best option either; however Egg is perfect for removing flakes & hair frizz!

To rid yourself of burn damage; you must cut the burned ends, oil, & even egg hair for an hour or over night once it experiences/d burn trama.

          • 11/28/2017.

New Tech News.

          • 11/26/2017.

          • 11/26/2017.

Follow @modifying for more!

A post shared by Science Videos (@modifyingzzs) on

          • 11/26/2017
          • 11.18.2017. Lime Juice prevents HIV.!? Improves Skin Quality!?

Rumor’s say that it could increase the amount of STD’s however Lime has been used for many years to prevent STD’s, even rumored to rid people of HIV. Further testing is to be done, consort with a Doctor for further information.

If Lime is powerful enough to cure something like HIV one should use sparingly!?

Further Information:

          • 11.17.2017. New Robot Tech. Atlas.

          • 11.17.2017. Brutal White House Bill. No Vote?

          • 11.17.2017. Joe Bidens feelings toward Trump.

          • 11.17.2017. The New Wave of  Baby Names!

          • 11.17.2017. The World Freaked over these Products.!?

          • 11.17.2017. Photoshop with a Trainer.

          • 11.17.2017. Materials!

          • 11.17.2017.  Victoria Secret Goes to China! Controversy!

          • 11.17.2017. Illusion Magic. Editing.!?

11.17.2017. Learning Processes.

          • 11.16.2017. Trending Dresses.

          • 11.16.2017. Korean Doctor’s Discovery.

          • 11.16.2017. Donald Trump Accused!!!

          • The Mighty 300.

It is believed that the mighty 300 movie is based upon what actually happened to the traitors of the Roman Caesar, history is rumored to only speak of the plans & plots however historical evidence points otherwise.!?

Roman traitors are said to be displayed.

Today the statues are gone from the Colosseum’s display overtime so that they would not be seen as important. These traitors “survived” were rumored to be sold to other countries.

          • 15 Things Unknown To Most About Earth.

Below sealevel places about the Earth, help to determine the actual Earth’s shape.

          • Secrets of Ancient Egypt.

Mature Audiences Only. Ages 13+. For the research addicts!.

Most do not realize that the Ancient pyramids where build in place! They are contructed from the materials in the surrounding environment, that are perfect to survive years in African, Egypts desert altitude. Ancient Queens name changes, & the Egyptian masquerade that inspired the Roman theater.

Some animals can be bread for their natural electric abilities. Electricity & Magnets!

Our world is forever changing! We must be aware of our time to see the current results of evolution.

The mysterious use of Magnets! The unexplained, explained.?!

This could be propaganda! The palace possibly has secret communications & wills etc. The truth of the Palace may need to be uncovered!? Most would think its too early to make any determinations for Queen, as articles seem to disrespect the actual Queen. Some even speculate an impostors quest to impose on the royals & assume royal positions illegally.

          • 11.15.2017.

          • 11.14.2017. Landlines Obsolete?.

This man recreated the balloon-powered transportation from 'Up'

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