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Secret Society. Key.

” I never knew you!”- Bible.

  • Pablo & the Island with the Hotel.
    • Holiday Inn near Broadway in Sacramento?!.
  • Austin Powers Tokeyo-Thailand Island
  • Anchor man 2- Megan Good. Office colors?!. PissyPooh!?. GNN- Meg B The OG
  • Saffari’s CNN
  • BET 2016- Safari/ Browser- New Server Pastel & Meg B/ Taraji P. Henson This is Safari. Rhoda’s mother!?.
    • Safari Meg B. Monique. Sly. Nana. Shirl
    • The Princess & the Frog
  • The Wood- Mother works at Hospital/ Defib
  • Sue, Razonya (Twila & AndelleMoesha & The Parker) Church Jamella, Tisha Campbell, Adele, Hilary!?.
  • Ben Butt.- Black Girls.
  • Eartha Kit & Earth Girls Are easy. Safari Key/ Donna is apart of Eartha Kits family!?. Safari, Erica Badu, Cat Woman in Bat Man Returns (Stunt Woman for Sharon Stone) The Bad Seeds as The Mother, & Taraji P.Henson?!.
  • Keke Palmer & Maxine Shaw from “In Living Single?!.”
  • Undercover Brother- Honkey MCGee- The Red Mist Motherf*cker. Kick A** Films.
  • Fred Merts. Merks. Drop dead Fred. Freddy Kruger.?!.
  • Cookie Lion. Snoop Lion. The Lion (lying) witch & the Wardrobe?!.


  • The 7 Women:
    • LaTonya
    • Shirl
    • Zonya
    • Twila
    • Safari/Donna
    • Loni
    • Jan
  • House Party Clause.?!.
  • Lauren Hill is Shirl & her daughter a stand in for Rihanna (Oh, Na Na. Chase Bank in the Video.). To make LH & Rihanna look like mother & daughter; but their plot continued… Could have been posing as the Royals? (Princess & The Frog hidden Plot for C&H Factory?)
    • “The Devil’s a Lie” that could be a catch 22! The lie of WHO is the actual.
  • Latifa is a Wraith from Loni.
Image result for nightmare before christmas judge

Shirl. Shyrl.

Isn’t that “Reginae?”(Who’s not real) ( The Sixth Man) one of the allies trying to get a spin off with someone’s husband!?.–movie-online-free-m4ufree.html

Safari & Taraji P.Henson?!. The stunt double, brings in a stunt double!?.

Havana with Nana. Tiana?!. AKA. Nana. Oh, Nana.! Looks like the same Nana & mother in the Sean Paul “Light” video. (Again we had no idea any of this was happening on THEIR end of life.

They are probably some of the worst one’s due to being so irrelevant to the life of a focused person; but without nay specific reason; other than, they may have been doing this & things of that such, the entire time.

The Florida Keys.


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